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Chapter 622
Chapter 622 - Satisfied

The thin piece of cake actually had four layers . On the top, there was a layer of cream with matcha powder . Then, it was a layer of cake . Under the cake layer, there was a layer of peeled red bean paste . The cake tasted very delicate, and the combination of red beans and matcha was perfect . It had a mild yet slightly rich flavor, but it didn’t taste overly sweet or greasy .  

As chance would have it, Lady Wang ordinarily didn’t like to eat sweets very much . This dessert was just right for her . The piece of cake wasn’t big; she finished it in a few bites, wishing there was more! 

Lady Liang, who was from the household of the Left Minister of the Imperial Clan, was attracted by the colorful banana pudding cake . She was very fond of eating the cream cake from ‘The Yu's Frozen Dessert and Pastries Store’, but eating too much of it made her feel sick . The top layer of the banana pudding cake was replaced with a bright yellow pudding paired with pickled green grapes and red cherries, making people love it at first sight .  

When eaten, the pudding had a very smooth and soft mouthfeel, and the aroma of banana was soaked into it . It was novel and delicious . In addition, the taste of the cake was richer and smoother than the one bought in the store . After eating this cake, Lady Liang's first thought was, ‘It would be great if I can buy this cake in The Yu’s! Even if it’s limited sales, I will eventually be able to get it . ’ 

The wife of the Imperial Censor, who loved to eat fruits, first picked up a fork and aimed for the fruit tarts . This kind of fruit tart was made up of red grapes, strawberries, oranges, green apples, red apples, watermelon, muskmelon, and cherry tomatoes . The bottom of the fruit tart was soft, and the vanilla flavor cream melted in the mouth . The fruits were fresh and refreshing, and its shape, color, and taste were very good .  

In ancient times, the technology of preserving fruits wasn’t advanced enough . Only the Yu Family could get this full set of fruits in the winter . To be able to eat fresh fruits in the winter, Xiaocao built a huge cellar in Zhu Junyang’s farmstead, which was in the suburb of the capital .  

When the fruit was harvested in autumn, ice was placed around the cellar to produce the effect of a freezer . Thus, the fruits wouldn’t rot for a long time . Combined with the preservation effects of the mystic-stone water, the stored fruits would be fresh all winter .  

With strawberries, cherry tomatoes, watermelons, and cantaloupes grown in greenhouses, there was no other family in the capital that was so rich in fruits, both in variety and quantity . Even those in the palace wouldn’t be able to eat such fresh fruits! 

The imperial censor’s wife laughed while eating and tentatively asked, "These fruits taste very fresh . Could it be that Miss Yu can get the fruit trees to bear fruit in winter?" 

Since the ‘cold storage’ was built on her son’s farmstead, Prince Jing's Estate had never been short of fruit . Princess Consort Jing chuckled, "That lass, Xiaocao, isn’t an immortal in charge of the seasons . How could it be so mystical? These fruits are put into a little storage by her like a little squirrel . To make the ice cellar, she put in a lot of work . Fruits are the most delicate, so too low of a temperature can cause it to frostbite easily and too high of a temperature can cause it to rot easily . The lass has tried many times before finding the best temperature to store the fruits!” 

After eating the small fruit tarts, the imperial censor’s wife gently wiped the corners of her mouth with her handkerchief and said with a smile, "Miss Yu is really capable! Princess Consort, your skin is so good, you must’ve eaten a lot of fruits this winter, right?" 

"Don't mention it! That lass is the most filial . Even if she’s not in the capital, she still tells the people at the farmstead to send a basket every three or five days . " Princess Consort Jing's tone was full of flaunting . Of course, it wasn’t that she ate fruit every day, but the fact that her son had a good eye and found her a filial and considerate daughter-in-law .  

Looking at each other, the madams no longer dared to feel contempt for the young girl from the Yu Family and agreed with Princess Consort Jing's words one after another .  

The imperial censor’s wife had a temperament that was very similar to her husband's . She was frank and didn’t care about speaking tactfully . She listened to her words with slight envy and said, "Your Highness is really blessed! However, if Miss Yu's method of preserving fruits can be made public so that more people in the capital can eat fresh fruits like you, it would also be a merit! " 

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The other madams all looked at her with contempt . Wasn’t trying to find out how to preserve fruits from Miss Yu the same as cutting off her wealth? If there were fresh fruits for sale when the snow was flying in the capital, the business would’ve been as popular as the greenhouse vegetables . Who wouldn’t want to make money by themselves? If the method was made public, how would the other party still make money? 

Princess Consort Jing ate another piece of fruit tart and was reminded by Meixiang that she had to eat the cake sparingly . Hearing her words, she didn’t think much . She just smiled and said, “Xiaocao, that lass, created this for the first time this year . According to what she said, they’re still working on developing the technique . It is estimated that the storage method will be published for the public next autumn . ” 

Seeing the slightly abnormal expressions on the other madams’ faces, she smiled again and took a sip of the mellow and simple tea . In a low voice, she said, "You must think that the lass is messing about like this to make money just like what happened with the greenhouse fruits and vegetables, right? Then you're wrong! She mainly wants to satisfy her own desire for good food . She even said that sitting at the warm kang bed during the New Year's without cold and crispy fruits was the pity of life! She didn’t have any plans to make money off of it!" 

When the imperial censor’s wife heard this, the smile on her face became more sincere and she eagerly asked, "Then . . . does that mean we can send someone over to your farmstead next year to learn how to preserve fruits?” 

"That's correct! I can make this decision in her stead! This winter, you guys should store more ice cubes so as to not have to send money to our Xiaocao to buy ice cubes from her!" Regarding the preservation method of fruits, Xiaocao had mentioned this matter to Princess Consort Jing . Princess Consort Jing casually helped her out and settled this matter for her .  

With plans in mind, the madams made a series of pleasant remarks to Princess Consort Jing and also praised Xiaocao, as if she was a flower . While chatting and enjoying the snow, they tasted the unique and delicious cakes . Unconsciously, they had finished the entire box . When it was time for them to leave, the madams realized that they had accidentally eaten too much . These noble madams, who had always restrained their appetite for good food, all had an expression of bashfulness on their faces .

Princess Consort Jing had an understanding expression on her face . The lass’s cooking was something that even she, who often had the chance to eat it, was unable to resist, let alone others .  

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When the madams were leaving, Princess Consort Jing had ordered some servants to give each of them a box of pastries as a return gift . Gifts didn't need to be expensive——it was enough as long as they could make the recipient satisfied! Seeing the expressions of the madams carrying the wooden box, she felt satisfied . Princess Consort Jing liked the considerate lass, Xiaocao, even more now .  

After the guests had left, she opened the box containing chocolates and took out a dark, round, and fragrant 'candy' .  

Seeing this, Meixiang hesitated before saying, "Your Highness, you have eaten two pieces of pastries today . . . Be careful that you don't have an appetite for dinner tonight . " 

"As if I want you speaking out of turn!" Princess Consort Jing carefully looked at the dark candy in her hand, glanced at her, and said, "How much room will a small piece of candy take up? Besides, it won’t make any difference if I skip dinner! “ 

Zhu Junyang, who had just sent off his future brother-in-law, came in and heard the last few words from his mother and said, "Lady Mother, if Lord Father found out that the reason you didn’t eat dinner was because of these cakes and sweets, I’m afraid you’ll never be able to eat the snacks sent by the little lass again!” 

“I know! I’m not a criminal in prison . Why are each of you so strict with me?!” Princess Consort Jing said angrily, and then continued, “This ‘candy’, I’ll only eat one, okay?” 

“Lady Mother, this is called ‘chocolate’ . It is made of cocoa beans brought back from the western hemisphere and processed through complicated procedures . If you like it, I'll ask Xiaocao to make it for you more often . " Zhu Junyang saw that his mother wasn’t happy, so he changed the topic .  

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"The raw material is rare, and it’s troublesome to make it . Xiaocao, that lass, has enough on her hands already . It’s enough to eat good food for novelty once in a while! “ Princess Consort Jing’s heart also ached for the lass who was too busy to be seen . She just came back from the bitter cold of the borders a few days ago .  

Yang’er was really too much . He went to raise horses at the borders, yet he also pulled the lass with him . She was a charming little girl, nothing like him . He had thick skin and rough flesh, so he could withstand the sand and cold wind at the borders! A few days ago, the little lass came back to the estate to pay her respects to her . She looked so pitifully thin, like willow branches .  

Now, her son wanted her to make the complicated choco…something for her! He didn't even know to be more considerate . If her daughter-in-law flew away, see who he could cry to! 

"Lady Mother, if Xiaocao knew that you cared for her so much, she would be very moved!" Zhu Junyang sat down beside his mother and gently massaged her shoulders for her .  

"She’s my future daughter-in-law, who else would I dote on? Besides, the little lass is also worthy of being cared for . No matter what she does, she's always thinking about me, her future mother-in-law . The ferret cloak that she sent over a few days ago had such a pure color! Just thinking about the envious look that Princess Consort Duan gave when she saw me wearing it makes me happy!" Princess Consort Jing was very pleased with herself . Princess Consort Duan took advantage of the fact she gave birth to the emperor and suppressed her sisters-in-law . Although Princess Consort Jing was indifferent to these worldly disputes, she still felt a little upset .  

‘So what if you’re the mother of the emperor? Even the tributes to the palace aren’t as high class as the fur her future daughter-in-law gave her to show filial respect! Even if you’re the emperor’s mother, would you be able to eat the pastries and sweets made personally by the lass?’ 

When she thought of this, there was a look of pride on her face . Princess Consort Jing put the chocolate into her mouth, and her tongue curled around the round shape . The chocolate gradually melted in her mouth and the unique aroma of cocoa overflowed her mouth . That rich, delicate, and silky mouthfeel, which teased her taste buds, was a new banquet of taste .  

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