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Chapter 620
Chapter 620 - Very Good

“Uncle Yu, please don’t worry about it! If my parents opposed, then they wouldn’t have treated her that well at her coming of age ceremony! I have been chasing after the little lass every day for a while now, so my lord father and lady mother have already acknowledged it . You have no idea how much my lady mother cherishes her . She has long urged me to marry her!” 

Princess Consort Jing worried that her son wouldn’t be able to find a suitable woman to marry due to Zhu Junyang’s violent and cruel temper . She even feared that even if he did, he might accidentally injure his wife or even worse… 

But Xiaocao’s appearance finally allowed Princess Consort Jing to see the light . The little girl was able to stop her son from losing his temper and as a result, her son’s violent temper gradually became more and more gentle . In the past two years, Zhu Junyang didn’t even lose control of his temper once . Princess Consort Jing would pray in the estate's ancestral hall multiple times over the years . She believed that Xiaocao was someone sent by the heavens to help redeem her son and that they were a match made in heaven . She was extremely relieved that her son didn’t have to live the rest of his life in solidarity! 

If it weren’t because of Xiaocao’s young age, she would’ve urged the two to get married a long time ago . Then, they would be able to give birth to a few small buns for her to play with . When her son was still young, he was extremely clever and cute, so she believed that her grandchildren wouldn’t be lacking! She dearly wished for her son to give her beautiful and clever grandchildren soon! 

It didn’t matter what your identity or status was because once you reached a certain age, you would definitely look forward to having more grandchildren and a peaceful family . Princess Consort Jing was reaching fifty years old, but under Xiaocao’s careful hands, she didn’t look a day over thirty . Even so, it was impossible for her not to become envious when she saw others play with and spoil their grandchildren .  

It was a pity that her only grandson from her eldest son was taught by the strict Imperial Prince Jing . As a result, her grandson acted like an old man even though he was still tender in age, so he wasn’t cute at all . Her second son, who was twenty-five years old now, was still in the military . She didn’t even see a shadow of a potential daughter-in-law from her second son . She was worried to death about his future! 

She was originally most worried about her youngest son, but he managed to find himself a potential wife early on . It was a pity that his potential daughter-in-law was still too young . She had eagerly waited for her for six to seven years, and now, her potential daughter-in-law finally reached marriageable age . But why did her youngest son have to listen to the emperor’s idea and wait until she was eighteen to get married?! When would she finally be able to carry her sweet and adorable little grandchild in her arms?! 

She wasn’t concerned about Xiaocao’s family background and whatnot . Imperial Prince Jing will unconditionally like whatever Princess Consort Jing liked . Once Zhu Junyang got married, he would move into the royal prince estate that was bestowed to him by the emperor . As such, the opinions of her brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law didn’t matter! 

Zhu Junyang had taken care of all the potential problems for Xiaocao . He had been guarding her for so many years, so how could he allow his soon-to-be wife to receive the slightest injustice? Therefore, all the concerns that the Yu Family had for Xiaocao’s future was unnecessary .  

The Yu Family secretly breathed a sigh of relief after all their worries were resolved . They agreed that on the second day of February, Imperial Prince Jing’s Household could come to propose marriage 

While Zhu Junyang was discussing his marriage proposal with the Yu Family, Xiaocao led her maid out of the room and headed for the main kitchen . She instructed them to make Little Shitou’s favorite dishes . When she looked up at the sky and saw that it was getting dark soon, she realized that Zhu Junyang was probably going to stay for dinner too . So, she instructed the kitchen staff to include a few dishes that Zhu Junyang liked to eat .  

Although she cooked it herself, the truth was that all the ingredients were prepared by the kitchen staff . She would instruct and correct them while they prepared the simpler dishes, but for the more complicated dishes, she rolled up her sleeves and made the dish herself .

They were able to finish preparing a dozen or so dishes in less than half an hour . During the meal, Little Shitou was unhappy because he believed that his older sister had been snatched away by his future brother-in-law . Thus, not only did he childishly eat all his favorite dishes, but he also ate a lot of Zhu Junyang’s favorite dishes . Little Shitou wasn’t careful and didn’t pace himself, and as a result, he was overwhelmed by the large amount of food he consumed . His face turned pale as he laid on the kang bed while groaning in pain . He would only reveal his childish side in front of his family . To his fellow classmates and strangers, Yu Fan was a talented, clever, quick-witted, gentle, polite, and elegant youth! 

Yu Xiaocao found the situation to be quite funny . She stuffed a pill into her younger brother’s mouth that will aid his digestion and then urged him to head to the back garden to play with Tiny . Zhu Junyang, who had finally received the approval of Xiaocao’s family, left after having a short dinner with them . Xiaocao walked him to the door .  

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Zhu Junyang turned around and straightened the hood on her head . Xiaocao was wearing gloves when Zhu Junyang held her hand and smiled brightly at her . His smile was as brilliant and beautiful as the sun in the spring of March, “After the New Years, you will be marked by me exclusively . You should obediently wait for me to propose to you!” 

“When was I ever disobedient?” Yu Xiaocao’s eyes widened to express her dissatisfaction .  

Zhu Junyang raised his head and tucked a strand of her hair behind her ear . His seductive phoenix eyes were gleaming with emotions . His thin pink lips parted slightly as he said, “You have never behaved yourself . Every day, you would hop around my hearts, making it impossible for me to not think about you for even a mere second!” 

Damn! When did the people from the ancient era become such smooth talkers? For a moment, Xiaocao almost believed that the devilish-handsome man standing in front of her was someone who had transmigrated here from the modern era, just like her! 

Xiaocao’s small heart was pounding rapidly as she stared at him with her round, apricot eyes . Her small cherry red lips formed a small ‘o’ shape, and her clear black pupils reflected his handsome smiling face .  

Zhu Junyang reached out and stroked the top of her head . Then he helped her retie the cloak that was slowly loosening . The smile on his handsome face deepened, “You should head back . I’ll come to visit you again in a few days . I really liked the dishes you cooked for me today, but in the future, you don’t need to cook anymore . You can leave these tasks to the kitchen maids; you don’t need to personally cook . ” 

Yu Xiaocao was a little touched by his concern . She smiled mischievously and blinked her eyes innocently at him, saying, “I was going to make ‘Buddha Jumps Over the Wall’ for you the next time you visit me . But since you feel so distressed for me, then…” 

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“Uh . . . the recipe for the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall is complicated because there are many steps to the recipe . It’s also very troublesome to make . . . but I believe it’s okay to make it once in a while! I will visit you again in three days and I will also bring a New Year gift for your family…” The little lass had been busy with the task that the emperor assigned to her ever since she returned to the capital . She was busy earning money, so it had been a while since she had personally cooked .  

It had been nearly a year since Zhu Junyang had eaten a delicious meal that was personally prepared by her . Buddha Jumps Over the Wall was a dish that needed a lot of preparation to be made . He was only about to eat it last time thanks to the emperor emeritus! Although he was reluctant to make his little lass prepare something so tedious in the winter, he was unable to resist the delicious temptation of Buddha Jumps Over the Wall .  

Xiaocao knew that the cold and lofty man in front of her was secretly a foodie . Even so, she enjoyed feeding such a devilishly handsome man like him, “I understand! If I open a restaurant with Buddha Jumps Over the Wall as the signature dish, do you think the restaurant will be profitable?” 

“Of course, it will be profitable! If you open a restaurant, then it will definitely outcompete Zhenxiu Restaurant!” Zhu Junyang felt indignant for Xiaocao because the man with the surname Zhou was profiting off his little lass’s recipes . He would unconditionally support his little lass if she wanted to open a restaurant . Once she opened the restaurant, she would only need to train a few cooks to overlook the restaurant and he would take care of the rest for her . If she had free time, then she could go inspect the restaurant to see how well the business was doing . If she didn’t have time, then she didn’t have to go .  

Even though Yu Xiaocao proposed the idea of opening a restaurant, she still regarded Third Young Master Zhou as a friend and a business partner . Opening a restaurant wouldn't be fair to him, “Forget it! I already have to manage a lot of properties, so I probably won’t have the time to run a restaurant . I think it’s better for me to sell recipes instead!” 

“Didn’t you tell me that you want to run a medicinal cuisine restaurant? Didn’t you tell me that the Buddha Jumps over the Walls dish has the ability to slow down aging and strengthen a person’s immunity to diseases? We can set Buddha Jumps Over the Wall as the main attraction of the restaurant while simultaneously launching delicious yet healthy medicinal cuisines to the menu . We’ll just open one location in the capital, so it won’t be considered as a direct competitor to the Zhou Family’s business . ” 

Zhu Junyang proposed his idea . The main reason he was persuading her to open a restaurant was that he loved eating Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, yet he was reluctant to make his little lass tire herself out to make it for him . It would be a perfect solution for them to have a place where he could eat the dish whenever he wanted to! He believed that if his imperial grandfather knew of his grand plan, then he would definitely agree with his idea .  

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Yu Xiaocao pondered over his business proposal seriously . The truth was that her shop, ‘Blossoming Beauty’, also offered a similar service . The shop offered its guests medicinal cuisines, and the business was booming . Many of the powerful and influential families in the capital would order medicinal cuisines from the shop daily tailored to their own needs . The rear court of the shop had been set up solely to provide medicinal cuisines . The service was overwhelmingly popular, but the supply was unable to meet the large demand . He was right; it was time for her to create a separate shop for medicinal cuisines .  

“Okay . . . then let’s discuss this again once I have met with Third Young Master Zhou . Since we’re planning to enter the food and drink industry, it will be inevitable for us to have competition . ” Yu Xiaocao was torn, she didn’t want to lose a close friend, so she hesitated for a moment before she made her decision .  

Zhu Junyang didn’t try to conceal his dissatisfaction, “Little lass, don’t you think you’re too concerned about his feelings? He isn’t related to us, and at best, he is just a business partner . He might not necessarily appreciate your kindness!” 

“Huh? Where is this sour smell coming from? Did someone knock over the vinegar jar? Why are you jealous of someone who is already married?” Yu Xiaocao was helpless in front of his jealousy . This man was perfect in every aspect, except——he was a little petty .  

“Humph! Do you think that I didn’t know that he liked you before?! If I hadn’t kept a tight watch over you, then who knows what he would’ve done?!” Zhu Junyang believed that he had a keen sense and he believed that the man with the surname Zhou had coveted his little lass before . Fortunately, his little lass was still young and innocent at that time .  

Yu Xiaocao let out a long sigh in her heart . She coaxed him like she was coaxing a child and said, “That’s enough! You’re overthinking things . I don't have a beautiful face or a nice figure . I don’t even come from a prominent family . You’re the only one who would tightly guard me like I’m a treasure . No one else would even put me in their eyes!” 

“Who said that you don’t have a beautiful face and a good figure? Is he blind? My little lass is extremely beautiful! I think you’re an amazing woman!!” Zhu Junyang was unhappy when he heard Xiaocao’s words! Did his little lass overhear someone gossiping about her? He must ask Hou Xiaoliang to investigate this . He wanted to see who was bold enough to criticize his little lass!                                    

Yu Xiaocao’s eyes were smiling when she glanced at him . Her gaze was somewhat flirtatious when she smiled at him and said, “It’s natural for you to attach more value to things that belong to you because those things belong to you! No one criticized me . It’s merely because I don’t have any confidence in my own figure . People with good figures have a big chest and a perky bottom, while I…”

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