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Chapter 617
Chapter 617 - Forgot Something

Upon seeing his wife’s questioning gaze, Third Young Master Zhou didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry . Whose side was his wife on? 

He patiently held his wife’s hands and explained, “At that time, when the Yu Family just separated from the main family, they were impoverished . Even if they wanted to open a restaurant, they didn’t have the capital . Younger Sister Xiaocao sold the recipes to me, and slowly accumulated the funds to do what she wanted to do . You wouldn’t think that everyone is like you, with a family to prepare the shop and goods for you to freely utilize, right?” 

Huang Shuya’s face slightly heated up when she heard his words . She had always thought that her shops flourished because she had the talent to do business . Now, it seemed like she wouldn’t be able to accomplish much without her father and brothers . From the bottom of her heart, she seriously admired this young girl of the Yu Family, who was younger than herself but had started from scratch and created one miracle after another .  

“I heard that Miss Yu started to earn money to support her family before the age of ten . It’s really not easy ah!” Huang Shuya’s heart couldn’t help but ache for her idol .  

Third Young Master Zhou was glad that he had married a wife with such a lively, sincere, and naïve character . He had long inwardly made up his mind to treat his wife well, but if the other party was difficult to get along with, or had a personality that he didn’t like, then there was nothing he could do . Because, as the head of the Zhou Family, he was destined to sacrifice most of his time on the family and business . How would he have the spare time to become compatible with the other person? 

Well, now, his heart throbbed for the young maiden’s sometimes shrewd and sometimes naïve personality . The smile on his face became even more genuine . Looking at the young maiden’s blushing face, he suddenly had the urge to tease her . So he looked at her with a seemingly plaintive expression and said, “Wife, can we not talk about Younger Sister Xiaocao?”

“What else would we talk about other than Miss Yu? Quickly help me take it off . What if it breaks? This is something Miss Yu gave me ah!” Huang Shuya was still struggling with the jade pendant’s dead knot with her head lowered and didn’t want to lift her head at all .  

Her personal maidservant, who was serving by her side, felt very anxious . ‘What is Young Miss doing? Is it really alright for her to ignore the young master and focus on her own matters? What should they do if the young master is displeased with the young miss? Before the wedding, the madam repeatedly reminded the young miss to restrain her temperament and prioritize her husband . How can she forget it as soon as she leaves home?’ 

The maidservant tried to remind her young miss several times, but she was stopped by Third Young Master Zhou’s gaze . In order to shift his wife’s attention back to himself, he had no choice but to use Xiaocao’s name, “Usually, there will be maids serving you when you’re dressing up, so how can it get broken? Moreover, that lass has made a lot of money over the years . If it got broken, then let’s just have our younger sister replace it!” 

“You make it sound so easy . It’s hard to even buy this jade pendant without at least ten thousand taels . Such a high quality jade would be reserved before it appeared in public . People can’t vie for it even if they wanted to! Don’t take advantage of Miss Yu just because you two have a close relationship . ” Huang Shuya defended Yu Xiaocao .  

“After you return from your maiden home on the third day, I’d planned to take you to the Yu Estate and introduce you to Younger Sister Xiaocao! If you put away the jade pendant and bracelet, Younger Sister Xiaocao might mistakenly think that you didn’t like her gifts . She will be so heartbroken ah! Using the gifts given by others is the proper way to show respect and appreciation to the giver . Don’t you agree?” Third Young Master Zhou threw out a small bait .  

Sure enough, the little fish got hooked! Huang Shuya was so excited that she grabbed his arm and shook it vigorously . With excitement in her voice, she said, “Really? You’re not lying to me, right? You’re taking me to meet Miss Yu? That’s great! I can finally talk to Miss Yu!! I need to tell her I love the pastries at her shop, especially the newly launched chocolate mousse . I buy all my skin care products from ‘Blossoming Beauty’ . After using them, my skin has become brighter and softer . I also like her family’s fruit wines . The sweet fruit wines taste really good!! I even asked my parents to include a lot of her family’s medicinal pills and syrup in my dowry…”

The young maiden was elated and chattered endlessly with him . Third Young Master Zhou didn’t know he should react to her words . He had originally thought that he had gotten the lass’s attention, but now, the other party was still focused on his younger sister . Ay…he really wanted to ask, ‘Wife, if you can only pick one between me and Younger Sister Xiaocao, who would you choose?’ But he didn’t dare to ask, for fear that she would blurt out an answer that he didn’t want .  

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Third Young Master Zhou could only vaguely agree, “Mhm, Father-in-law and Mother-in-law are quite scrupulous . They even prepared commonly used medications for you . But, Wife, our family don’t lack medicinal pills and syrups . Furthermore, they are all personally made by Younger Sister Xiaocao . The effects are even better than the ones sold at the pharmacy…” 

“Wow! Medicinal pills and syrup made by Miss Yu herself?? Can you show me? Can you give me two pills? Let me taste it to see if it tastes the same as the ones sold at Tongren Medicine Hall…” The young maiden’s eyes shone brightly as she looked at him expectantly . Her expression made it hard for one to refuse her request .  

Third Young Master Zhou immediately pulled a long face, ‘It’s medicine, not candy . You even want to try it!’ He couldn’t let his silly wife, who became foolish when she heard Younger Sister Xiaocao being mentioned, continue on like this! 

“Wife, did you forget something?” Third Young Master Zhou leaned forward and lowered his head to look at the pair of sparkling eyes and small face .  

“What?” Huang Shuya blinked several times and thought hard . Before she got married, she had brought along everything that she needed ah! Her parents and older brothers had prepared a rich dowry for her . The shops that she managed were also included in her dowry . Mhm…she had even taken along her favorite white Pekingese . It seemed like she didn’t forget anything, right? Even if she did forget something, she could just send Huaying back to fetch it! 

Huang Shuya thought seriously for two seconds, and then gave up . She looked at today’s groom with a slightly confused expression . Mhm…when dressed in red, he appeared more charming than usual and gave off a different feeling .  

“No, you forgot what day it is tonight!” Third Young Master Zhou moved closer again and their bodies were almost touching each other . Huang Shuya had to lean her upper body backwards to avoid her chest being squashed .  

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However, Huang Shuya didn’t instantly understand what he meant and resolutely said, “I didn’t forget . Today’s the day of our wedding! Look, we haven’t even taken off our wedding attires yet!” 

Third Young Master Zhou chuckled, put his arms around her slender waist, and said in a low voice, “Since it’s our wedding night, let’s not talk about irrelevant matters! Wife, you want to take off your wedding dress? Why don’t I, your husband, help you?” 

When Third Young Master Zhou moved closer to Huang Shuya, the maids in the room had tactfully taken the young madam’s maidservant out of the room . At this time, only the newlyweds were in the room .  

Huang Shuya’s face suddenly flushed red, and she shyly shifted her gaze . On the night before the wedding, her mother had vaguely told her about the matters between a married couple . However, in front of her newlywed husband, she was still at a loss and didn’t know where she should look .   

Every moment of the wedding night was precious . How could Third Young Master Zhou waste such a beautiful night and beauty? After that, Huang Shuya no longer had time to think about her idol . She spent her wedding night in the joy of shyness and pain .  

Afterwards, she had to offer tea to the elders, as well as get to know the complex relationships and relatives in the family . On the third day of the wedding, she had to visit her maiden home . She also had to take over managing the affairs of the second branch . The New Year was approaching, so she had to discuss details of the New Year celebrations with her mother-in-law… When everything was on the right track, she finally remembered that, on their wedding night, her husband had once promised to introduce her idol to her . More than two months had already passed .  

After much longing from her parents at Tanggu, Xiaocao had returned home after the wedding . As the new year approached, the greenhouse vegetables business at Tanggu was even more prosperous . Fortunately, the steward that Royal Prince Yang sent over was very capable . Now, Yu Hai and his son only had to send one person over to inspect the operations daily . No matter if it was the greenhouse vegetables or breeding base, Steward Ding had everything arranged in good order .  

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No kidding, Steward Ding was one of the most capable stewards in Prince Jing’s Estate . Xiaocao had once inadvertently mentioned to Zhu Junyang that her father was in charge of the breeding base and greenhouses, and he was so busy that he often missed meals and had gotten a size thinner . She had a rather gloomy expression when speaking, so as a considerate and devoted man, Royal Prince Yang naturally couldn’t bear to see his little lass unhappy . Thus, he sent Steward Ding over .  

Well, of course, Steward Ding was only temporarily helping out . When he found a capable person to take his place, he would return to the capital and manage some of the businesses under Royal Prince Yang’s name .  

After Zhu Junyang obtained new ideas for business opportunities from Xiaocao, he sent a team of explorers to the barbarian lands in the southwest . He had never doubted Xiaocao’s ability to know all matters of the world, despite the fact that she had never left home . Since it was her mystical stone that told her, it was definitely right . But this business couldn’t be established in a short period of time .  

However, he could foresee that, as long as it was done, it certainty wouldn’t be inferior to the entertainment club in the suburbs of the capital . After all, getting rich overnight was a fatal temptation for many people . Steward Ding was the talent he had reserved to manage the stone betting house . By the time the stone betting house was completed, Steward Ding should be ready to let go of the affairs in Tanggu and officially take over the matters of the stone betting business .  

His considerate arrangement greatly relieved the Yu Family’s father and son . Although Yu Hai was considered quite capable in the village, his abilities were limited after all . With Steward Ding’s assistance, the father and son had learned a lot of management skills from him . Yu Hai finally gained some confidence in managing such a large project for the first time .  

Yu Hang was still the one who learned the most seriously! He was originally a clever person, and under Xiaocao’s careful supervision, he had read a lot of books . Thus, he learned faster than his father . His younger siblings all had their own futures . As the eldest son, he must stay in their hometown to protect their old residence and roots . Therefore, he was left in charge of the breeding base and greenhouses in Tanggu .  

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