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Chapter 616
Chapter 616 - Fangirl

Seeing that the kitten was baring her claws, Zhu Junyang quickly coaxed her, “Isn’t this prince just worried that you will be traumatized by weddings? Who would you marry other than this prince? If you dare to marry someone else, then I will rush over to steal the bride and demolish the family while I’m at it . ” 

“Bandit!” Yu Xiaocao withdrew her sore hands and scolded lightly .  

Zhu Junyang grinned at her and said, “Yes, this prince is a bandit . A bandit who only steals your heart…” 

‘Damn!! There’s something wrong with the cold-faced royal prince today ah!’ Yu Xiaocao had goosebumps all over her body when she heard his cheesy remark . Would it be too impolite if she puked right now? ‘Hey, the guy surnamed Zhu, can you act like a normal person? You’re ruining my appetite!’ 

Zhu Junyang, who probably saw the unpleasant expression on Xiaocao’s face, stopped while he was ahead . He quickly reached out to grab some of Xiaocao’s favorite dishes and put them into her small bowl . Yu Xiaocao felt like she had lost her appetite, and it was all thanks to this guy!! 

That night, after Third Young Master Zhou lifted the bride’s veil and drank cross-cup wines, he took out the dragon and phoenix pendants that Yu Xiaocao gave them . Then, he handed one of them to the bride . Huang Shuya looked bashfully at the handsome and gentle man in front of her . He didn’t have the air of a sordid merchant, but instead appeared like a refined groom . Her heart slightly palpitated as he thoughtfully helped her put on the jade pendant .  

Although it could be said that she had agreed to this marriage herself, they had only seen each other two or three times before the wedding . Her husband’s appearance was well-known in the business industry, and some people privately gave him the nickname of ‘Jade-faced Lord Mengchang’  [1]  .  

She had heard about him a long time ago . He was handsome, a business genius, and a philanthropic man… Because of her curiosity, she had once dressed up as a man to peep at him without her family’s knowledge . His handsome looks and unique disposition left a deep impression on her . When the middleman came to propose marriage, her mother had quietly told her that the person who proposed marriage was actually the future head of the Zhou Family . At that time, she had inwardly jumped with joy .  

Huang Shuya was a competitive woman . Otherwise, she wouldn’t have studied business with her older brothers at a young age . Furthermore, she acted like spoiled brat and asked her father for the management rights of several shops . She also declared that she wanted to compete with her older brothers to see who was better . Facts had proven that she indeed had her own knacks in business . The shops that she managed thrived, which caused her father and brothers to look at her in a new perspective .   

She was the youngest child in the family and the only girl after her mother gave birth to five boys . At home, she was loved by her father and pampered by her older brothers . Otherwise, they wouldn’t have let her ‘monkey around’ and study business as a woman .  

As for her marriage, her family had also asked for her opinion . Her parents had even agreed to her ‘absurd’ request to meet Third Young Master Zhou before the engagement . So, accompanied by her parents, she met him in a private room at The Yu’s Tea and Pastries Shop .  

At that time, Hunag Shuya had wanted to pretend to be an elegant lady . However, when her father and Third Young Master Zhou mentioned the founder of The Yu’s—her idol Miss Yu—she couldn’t help but join in the conversation . She expressed her respect and admiration towards Miss Yu, as well as familiarity with her ‘great achievements’ . She solemnly stated that Yu Xiaocao was the person who she admired the most beside her father!

Huang Shuya had a lively appearance when she spoke excitedly, which reminded Third Young Master Zhou of Yu Xiaocao . He had thought that he wouldn’t meet another young girl, who was independent and ambitious, except for Xiacoao . He hadn’t expected that the wife chosen by his family was such an interesting person . Third Young Master Zhou’s impression of the daughter of the Huang Family had deepened . Perhaps, this unanticipated marriage alliance would bring him unexpected gains! 

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“Thank you, Husband!” Huang Shuya looked at the dragon shaped jade pendant on Third Young Master Zhou’s waist . It was obviously made of the same piece of jade as her pendant . She had a jewelry box that stored jewelry made of gold, silver, and pearls . There were also some jade hairpins, jade bangles, and jade pendants . The texture of this pair of jade pendants was absolutely exquisite . It was apparent that they were carved by an expert craftsman, and they were worth a lot .  

“Husband, did you buy this jade pendant from Wisdom Jade Pavillion? It’s really rare to find such an exquisite jade accessory shop in the capital!” Huang Shuya originally had a generous and straightforward temperament . After getting over her shyness at the beginning, she had gradually opened up .  

Third Young Master Zhou took out a pink pearl bracelet, pulled on her fair, soft hands, and gently put it on for her . With the pink pearl bracelet, her pale and slender wrist looked even more clear and smooth . He retracted his gaze and looked at his bashful wife, saying, “I think so? This pair of jade pendants is a wedding gift from Younger Sister Xiaocao . She also specially instructed me to give this pink pearl bracelet to her older sister-in-law…” 

Upon hearing the title of ‘Older Sister-in-law’, Huang Shuya’s face flushed bright red with embarrassment, as if pink clouds had drifted onto her lovely face . To be honest, she preferred the pearl bracelet on her wrist to the jade pendant . It wasn’t difficult to find pearls the size of a joint of a pinky finger, but it was hard to find pink pearls . Furthermore, no matter if it was their size, roundness, or color, this string of pearls seemed to be identical, which was even more rare . There were very few young girls who didn’t like soft pinkish colors . Hence, Huang Shuya really liked this pearl bracelet .  

“A gift from Younger Sister-in-law? Isn’t this too expensive? I have only heard of the older sister-in-law giving presents to the younger sister-in-law . Would it be bad for me to accept such a valuable gift from my younger sister-in-law?” Huang Shuya had heard a little about Third Young Master Zhou’s background . She thought that it was a gift from the younger sisters-in-law of the first branch, so she hesitated whether she should accept it .  

“She’s not those younger sisters you’re thinking about . How could they be so considerate?” Third Young Master Zhou didn’t know how he should treat the first branch, let alone those so-called siblings . So it was better not to mention them . He held his wife’s hands and said, “Younger Sister Xiaocao is Yu Xiaocao ah! Haven’t you always wanted to meet her and ask her for tips on how to manage a shop?” 

“Miss Yu? You mean Miss Yu is your younger sister?!!” When Huang Shuya heard that her idol was so close to herself, she couldn’t sit still anymore and immediately stood up . Then she felt a slight disappointment within her heart . If it wasn’t her wedding today, wouldn’t she be able to see her idol? However, Miss Yu had sent her gifts—an exquisite jade pendant and precious pearl bracelet! No, she had to carefully cherish two items, lest her heart ache because something happened to them! 

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“Wife, what are you doing?” Third Young Master Zhou looked strangely at his new wife . After she wandered around the room, she solemnly opened her dowry box . She carefully took off the bracelet, wrapped it in a silk handkerchief, and gently put it inside the box . After that…she started to untie the jade pendant on her waist . He felt puzzled and couldn’t help but ask what she was doing .  

“I need to put it away so that it won’t be broken! This was a gift from Miss Yu!! I actually received a gift from Miss Yu, who had started from scratch and established ‘The Yu’s’!! I must put it away carefully!” Huang Shuya focused on untying the jade pendant on her waist . Perhaps it was tied too tightly, but after trying for a long time, she still couldn’t untie the jade pendant . She couldn’t help but pout .  

“Wife, calm down for a moment! Sit down and listen to me!!” Third Young Master Zhou didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry . The most important person in his newlywed wife’s heart wasn’t him . There was actually a slight unpleasant feeling in his heart! 

Huang Shuya seemed to have accepted being addressed as ‘Wife’ . She might have also been too focused on the fact that her idol had given her a present, and thus she didn’t notice what he had called her . Unable to untie the jade pendant, she couldn’t help but ask a certain person for help in a tone that she usually used when she acted spoiled with her family, “Help me untie it~” 

“Who am I? If you’re asking for one’s help, you must properly address them . What do you call me?” Third Young Master Zhou suddenly wanted to tease his new wife . He looked at the naïve and cute young maiden in front of him with a smile . He had heard the young maiden had a unique insight in business, so he had thought that she would be a calm and clever woman . He hadn’t expected that she was gentle and adorable in private . Could this be that all capable women had two sides? This was true for Xiaocao, so was it also like this for his little wife? 

“Hus…Husband…please help me, okay? Okay?” Huang Shuya lowered her head with a blushed face as she was too embarrassed to look at him .  

Third Young Master Zhou held the young maiden’s soft hands, and said with a smile, “My silly wife, you don’t need to act like this . After you interact more with Younger Sister Xiaocao in the future, you will know that she isn’t as lofty as you think . She’s also just an ordinary young girl . You two are about the same age and both like to earn money, so you two will definitely get along in the future!” 

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“You mean…I can meet Miss Yu in the future, and I even get to speak with her? She seems to be very busy with the assignments from the imperial court and matters of The Yu’s . How would she have the time to meet me? Husband, you aren’t trying to coax me, right?” Huang Shuya’s face flushed with excitement, and her cheeks were even redder than when she was shy earlier .  

Third Young Master Zhou’s sense of helplessness deepened a little bit . It seemed like he didn’t have to worry about another man stealing his wife, but he had to prevent his wife from being stolen by his younger sister! 

“Younger Sister Xiaocao is a business partner of Zhenxiu Restaurant . You have also heard the rumors about the success of Zhenxiu Restaurant, right? Those special seasonings, as well as many of the best-selling dishes, were all made by Younger Sister Xiaocao . It can be said that we wouldn’t have the current Zhenxiu Restaurant without her . ” Third Young Master Zhou informed the young maiden about his relationship with Xiaocao .  

“Wow! Miss Yu is so amazing! She actually created so many new dishes! It turns out that my favorite ‘fruit-scented roasted duck’ is made by Miss Yu ah!! I’ll be happy to death if I can try the dishes made personally by Miss Yu!!” Huang Shuya’s eyes became even brighter, and the expression on her face was full of admiration .  

“Don’t mention that unlucky word on this auspicious day . Quickly knock on wood!” Third Young Master Zhou felt very powerless . His wife didn’t worship him, her husband, but instead regarded another person as her idol . How should he fix this? 

Huang Shuya suddenly frowned, looked at him puzzledly, and asked, “ But why didn’t Miss Yu open her own restaurant when she knew the recipes for so many popular dishes? If Miss Yu opened a ‘The Yu’s Restaurant’, your family’s Zhenxiu Restaurant definitely can’t compete with her! Why did she give such a profitable business to you?”

[1] Lord Mengchang (孟尝君) - Chancellor of Qi and of Wei during Warring States Period 

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