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Chapter 610
Chapter 610 - Jade Stone Material

With a touch of emotion in her eyes and a happy smile on her face, Lady Fang said, "Your godfather and I are not the kind of people who can say sweet words . I don't know who this little guy is like to have such a sweet mouth . "

"Like Older Sister!" From a young age, Fang Haolin listened to his own father, who spoiled his goddaughter immeasurably . His father, when in front of his mother, always talked about how good his sister was, how capable she was, and how filial she was . In his young mind, the seeds of ‘Older Sister is the most capable’, ‘Older Sister is the best’ and ‘wants to be like Older Sister’ were subconsciously planted . So, when his mother sighed and asked who he was like, he blurted out his thoughts .

When the adults laughed in good faith, the little guy looked foolishly at his mother, brother-in-law, and older sister, blinked his large eyes a few times, and asked strangely, "What are you laughing at? Where are Older Sister’s children? What if they don't behave and don't take care of Older Sister? "

"If they dare to do so, I will beat these unfilial sons to death! " Zhu Junyang glowered angrily as if the ‘children’ that weren’t there were right in front of him .

"Brother-in-law, I'll help beat them for you!" Fang Haolin smiled flatteringly at Zhu Junyang, with the appearance of a dog that couldn’t be directly looked at .

"Are you guys done?" Yu Xiaocao gave a hard glare at the guy who caused this topic to be brought up and helped her godmother into the Wisdom Jade Pavilion, leaving only the view of the back for small and big men behind her .

Fang Haolin stared with big eyes, looking innocently at Zhu Junyang and whispered, "My older sister seems to be angry . What should I do? Then . . . I won't hit her sons? " 

"Yes! Your sister loves her son! " Zhu Junyang solemnly talked nonsense .

"But . . . Where is Older Sister's son? When did Older Sister have children? When you went to the border? How come you didn’t bring her children back? Did you leave them at the studfarm with the foals?" Fang Haolin, this kid, had opened up the 100,000 why mode .

Zhu Junyang carried him into the shop and nodded at the shopkeeper who greeted him graciously . He followed behind the pair of godmother and goddaughter and entered the private room in the shop . He didn't forget to continue to brainwash Little Linlin, "Your older sister's child hasn’t been born yet . You have to wait until your older sister marries me before there can be a baby . If you want to see them early, let your older sister marry me as soon as possible! " 

"But . . . My father said that all the people who try to steal my older sister from me are bad guys! " Fang Haolin wrinkled his little face and miserably said .  

Zhu Junyang pinched the little guy's chubby face and continued the ruse, “How can brother-in-law be a bad guy? I love you so much that I always bring you something fun every time . If you think about it, when your sister marries your brother-in-law, we will be a family . The fun stuff in brother-in-law’s Treasure Pavillion, you can take whatever you want, whenever you want . Just like taking your own stuff at home! Not only do you not lose your older sister’s love, but you also have a brother-in-law who loves you . How profitable is that? "

"Zhu! Jun! Yang! That's enough! Don't teach children bad things! If you continue speaking about those things that haven’t happened, then don't come to propose marriage at the New Year’s! " Yu Xiaocao saw that this guy was getting more and more outrageous, and he was leading Little Linlin askew, so he had to be stopped!

The shopkeeper, who personally made a pot of good tea, heard this and had an expression of unbelief on his face, ‘This miss is so bold . There’s actually someone who dares to yell at my master! What is even more unbelievable is that my master has no intention of getting angry, and still has a smiling face while coaxing the miss to be happy . ’  

It was said that the master had taken a fancy to a girl from a peasant family . It was reasonable to say that this girl from a low background should be grateful, courteous, and hold the master's heart . Yet the girl in front of him, had an impatient look on her face, repeatedly pushed away the master, and had rolled her eyes at him from time to time .  

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Could it be . . . This girl was not the peasant girl, and the master had a crush on someone else? He looked at the demeanor of the noble matron beside the girl, and the movement of the two servant girls . They didn’t seem to have come out of a small family! It must be that his master was looking for something new and the novelness has passed . Thus, naturally, he still felt that the temperament of noble girls in the capital was more suitable for him .

However, it seemed that his cold-hearted master really spared no effort to coax the little girl . Unexpectedly, he pulled down his self-esteem to be nice to her when she was having none of it . This girl was quite suitable for the master . It was really hard to find noble girls in the capital that weren’t afraid of the master! She was the only one who dared to stand up to his master .  

After the shopkeeper came in, Zhu Junyang immediately put up airs and played the role of Royal Prince Yang, "How much jade material arrived a few days ago, and how many are opened? Are there any of them that can be regarded as fine quality? Bring it out for Lady Fang and Miss Yu to have a look! "

"Little Linlin will have a look too!" Fang Haolin murmured in a low voice, showing his presence .  

"Alright! Show Little Linlin, too! Choose whichever one you like, and your brother-in-law will give it to you!" Zhu Junyang found Fang Haolin more and more interesting . When will he be able to have such a lovely baby? Alas! It was a pity that the mother of his future son was still angry with him . If he didn’t coax her well, it was still unknown whether or not he would be able to marry the little girl in two years .

Lady Fang adjusted her expression and asked the wetnurse to take her son . In a low voice, she scolded, "Lin'er, what did Mother tell you? When the adults talk, the children shouldn't interrupt! If there's something that can't be said, wait until the adults finish talking to say it!"

"Oh! Linlin is wrong!" Fang Haolin, this small kid, obediently sat well in the chair with his small hands on his knee, with a look of 'Linlin is a good baby' . Yu Xiaocao wanted to knead the little one into her arms and kiss his little face——how could Little Linlin be this cute?

"Answering Master, one-fifth of that batch of material has been opened . There are two pieces that are pretty good . One was ordered by Imperial Prince Duan, and it was said to be carved into a white jade Guanyin for his princess consort . The other one was a smaller piece of suet jade, which was ordered by Lady Yu, and it was in the style of a hairpin . It was said to be given to Miss Yu for her hairpin ceremony .

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The jade from Wisdom Jade Pavilion was always very popular . Every time new material came in and the jade was unearthed from the raw ore, it was very quickly reserved by a customer . Thus, when Zhu Junyang asked him whether there were any good raw jade around, the shopkeeper felt quite embarrassed——who would have known that the master would suddenly want to use jade to gain favor from his future mother-in-law ah? 

"In that case . . . the rest of the material should be opened as soon as possible . If you have a good quality product, reserve it for me!" Zhu Junyang frowned . It seemed like he was going to have to disappoint his wife and future mother-in-law . It was because he didn't plan properly . In the future, when there was good material, he must reserve it for the people close to him .

"It's said that all the white and creamy jades are cut from stones, aren't they? How can jade be in the middle of a stone? How strange!" At this time, jadeite jewelry was not as common as nephrite jade, and most of the jade materials were raw materials transported back from Xinjiang .  

Zhu Junyang saw that the lass was curious about the jade stones and was no longer angry at him . He eagerly said, "Lass, do you want to see what raw jade material looks like? Shopkeeper Zhang, do you have jade stone materials in the shop now?"

Shopkeeper Zhang quickly replied, "The materials are all in the warehouse behind us . If Miss Yu wants to see it, I'll let someone carry some of them over right away!" Considering that some of the materials weighed more than one hundred catties, Shopkeeper Zhang wiped the invisible sweat off of his forehead . In order to help the master please the little girl, he needed to work the staff in the shop hard .  

"Don't bother, I'll go take a look at the warehouse!" Yu Xiaocao stood up and looked in Zhu Junyang's direction, implying that he should speak soon . They shouldn't make everyone busy because of her whims .

Zhu Junyang nodded to Shopkeeper Zhang, indicating that he should listen to Miss Yu . Finally, the little girl wasn't mad at him anymore . He had to perform well and let the little lass, who was puffed up, to be less angry . Just now, he was impulsive . After all, the girl's godmother was still there . Didn't he say he wanted to increase his mother-in-law's good feelings towards him? Would Lady Fang feel that he was frivolous and disrespectful to the lass?

Lady Fang was in the warm private room, drinking mellow tea and eating delicious snacks . Oh? The taste was very familiar! It seemed that the business of the Wisdom Jade Pavilion was really good . All the snacks for guests were ordered from Yu’s Pastry Shop . It should be known that the snack shops under her goddaughter's name were full of customers every day . Like the ones ordered out by Wisdom Jade Pavilion cost quite a large sum of money . They couldn’t be bought in the store . They could only be reserved, and it was a limited reservation . If people came late, they could only go home disappointed!

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The little kid, Fang Haolin, who had delicious food, immediately put his sister and his so-called brother-in-law aside . In his eyes, there were only delicious cakes and puffs . Delicious food! However, it was not as good as his older sister's personally made food . Older Sister said she would make delicious snacks for him when she was free . He was looking forward to it!

Zhu Junyang accompanied Xiaocao to the storeroom, and the loyal Wutong closely followed . The young miss was older and she had more worries . She couldn’t let her young lady lose her reputation and honor at the hands of Royal Prince Yang!

Seeing Wutong follow them out the door, Hou Xiaoliang, who was enjoying the snacks, immediately stood up . He was the bodyguard of the master, and he had to accompany him at any time . However, what were you trying to do by getting so close to someone else's maid?  

The light in the storeroom was rather dim . Shopkeeper Zhang asked the guard in charge of the warehouse to light all the oil lamps inside, and before letting the master enter .

Xiaocao set a foot over the threshold of the warehouse and saw the collection of large and small stones inside . Some were as big as eggs, while others were so big two people wouldn't have been able to lift them . Some of them are round in shape, showing white jade flesh, while others had edges and corners, with only rough stone skin . . .

[There’s spiritual energy in the jade stone!] The little divine stone jumped out of Yu Xiaocao’s wide sleeves in the form of a cat . His fur was shining in the candlelight, scaring Manager Zhang .

The little divine stone walked through the raw materials with haughty and arrogant steps . Xiaocao followed behind the golden cat——concerning matters with spiritual energy, the little divine stone was always sensitive . At the time, it was able to sense the small amounts of spiritual energy within spring water that came from the deep mountains and use it to further its cultivation . Thus, perceiving the energy within jade material that took ten thousand years to form after being baptized in pure snow water was a snap for it .

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