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Chapter 482

Chapter 482 - Membership

Qing’er was the maidservant assigned to serve Xiaolian . She had two personal maidservants and two lower ranked maidservants . They were all named after colors . Her two personal maidservants, Qing’er and Bi’er, were around the same age as Wutong . Hong’er and Cheng’er, who were younger, were twelve or thirteen years old and also very quick-witted .  

Xiaocao and Xiaolian hadn’t seen each other in a long time, so they had endless things to talk about . However, it was mostly Xiaolian talking while Xiaocao quietly listened with a smile . They weren’t used to being served by others at all times, so they told Wutong and Qing’er to go rest in the side room . Qing’er was alright, but Wutong, who had gone along to Dongshan Village, was so exhausted from the trip that she immediately fell asleep upon touching the pillow . There were two people sleeping in the side room, so the sisters didn’t continue to chat . After speaking for a while, they also went to sleep .  

The weather was also very good the next day . They were living in their own home, so there was no harm in sleeping in . Yu Xiaocao, who was lying on the warm kang bed, huddled inside the quilt, unwilling to get up . The Yu Family members were used to working and waking up early, so they had gotten up early in the morning . Madam Liu still wasn’t accustomed to having others help her change and wash up . It made her feel very awkward and restrained . If they were at Dongshan Village, she would have already rolled up her sleeves and went to work in the greenhouse in the backyard . Now, she was just sitting in the parlor room with a cup of honey water in her hands and didn’t know what to do .  

“Madam, Miss He from the Grand Princess Royal Estate and Miss Yuan from the Prime Minister Estate came for a visit to congratulate Second Young Miss for moving to a new house…” A maidservant, who appeared very likeable, came in to report with a smile on her face .  

Madam Liu looked at her . What was her name again? There was too much going on yesterday . The maids all wore the same clothes and they were all around the same age . Thus, she couldn’t immediately tell them apart . Wait, hold on . What did she just say? The young miss of the Grand Princess Royal Estate? The young miss of the Prime Minister Estate? Cao’er had only been in the capital for a short period of time, yet she had already become acquainted with so many noble young misses? 

“Uh…” Seeing that the young maidservant was quietly waiting for her orders with her head bowed, Madam Liu pondered for a moment and asked, “Is Second Young Miss awake?” 

“In reply to Madam, she’s not! Perhaps she was too tired yesterday,” Xiaohuan replied in a soft voice .

Madam Liu frowned slightly and was somewhat at a loss . After a moment of hesitation, she said, “Wake up the second young miss first and ask her what to do . ” 

Pipa, who Xiaocao assigned to temporarily serve Madam Liu, softly reminded, “Madam, do you think we should invite the two young misses inside first and serve them some tea and pastries, so as to not neglect the guests?” 

“Pipa is right . Let’s do as she suggested!” Madam Liu quietly nodded, but her heart wasn’t as calm as she appeared . The two girls were either a relative of the emperor or the daughter of a high-ranking official . She really didn’t know how she should interact with them .  

Fortunately, when Yu Xiaocao heard that the two older sisters had come for a visit, she swiftly washed up as if she was at war . She casually combed her hair into two braids and arrived just before He Wanning and Yuan Xueyan reached the parlor room .

“Younger Sister Xiaocao, this isn’t right . You didn’t even tell us that you’re moving . If you did, we could do a housewarming for you ah!” He Wanning hadn’t even appeared, but her voice could already be heard .

Yu Xiaocao went up to them with a smile . Seeing that their hands were empty, she joked, “Didn’t you guys come for a housewarming? Why aren’t there any presents ah?” 

“Humph! You didn’t even send us invitations, so why should we bring gifts?” He Wanning pinched her smooth and tender face and gently pulled it .

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Yu Xiaocao rubbed her face and glared at her . Then she said to Yuan Xueyan, “Older Sister Yuan, look at her . She’s bullying the young and weak . ” 

Yuan Xueyan smiled faintly and said, “Wanning, don’t forget that you came to ask for a favor . If you offend her now, you might end up crying later!” 

As they spoke, they arrived in the parlor room . Madam Liu stood up and gave them a slightly awkward smile . Fortunately, He Wanning had a straightforward personality . She quickly said, “Madam Yu, you’re our elder, so please quickly sit down . Please forgive us for coming uninvited, Madam Yu . ” 

“It’s okay, it’s okay… Cao’er, entertain the distinguished guests well . I’ll go check on the stewards in the estate . Young misses, don’t be courteous . Just treat this as your own home . I’ll take my leave now . ” Madam Liu felt that the other parties wouldn’t be comfortable with her around, so she got up to return to her room .  

“Madam Yu, please do!” He Wanning watched Madam Liu leave, and then whispered to Xiaocao, “You take after your mother . You have fair skin, big eyes, and a delicate appearance . You and your mother both have such smooth, fair, and soft skin, is it because the environment in Tanggu produces a lot of beauties?” 

Yu Xiaocao thought of the villagers, who had dark skin due to being constantly blown by the sea breeze . She giggled and said, “We’re born beautiful, and it has nothing to do with the environment . As for the reason why our skin is so good, it’s probably due to the handmade soap that we use and the flower tea that we frequently drink . ” 

He Wanning touched her face, which had become much smoother, and said with a smile, “I must say, since I started using the handmade soap that you gave me, my skin isn’t dry anymore and it has also become much smoother . My grandmother also said my skin looks fairer recently! I’m almost done with that piece of soap . When is your shop going to open ah? Older Sister Yuan said that you’re doing some sort of membership system for that club of yours? What exactly is it? Quickly tell me . ” 

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Yu Xiaocao signaled Yingchun with her eyes and pointed at the fragrant flower tea on the table as she said, “This is the jasmine tea that I personally made . It tastes quite good . Try it! There’s also honey cakes, which are new pastries that I told the kitchen to specially make . ”

After drinking a sip of jasmine tea, which had a strong scent of flowers, He Wanning exclaimed, “Though you came from the countryside, you’re much more knowledgeable than us so-called noble young ladies . Let’s use today’s tea and pastries as an example . It tastes much better than all the teahouses and pastries shops in the capital! Tell me, what’s the benefit of this jasmine tea?” 

“Jasmine tea has the effects of clearing the liver, improving eyesight, and producing saliva to slake thirst . It can also relieve one’s mood and delay aging . It’s good for one’s mind and body . ” Yu Xiaocao picked up a piece of honey cake and ate it in small bites . She got dragged out of bed early in the morning, and thus she hadn’t eaten anything at all . ” 

When He Wanning heard that it had so many benefits, she quickly drank the entire cup in one breath . Then she said to Wutong, who was waiting on the side, “Give me another cup . Younger Sister Xiaocao, does your mother often drink jasmine tea? She looks very young and doesn’t seem like someone with such a grown daughter!” 

Upon seeing her embarrassing appearance, the elegant and indifferent Yuan Xueyan quietly glared at her . She seriously didn’t want to admit that this shameless girl was her close friend . However, the jasmine tea had so many benefits that she also couldn’t help but lower her head to take a sip . The fragrant scent dispersed in her mouth . Disregarding the effects of the tea, the taste alone was enough for it to be popular among people .  

“My mother is thirty-one years old and has only started looking younger in these past few years . In the past, she had to do hard labor, and thus looked very haggard…” Since Yu Xiaocao often saw Madam Liu, she never really noticed her gradual change . After hearing He Wanning’s words, she realized that her mother did look younger than when she first transmigrated over . It was mainly because her complexion had gotten much better .  

“Then it must be because of these flower teas that you made! I don’t care . With our friendship, you must let me be a member when your shop opens . You must also save me a portion of those limited flower teas and products . ” Although He Wanning didn’t understand what a membership was, she reckoned that it wasn’t someone bad . Thus, she decided to occupy a place first .  

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“Isn’t that a given?” After she said that, Yu Xiaocao explained the membership system to her, “The membership system will have four levels . The lowest level is bronze members, which is only eligible to those who have spent over two thousand taels . They can get a 5% discount on all goods and services . Silver members, which is the next level, are people who have spent over ten thousand taels . They can enjoy a 10% discount . Those who consume over fifty thousand taels are eligible to be gold members . In addition to getting a 20% discount all on goods and services, they won’t be restricted on a quota for the limited items . The highest level is diamond members, which is only for those who have spent more than two hundred thousand taels . Diamond members can enjoy a lifetime discount of 50% and the privilege of trying new products and services first . They will be provided with unlimited quantities of the limited items . All membership cards can only be used by the applicants themselves . If you lend it out, then your membership will be directly canceled . ” 

This was Yu Xiaocao’s initial idea for the membership system . It was also Yuan Xueyan’s first time hearing her explain the details . She inwardly admired her for her boldness and means of doing things . Needless to say, He Wanning couldn’t help but exclaim, “Oh my! Diamond members need to spend two hundred thousand taels of silver? That’s a whole lot of money ah! But there’s no lack of wealthy people in the capital . As long as the products are good, there will be people willingly delivering money to you guys! I’m not that greedy, so I don’t need a diamond membership card . I’ll be contented with a gold membership card…”

Yu Xiaocao exchanged eye contact with Yuan Xueyan, and then said with a smile, “Older Sister He, aren’t you looking down on us? As the close friend of the two biggest shareholders of the beauty and health club, we definitely have to give you diamond membership ah! But, of course, if you really don’t want it, then let’s forget…” 

“Who said I don’t want it? I’ll be more than happy!!” He Wanning looked at her with an expression that said ‘I didn’t misjudge you’ .

“When things are rare, it becomes precious . For now, I only prepared ten diamond membership cards . The three of us will each have one . I’ll send two to the empress so that she can give it out as a reward . There’s also my godmother . The remaining five are for those rich consumers…” 

Yu Xiaocao had originally wanted to save one for Madam Liu, but with her personality, she definitely wouldn’t go by herself . Anyway, those with the diamond card had the qualification to bring one extra person along . At that time, she could just bring her to enjoy the various services . As for the other goods, that was even more simple . She could just buy them back for her whole family to use .  

The membership cards had already been made a while ago . Royal Prince Yang contacted a famous blacksmith to make the cards . According to Xiaocao’s request and repeated testing, a type of alloy steel was made by chance . However, due to low quantity, it was only used to make the diamond membership cards .  

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