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Chapter 424: Being Surrounded by Bigwigs

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When Freezing Cold saw that the Purchase With No Loss store owner gave the Dark Snake Dragon Lizard to Zhou Luo, he couldn’t help but sigh that the store was not simple. After all, who knew if the store owner had this Bronze/Epic Dark Snake Dragon Lizard by chance before?

However, the concentration of spirit qi needed for the formation of the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls could only be achieved by Class 4 Creation Masters and above.

This also meant that this 1-Star Star Web store must have at least a Class 4 Creation Master behind it.

What shocked Freezing Cold was that the Purchase With No Loss store owner was actually willing to save this deformed lizard with such a rare heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearl.

He always had deep feelings for the Huge Axe Mercenaries. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been willing to issue an allegiance oath to them.

However, he couldn’t help but think if he hadn’t issued an allegiance oath to the Huge Axe Mercenaries with a Willpower Rune, would all the good stuff be his now?

At that moment, Lin Yuan’s first recruitment of white-clothed followers was also considered to have ended.

He had only recruited Zhou Luo this time, and Zhou Luo’s strength was still very weak. However, after his Iron Bone Iguana absorbed the pure fire-element energy from the elemental pearls to complete its mutation, it would get a huge boost.

When the sarcoma on its neck completely mutated and grew a new head, Zhou Luo could completely rely on the resources earned by the Iron Bone Iguana to raise the Dark Snake Dragon Lizard without having Lin Yuan worry anymore.

Lin Yuan turned and said to Liu Jie, “Big Brother Liu, Zhou Luo will be the first warrior under you from now on.”

Upon hearing that, Liu Jie replied solemnly, “Leave it to me!”

During this period, it could be said that Liu Jie had been watching everyone in the mansion and was constantly busy with Sky City, but only he had nothing to do. He could now finally take up the responsibility to do his part for Sky City and Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan turned his gaze to Freezing Cold and said, “We’re leaving. Do you still want to stroll around in this store?”

As he spoke, Lin Yuan opened the entry access of his Star Web store.

Just as Freezing Cold was a little embarrassed and wanted to speak, he noticed that a lot of people suddenly came into the store, and he knew two of them. These two people were the true bigwigs.

Lin Yuan didn’t expect that when he opened the entry access, over 30 people would come in at once. Among these 30 people, he found that almost all of them were from the fan club.

He immediately knew that the violent-tempered woman should have told the fan club she had seen him in front of the store.

Lin Yuan lurked as much as possible in his Purchase With No Loss store’s fan club, but he didn’t expect over 30 bigwigs would come into his Star Web store.

Zhou Luo, who was caught in surprise and excitement, was ready to log off Star Web and go to the Royal Capital as agreed.

Unexpectedly, when he recovered from the pleasant surprise, he was a little confused at the sudden appearance of so many people.

Had he lost his memory from being too pleasantly surprised?

At that moment, Zhou Luo heard a kind voice. “I can’t believe I saw you again after a day, kid.”

Upon hearing this voice, Zhou Luo turned. He was first surprised before he hurriedly gave a salute and replied, “Master Duan Li, I didn’t expect to meet you here.”

The old woman, who was called Master Duan Li, also looked at Zhou Luo with some surprise. She seemed to be guessing why Zhou Luo would appear in this Purchase With No Loss store.

She had found Zhou Luo’s presence when she entered the store. Did he have any connections with this store?

Immediately after that, Master Duan Li dismissed this thought. If Zhou Luo really had connections with this Star Web store, his main fey wouldn’t be such an Iron Bone Iguana.

Zhou Luo felt goosebumps as Master Duan Li sized him up.

When did he deserve to have an intermediate Class 4 Creation Master spending so many thoughts on him?

Zhou Luo hurriedly found a topic and said, “Thank you, Master Duan Li, for letting your retainer knight give me some advice.”

Master Duan Li kindly patted Zhou Luo’s shoulder and replied, “Your fey affinity is toward lizard-species feys, and most of them are better at attacking.

“You might as well find and contract a Bronze/Flawless power offense-type lizard-species fey first and nurture more new feys later on when you have resources.”

Zhou Luo glanced at Master Duan Li gratefully. He knew that she wanted to tell him to stop nurturing his Iron Bone Iguana. As long as it didn’t complete its mutation, not only would it not have the slightest potential, but it would also affect its combat power.

However, since the Iron Bone Iguana’s mutation had been resolved, Zhou Luo looked at the youth wearing a strange mask, who was surrounded by the crowd not far away, for a long time before he said to Master Duan Li, “Master, my Iron Bone Iguana’s mutation problem has been solved.”

A touch of shock flashed across Master Duan Li’s benevolent face. She also looked into the distance along with Zhou Luo’s gaze and landed her eyes on the youth wearing the strange mask.

Yesterday, Zhou Luo had just learned about his Iron Bone Iguana’s mutation problem, but it had now been solved, and it was in this small store. The reason for this was self-explanatory.

Lin Yuan felt he was simply going to be emptied by these bigwigs. The number of Flower Brocade Pearls they wanted to buy added up to 200, and there was still a new group of bigwigs applying to trade with him over and over again.

Among them, Lin Yuan found that the one who needed the most number of Flower Brocade Pearls were not Creation Masters.

This meant that these Creation Masters that needed a lot of Brocade Pearls either had a huge faction behind them, or they purely wanted to store up a batch of goods, sell them at a high price when they were in demand in the market, and become a middleman happily earning the price difference.

Lin Yuan didn’t promise to trade the Flower Brocade Pearls that these people needed. Since he wanted to solidify the strength of the fan club’s connections, the best way was to conduct an auction of group welfare every once in a while.

Rare things were dear. Satisfying one person at a time was the best option for dealing with these tight resources.

Lin Yuan winked at Liu Jie, who was at the side, indicating that Liu Jie would leave with him later. Then he spoke to this group of bigwigs besides him.

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