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Chapter 2072 - 2072 Return to the Radiance Federation!

2072 Return to the Radiance Federation!

If things continued at this rate, the Ten Thousand Medicine Hot Spring would reach 7 Stars and gain its third ability in around two years.

Now that Lin Yuan was done helping the Lifespan Mouse give birth, he left the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

He had already told Su Yiren that he would be leaving for a period of time.

Lin Yuan used 200 of the Diamond Item-Storing Walnuts to pass through the Space Tunnel with Liu Jie and ended up back in the Radiance Federation, in the basement of the Return from Faraway Mansion.


When Lin Yuan first transported himself through the Space Tunnel, he had used up all of the spatial spiritual ingredients that he possessed. As such, he felt that a trip between the Radiance Federation and the Divine Wood Federation was very costly.

But he had since obtained many of the Item-Storing Walnut Trees and nurtured them to Bronze/Legend. Later, the army of Hundred Questions Beasts nurtured them to Diamond grade.

The close to 1,000 Item-Storing Walnut Trees growing in Lin Yuan’s territory in the marsh world were growing very well. A few that had more potential even comprehended Willpower Runes after being evolved to Diamond/Legend and evolved to Fantasy Breed.

There was a large amount of marsh soil buried in the territory.

The three Sentient Being Protective Dragons’ ability Place in the World could protect these Item-Storing Walnut Trees and ensure they could not be more comfortable.

Furthermore, the ancient green tree transformed from the Endless Gem grew in size under the radiation from Klein Hub. Now, its range included the 1,000 Item-Storing Walnut Trees.

Normally, the Item-Storing Walnut Trees only bore fruits yearly.

But now that they were being blessed by various actors, they bore fruits three times a year.

Each Item-Storing Walnut Tree produced almost 100 of the Item-Storing Walnuts.

With 30,000 Diamond Item-Storing Walnuts being produced yearly, Lin Yuan could use them as he pleased.

The emerald green ancient tree benefited dimensional lifeforms greatly as well.

Lin Yuan intended to utilize its range well.

Since he already had enough of the Diamond Item-Storing Walnuts, Lin Yuan intended to move the 1,000 Item-Storing Walnut Trees slightly further so that the emerald green ancient tree’s benefits could be focused on increasing the believers of Wendy and Rising Lizard.

When Lin Yuan returned to the Return from Faraway Mansion, he fetched Wen Yu from the marsh world.

Both of them had agreed on this long ago.

Although Listen was not currently in the Radiance Federation, Endless Summer was doing a good job of looking after the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

Metal-type resources were very rare in the marsh world.

Wen Yu and Sun Ningxiang had been working overtime the last few days to plan out all the resources needed for development in the marsh world.

Wen Yu would let Endless Summer know what resources they needed so that Endless Summer could prepare them over the next two days.

Lin Yuan was only going to be in the Radiance Federation for three days.

By preparing the resources in two days, Wen Yu would have one day left to look through them.

Wen Yu had not seen her master in some time and missed Mystic Moon.

She was filled with respect and gratitude to Mystic Moon.

It was indeed Lin Yuan who had saved her life.

But if Mystic Moon had not accepted her as his disciple, helped her to contract the Astronomical Parliament, and taught her what to do, the combat-talent-lacking and mediocre Creation Master Wen Yu would have long been relegated to one of Sky City’s peripheral members. There was no way she could have become one of Sky City’s three main pillars alongside Lin Yuan and Liu Jie.

Lin Yuan noticed that not a single Heavenly Family Fey could be seen in the Return from Faraway Mansion.

A month had passed and Purple Love should have already led the other members out of the Radiance Federation.

But as per the promise that was made to Lin Yuan before he left, White Phoenix had become Lin Yuan’s sworn Protector and should still be in the Return from Faraway Mansion.

Lin Yuan pondered for a moment and quickly puzzled out what had happened.

It was likely that the Moon Empress had told White Phoenix about Fifth Page Truth after Lin Yuan told her about it.

The entire Heavenly Family Cottage had an absolutely irreconcilable grudge against Fifth Page Truth.

Since the Radiance Federation and Heavenly Family Cottage had become allies, the Radiance Federation would immediately inform the Heavenly Family Cottage about such a matter after learning about it.

It was likely that Purple Love and the rest who had just departed the Radiance Federation would go and seek their revenge very soon.

In order for Jade Sundial to be revived, the heavenly family crystal was not enough. Her Eternal Heart was needed as well.

Her Eternal Heart would have to be forcefully snatched back from Fifth Page Truth.

Lin Yuan knew that the Moon Empress was very worried about him. Thus, once he returned to the Radiance Federation, he did not dawdle anywhere else and immediately went to the Radiance Federation to see the Moon Empress.

Liu Jie had obtained the Halberd Corner Sky-Defying Rhinoceros Beetle and wanted to have a discussion with Night Leaning Moon about it.

Night Leaning Moon was the one who had opened up the path for Liu Jie to begin taking control of insect-species carcinoma feys. As such, he still liked to seek her opinion when it came to choosing the insect-species carcinoma feys.

Lin Yuan used the Ethereal Jellyfish’s Node Transportation to transport himself to the inner palace of the Radiant Moon Palace like he always did.

While Lin Yuan was traveling to the inner palace of the Radiant Moon Palace, Jin Qianxun was having the greatest dilemma of his life.

Normally, he did not have the authority to participate in the Truth Association’s meetings as he was only the fifth strongest expert in the Jin family. It was always the head of the Jin family, his oldest brother, who attended and relayed the Truth Association’s instructions when he returned.

But this time, all the experts of the secret aristocratic families who were thearch-class and above could participate in the meeting.

It was true that Jin Qianxun had not been completely open with Su Yiren. But the main reason for his lacking information was that he did not have the chance to learn of the Truth Association’s big secrets.

Jin Qianxun had been trying to make a choice.

It was true that he was being controlled by Lin Yuan, but he could leave some information about the Truth Association out in his reports. This lowered the risk that he had to undertake.

Nonetheless, Jin Qianxun understood that real money could be found in taking risks.

He would not be able to obtain many benefits from the Truth Association.

But ever since he joined Lin Yuan, Su Yiren would provide him with resources whenever his information was useful. This allowed his power to skyrocket.

He had become the third strongest expert in the Jin family.

As long as he continued to provide information that met Lin Yuan and Su Yiren’s satisfaction, he would be able to surpass his oldest brother before long to become the strongest expert in the Jin family.

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