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Chapter 1925 - 1925 Extraction Crystal Mosquito

1925 Extraction Crystal Mosquito

If a Class 5 Creation Master had appeared in Sacred Forest City, the Su family was going to do whatever it took to obtain him.

If the Su family acquired Sky Creation, their development would be improved.

But once the other factions in Sacred Forest City obtained resources from Sky Creation, there was a possibility they could use the boost from the resources to surpass the Su family and take their place in Sacred Forest City.

Nonetheless, this was just Su Han’s guess.


Su Han needed to ask Su Wenliang a question in order to confirm his guess.

“Wenliang, did Sky Creation say when they are going to be able to provide the Su family with 90 square meters of the Peaceful Calm Air Moss?”

Su Wenliang replied seriously, “Third Master, Sky Creation said that they can be done with our order by tomorrow afternoon. Furthermore, I dared not promise them a basket of the moss. I told Young Master Chu that you will go and finalize the matter.”

Su Han froze.

Tomorrow afternoon? The order that required so many Creation Master resources to be completed could be completed by tomorrow afternoon?

There was no question that there was a Class 5 Creation Master in Sky Creation.

According to the rumors and Su Wenliang’s description, the decision-maker in the tree castle was a young man. There was no way that the young man with the surname Chu could be a Class 5 Creation Master.

Sky Creation’s Class 5 Creation Master was pulling the strings from the shadow and used the young man with the surname Chu as his mouthpiece. This meant that he had to trust this young man greatly.

The Class 5 Creation Master had surpassed the level of Su Han’s comprehension.

A Class 5 Creation Master had to have combat power that was at least Immortal. Such a person could not be crossed under any circumstances. It might even be improper to make any requests from him.

If the Class 5 Creation Master behind Sky Creation did not want to show his face, trying to lure him out would only make him even more repulsed by them.

After pondering for a while, Su Han started to prepare to head to the tree castle in the business district to meet with the young man with the surname Chu and try to establish a positive relationship with him.

Since the young man with the surname Chu was assigned as the mouthpiece, the promises he made could be seen as promises made by the Class 5 Creation Master.

Su Han personally picked up the tea tray from the table and handed it to Su Wenliang as he said, “This tea is brewed from the hearts of the Purple Vessel Mountain Tea’s sprouts. It is still warm. Come with me to the tree castle after you’re done drinking it. Go and make some preparations to clear the area beside the tree castle. None of the other families can find out about my visit to the tree castle.”

Su Wenliang picked up the teacup with both hands before he fell to one knee and said, “Third Master, I will go and make preparations now.”

After everyone left, Lin Yuan instructed Shadow to keep the tree castle safe before he found a room with Liu Jie.

Lin Yuan needed to start working on the 25 orders and research the Peaceful Calm Air Moss properly.

Meanwhile, Liu Jie started to sort through and pick from the insect-species carcinoma feys inside the Diamond fey storage box that the Insect Queen could take control of and use during combat.

The Insect Queen had become a six-winged fairy, and its bloodline had improved substantially.

Moreover, the Insect Queen had lost two of its insect-species carcinoma feys during the fight against the Freedom Federation envoy group. Liu Jie had not had time to make up for the losses yet.

The more time Liu Jie spent by Lin Yuan’s side, the greater sense of urgency Liu Jie felt.

Although Liu Jie’s power had improved time after time and was consistently being enhanced to the point that he could be called the Fifth Disaster, he still did not feel like he was strong enough for Lin Yuan.

This was because no matter how much power Liu Jie squeezed out of himself, he would not be able to produce an Immortal power like Lin Yuan.

The Divine Wood Federation did not have Star Web, and information did not travel as quickly as in the Radiance Federation.

News about Lin Yuan killing Lu Han had not reached Sacred Forest City yet.

As such, Lin Yuan was well aware that none of the factions in Sacred Forest City that interacted with him would think that he was the owner of Sky Creation.

Nonetheless, Lin Yuan did not need them to see him as the owner of Sky Creation.

What Lin Yuan needed was to obtain the resources he required from the various factions of Sacred Forest City.

After his interaction with the Su family, Lin Yuan knew that as long as he could meet the requests made by the veteran elite families, they might even use the plants with the Sacred Wood bloodline as part of their trade.

Now that Lin Yuan understood this, he became greedy.

In a place without Class 5 Creation Master resources, any of the veteran elite families would see Class 5 Creation Masters as a force that could turn the tables.

If they could control the changing of tables, Sacred Forest City, or even the Divine Wood Federation, or perhaps the entire Startling Lines Continent, could be seen as kings with great talent and bold vision.

After Lin Yuan entered the Spirit Lock spatial zone, he immediately sent the remaining 23 orders through Klein Hub to the marsh world so that Genius and the army of Hundred Questions Beasts could carry them out.

The two orders he kept were the one about the Peaceful Calm Air Moss and the other about the Hundred Flower Honey Mouse.

Frankly, Lin Yuan could let Genius handle the order for the Hundred Flower Honey Mouse.

Lin Yuan did not have to be worried about leaving the Silver Stamen Gold Luster Cassia nectar with Genius.

But he was curious about what pollen the Hundred Flower Honey Mouse had absorbed to cause its bloodline to mutate and its body to bloat to such a degree when it was not in the presence of pure spirit qi. He was also curious about what the Hundred Flower Honey Mouse would look like once its bloodline transformed.

After absorbing the pollen, the Hundred Flower Honey Mouse would first store it in the sac in its abdomen.

By now, the Hundred Flower Honey Mouse would have absorbed all of the pollen.

However, Lin Yuan had his own method.

Lin Yuan took out the Silver Extraction Crystal Mosquito from a Diamond fey storage box.

He did not know if the Extraction Crystal Mosquito existed in the Divine Wood Federation, but it was a good helper to Creations Masters in the Radiance Federation.

The Extraction Crystal Mosquito could suck out blood from a fey and store it in its abdomen. It would then digest part of the blood before excreting its other constituents.

Through the Extraction Crystal Mosquito, Lin Yuan could obtain some of the pollen from the Hundred Flower Honey Mouse’s body.

The Extraction Crystal Mosquito was a fey that was constantly hungry.

Normally, the Extraction Crystal Mosquito could only eat once every two days when Creation Masters were using it.

But ever since this Extraction Crystal Mosquito fell into Lin Yuan’s hands, it was never fed a drop of blood and depended on pure spirit qi to keep it alive.

Now that it had the opportunity to absorb blood, the Extraction Crystal Mosquito immediately used its proboscis to pierce the Hundred Flower Honey Mouse’s soft abdomen and greedily started sucking.

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