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Chapter 7  Debt Collection

Hardly had Ye Qingcheng’s voice faded away, she heard a “swoosh”, a BMW rushed out like a rocket. Bang! Unprepared Ye Qingcheng bumped into the back seat, dizzy.

About nine minutes or so, they reached the destination. The first thing Ye Qingcheng did after getting off the car was to look for a trash can, vomitting up crazily.

Chu Jiang ran to Ye Qingcheng happily, help her pound her back. At the same time, he saw a lot of scenery from this angle. Tut. Chu Jiang felt a hot flow run straight to the muzzle.

Absolutely unique, almost impeccable, not chasing after such a girl will suffer the wrath of heaven.

Ye Qingcheng was about to step into Blues Hotel quickly.

“Darling wife, wait a minute.” Chu Jiang came over happily again, “A friendly reminder. Your hairstyle is messy, and… The bra is also a bit crooked. Don’t walk so fast, do you want me to help you put it in order…”

In the luxurious box.

“Zhang Shaoming, why is it you?” Pushing the door open and tiptoeing in, Ye Qingcheng immediately recognized the man on a sofa.

The man, at the age of more than 20, thin and handsome, had concealed madness in his eyes.

Like Lu Feng, Zhang Shaoming, also one of the four young masters in Haishi City, is the eldest son of the president of the giant Succubus Group in Haishi, and also the pursuer of Ye Qincheng.

However, Ye Qingcheng’s impression of him is even worse, I heard that his hobby is playing with women, especially student sisters. He will dumpt them after playing. Not long ago, there was a girl who was pregnant and was dumped to suicide.

“I came here on behalf of my father.” Zhang Shaoming looked at Ye Qingcheng and swallowed a mouthful of water, smiling.

“Well, since you are here on behalf of your father, then when will you return the ten million payments to Qingcheng Group?” Ye Qingcheng sat up straighter, revealing the fierce aura, and asked coldly.

Last year, Qingcheng Group and Succubus Group had a cooperation. After the cooperation, Succubus Group owned Qiancheng Group a final payment of 10 million, which is still not returned yet.

Ye Qingcheng endured it again and again. Just now she received a phone call from Zhang Lin, the boss of  Succubus Group, saying that if she arrived at the box 666 of Blues Hotel within 15 minutes, he would returned her the final payment of 10 million, so she urgently asked Chu Jiang to arrive at the hotel in 10 minutes.

“Just 10 million, no problem. Let’s drink and talk about life first.” Zhang Shaoming laughed.

“Zhang Shaoming, if you play tricks, don’t blame me for having a falling out with you.” Ye Qingcheng was hesitant and said coldly.

Now Chu Jiang was sitting outside the box. He quietly opened his X-Ray vision eyes and saw everything in the box clearly. When Ye Qingcheng lifted her glass, Chu Jiang quickly passed by the four bodyguards at the door and walked in with laughter.

“I am thirsty to death, ha, there is red wine. Delicious. Don’t you mind letting me drink a mouthful?” Chu Jiang grabbed the glass in Ye Qingcheng’s hand and drank it down. Then he took the whole bottle and poured it into his mouth.

Zhang Shaoming and Ye Qingcheng were startled, and the four security guards following him, without Zhang Shaoming’s order, dared not act rashly.

Before they reacted, a bottle of red wine had already entered the stomach of Chu Jiang.

“Where the hell did you come from?” Zhang Shaoming was crazy. A bottle of red wine worthy of one hundred thousand dollars is over. Force your mother! I will teach him a lesson later.

“I, I am President Ye’s driver.” Chu Jiang said, looking dignified and strong.

Zhang Shaoming was completely mad and angry, “Just a fucking driver dared to drink the red wine worthy of one hundred thousand dollars.”

“What’s wrong with a driver? A cook who doesn’t want to be a general is not a good driver!” Chu Jiang turned back and glanced at Zhang Shaoming, saying angrily.

“President Zhang, just a bottle of red wine, I’ll pay you anyway.” Hearing Zhang Shaoming swearing, Ye Qingcheng became even colder.

Although she was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh because of Chu Jiang, she felt a sigh of relief in her heart inwardly. She did not want to be alone with Zhang Shaoming, especially drinking together. Now Chu Jiang came in, and she was somewhat confident.

“Qingcheng, if you do it like this, we’ll talk about it next time.” Zhang Shaoming pretended to be filled with righteousness and indignation. All the red wine containing drug was drunk by Chu Jiang. It was not interesting to talk about it any more.

“Do your Succubus Group still want to be in arrears?” Ye Qingcheng frowned her beautiful eyebrows.

“Qingcheng, it’s not us want to delay, but a few KTVs you helped us decorate is not good in business, it is thus clear that your decoration style is a bit of a problem.” Zhang Shaoming was far-fetched to say.

Hearing this, Chu Jiang fully understood, this is simply unnecessary reason, a woman matchmaker is responsible for introducing objects, is she still responsible for giving birth to sons?

“The decoration styles are provided by your Succubus Group, and your bad business has nothing to do with us.” Ye Qingcheng was a bit speechless. It… It’s also a reason.

“Anyway, my dad said, after those KTV make money, we will give you the ten million payment.” Zhang Shaoming played tricks.

After a pause, Zhang Shaoming said, “Of course, if you often come to drink with me, everything can be settled through discussion.”

“You?” Ye Qingcheng was completely speechless, as if she was a scholar who met soldiers, unable to speak clearly.

“President Ye, let’s go. You cann’t explain it clearly and make other people like him understand. Chu Jiang took Ye Qingcheng’s hand and walked out.

When they got to the garage, Chu Jiang apologized and smiled. “Darling wife, I have to go to the bathroom, wait for me.”

Ignoring the angry eyes of Ye QIngcheng, Chu Jiang turned and walked away.


Chu Jiang kicked the door open and returned to the box just now.

“You dare come back, I am thinking about to give you a lesson!” Zhang Shaoming was very angry as soon as he saw Chu Jiang coming in,as the rare opportunity was destroyed by him.

“10 million, now transfer it to Qingcheng Group, otherwise you will regret it.” Chu Jiang’s face was even colder, and he didn’t say much nonsense. After all, he told Ye Qingcheng that he went to the bathroom.

“Disable this guy!” Zhang Shaoming was so angry that he hurried to give the word.

Four tall and bulky bodyguards immediately surrounded Chu Jiang.

Chu Jiang picked up the red wine bottle on the table without extra trouble.


The bodyguard who rushed to the front was smashed by Chu Jiang. He immediately bled in the head. The shot was so fatst that the crowd was stunned.

Next came boom, boom, boom.

The other three bodyguards lay on the ground, no matter how to struggle, they could not get up again.

Zhang Shaoming was thoroughly confused, these bodyguards are hired with a large sum of money by him, everyone is a master worth ten, how in the moment he blinked, four people are lying on the ground?

Chu Jiang knocked down four bodyguards and went to Zhang Shaoming. Without saying a word, he gave Zhang Shaoming a slap,which made Zhang spin in situ and his face immediately swell up.


“You what? You unexpectedly put in poison in the red wine. I’ll disable you next time!”

After that, Chu Jiang gave him another slap.

Zhang Shaoming’s face was swollen on both sides, but this time he dared not say anything more. He knew that he met a fierce man, all the four bodyguards fell down, how could he be fierce to others?

Chu Jiang’s eyes were cold and dark, which made Zhang Shaoming shiver.

“Transfer the money, now!”

“Ok. Ok.”

After that, Chu Jiang really entered the bathroom to wash his hands, and then went back to the garage gladly.

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