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Chapter 676: Pets? Are they needed?

This time, Feng Luo’s words caused a huge uproar.

After listening to Paco’s words and knowing Feng Luo’s identity, most of the September Guild players’ faces were showing some fear.

This was very natural because there were a lot of players from the North City and the rebel camp expressing their views on the forum.

Those views indicated that the “Feng Zhi Luoye,” who they met on the mission, had an incredible and intimidating attack that was powerful. His attack would even cause people with full rare equipment to be unable to get one shot at him.

Furthermore, on screen, Feng Luo held the suspected “Legendary” sniper gun in his hands, which was obviously leaned forward at an angle toward his enemies. The gunners and the manipulators, who were more vulnerable, definitely felt like the gun’s muzzle was an eye that was staring right at them.

At the same time, many also recalled the words Feng Luo said to them just before.

It seemed like he was not completely bragging. This Sniper really had the capability to kill people instantly.

However, although he should be feared a little, there were so many players in the September Guild.

Over hundreds of players gathered together, so he must be really daring.

After all, one person’s strength is limited. Whether a top player is strong or not, they could still be defeated by a large group of players.

Additionally, some players felt that although Feng Luo was not completely bullsh*tting, he definitely had some elements of bluffing in his statements.

According to the forum, this Feng Zhi Luoye was able to easily and instantly kill the vulnerable classes of players, but was he able to kill the warrior players instantly?

They thought that no matter how strong a Sniper is, he had no means of killing these elite Heavy Armor Warriors.

Initially, they thought that the statement Feng Luo made was already quite insane. However, they did not anticipate that the previous statement would be even more insane than the first one.

“I’m not hearing wrong, am I? Ten people a minute, a hundred in ten minutes, including Paco?”

“Is he declaring that he is able to win against a hundred by himself? Does he understand this concept?! Does he even understand the words that are coming out of his mouth?”

The September Guild players spoke sarcastically, with their faces switching from fear to mockery.

Although, the possibility that a Sniper could instantly kill anyone was intimidating because then the Sniper could kill off the crucial players from a team!

However, in a situation where one Sniper went up against a hundred players, it would be impossible for the Sniper to survive.

The September Guild was not without top Snipers. However, even Invikill, as the “first” to awaken the Force, did not dare to utter the type of words that Feng Luo had.

Amongst the September Guild, it was heard that Invikill was only able to defeat up to ten September Guild players under the conditions of Arena PK due to his ability of Invisibility.

Even though Invikill’s Invisibility ability was strong and useful, its consumption of the Force was extremely massive, so he could not stay invisible long enough to attack.

Furthermore, due to the low health points a Sniper has, he would be doomed once he was discovered. It was almost impossible to escape from the Light Armor Warriors, who would move closer toward their target so they would have the advantage of close-range combat.

Of course, there was an absolute difference between that kind of legal PK and a massive team fight. No matter how strong the Sniper is, he can only instant kill ten-plus people in a team fight, right?

As long as the Scouts discover the Sniper’s location, it would not matter if the Sniper had awakened the Force or could instantly kill people. Once a few warriors charge forward, it would only be a matter of seconds before this “hot” player was killed.

“I think it’s the sudden fame size from the projection that expanded the bravery in his heart!”

“Hey, he’s got luck this time! Sure, he was victorious over Invikill, but does he really think that he is the best sniper in War?”

Amongst the September Guild players, there was a burst of cynicism.

“However, what did he mean by that previous statement?”

Of course, there were some players who noticed the previous statement that Feng Luo had said.

“‘A group of people who only knew how to ambush a small group were now too afraid to leave the SUV.’ Does that mean that this flipped SUV still has players inside? Now, are those players too scared to reveal themselves?”

“Yeah, didn’t the news before state that the September Guild players had ambushed the Nightless City Club? However, looking at it from this position, it appears that the September Guild players were forced to run away, which resulted in their SUV crashing…”

“Killing ten-plus people within a minute. Does he mean that he was chasing the September Guild players who ambushed him from before? As a result, he killed more than ten of them, which is why the remaining players have not dared to leave the flipped SUV?”

The non-September Guild players speculated over what happened and talked with one another about what they think transpired.

Of course, in this case, many people began to look toward the flipped SUV.

They saw a Heavy Armor Warrior with a pale green face sitting outside of the SUV, but they were unable to see if there was anyone inside the vehicle.

“Oh. In the end, you are more of a high-profile player than I thought you would be. However, with the strength of your pet, it would probably be possible for you to triumph over a few dozen people…”

In contrast, Paco, who was staring at Feng Luo, had a surprising reaction as his face revealed a “smile” yet again.

Also, the words he said made the September Guild players fall silent.

Paco’s words made them wake up a little.

The words of Feng Luo were indeed insane. However, their mockery was lacking a point.

Current players do not just fight alone. They also have pets.

Other people’s pets were just mediocre, but the pet of Feng Zhi Luoye was frightening.

Anyone who has seen the video on the forums would know that his pet, 24K, was not comparable to an average pet.

24K was able to summon wild monsters to aid Feng Luo during combat, including elite-level monsters with strong combat strength. After some analysis, some players thought that 24K was definitely a Boss Grade pet.

With the protection from his pet, the idea of sending some Light Armor Warriors to cut away at him was not feasible anymore. Furthermore, with the insanely fast attack of Feng Zhi Luoye, he would be able to constantly instant kill vulnerable classes on the battlefield.

Although he might not really be able to challenge a hundred of these September Guild players, it would not be impossible for him to kill a few dozen players during the fight.

“Yeah, I actually forgot your pet!”

“Feng Zhi Luoye’s pet, based on the forum video, looked very powerful. It can directly summon a bunch of elite monsters. In this case, even if the September Guild players discover his location, it will be challenging to kill him. The September Guild is really in huge trouble!”

“Not really. His pet is awesome, but don’t forget that the September Guild players also have pets. Can his pet also fight a hundred enemies on its own?”

“Moreover, he certainly can not kill defensive pets that have a high HP with serious damage within seconds if he is busy fighting players.”

There were some players who shook their heads, indicating that they thought of an issue.

“His pet is obviously the summoner type. So, the wild monsters it summons will remain loyal to him. They will help him in his fight.”

“Each average player’s pet is different. In this kind of battle, the pet mortality rate is very high. Furthermore, even if a pet has a high HP, Feng Luo would just need to instantly kill the player who is the owner of the pet.”

“Also, don’t forget, he is not the only person in this fight. There are a lot of people from the Nightless City Club here to back him up. So, the players from the September Guild are definitely not at an advantage!”

The spectating players analyzed the situation and argued over what would happen during the battle.

However, what Feng Luo said after, got everyone’s attention again.

“Pets, are they necessary?”

Considering what Paco said, which seemed to be a compliment with an underlying meaning, Feng Luo’s answer was once again a cold and “frivolous” statement.

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