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519 Eightieth Birthday!

If it does not cause any damage to the seed shop… That means that there will only be benefits for them.

He naturally did not say anything.

However, after picking two more tomatoes, he still said, “When the time comes, you have to be careful.”

From the way she was acting, it was obvious that she had no intention of bringing him along.

Jiang Yue nodded in agreement. She was planning to go alone. She wanted the process to be quick.

After lunch, Jiang Yue found a strong tree branch. In her world, iron claws were the best material. There were no better materials that could top it. She could use them to climb walls. However, she didn’t have iron claws. It would take a few days to find a blacksmith to make a pair. Fortunately, she was so small and light, so a strong tree branch could completely bear her weight.

After cutting down the tree branch, Jiang Yue tied a rope on it so that she could swing it up the house or the wall. She had passed by the shop that sold seeds in the town before, but there was nothing around it that she could use to climb over the wall. She was not tall enough to climb over the wall with her hands either.

After tying the rope, Jiang Yue threw everything into her space. She would only take them out when she needed them.

Xue Yan squatted by the side and watched the whole process.

Just as Jiang Yue was preparing all these, Butler Zhao from the Yan family’s residence came to the stall again in town and requested to send ice to the Yan family’s residence at night.

It was getting too hot to be able to sleep comfortably at night now.

Xue Sifu smiled and said, “Butler Zhao, it’s not that we don’t want to send you off, but we’re really too busy to be taking in new orders. You can’t expect us to make ice twenty-four seven without rest, right? You can go and ask around to see if we’re fair about this. Our family only makes ice until the evening, and we don’t make ice at night. We don’t even know how many people we have refused already. There are so many people here that want to buy ice, but the process of making ice is difficult. We can only make that much in a day. Otherwise, my family will all collapse from exhaustion. The hot day hasn’t passed yet. If we collapse from exhaustion, no one will make the ice. I’m really sorry, but we won’t be able to accept this order.”

Butler Zhao wasn’t an unreasonable person. What Xue Sifu said made sense, he also nodded. “But today is the eightieth birthday of our old master, can’t you make an exception? He hasn’t had a good night’s sleep due to the heat for a few days. He only barely gets a good night’s sleep during the day when there’s ice.”

His old master was even weaker than him and was especially afraid of heat.

As for all the ice he bought during the day, it had almost melted by the evening, so there was no ice to use at night.

Usually, he didn’t come to ask for ice at night because he had heard that the stall doesn’t sell ice at night. He also knew that many people in the county couldn’t buy ice without having a booking first. However, today was his master’s eightieth birthday.

“I wish him good fortune and longevity. However, Butler Zhao, I really can’t expend any more energy. I sincerely apologize.” Xue Sifu said apologetically.

“A hundred silver!” Butler Zhao immediately said. “I’ll give you a hundred pieces of silver if you send the ice before nine in the evening!”

“I’m really sorry, Butler Zhao.” Xue Sifu still didn’t take the offer. He knew that it was a large sum, but his family had been busy making ice every day, and he knew how exhausting it was for them to keep going.

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