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324 Where Are You?

“I’m here to visit my daughter and son-in-law’s house,” said Grandma Liu with a smile.

“Oh, I see…”

After that, no one asked anything else. It was evident that they looked down on this old lady.

However, when Grandma Liu walked over, someone immediately whispered, “She chased her daughter out of her house. No one in the entire village has ever done that. The nerve of this lady to come back.”

“What’s there to be embarrassed about?” A stranger snorted. “She didn’t give a single piece of dowry to Guixia. Even if she gave her a basin or a bowl, it would be better than not giving her anything. We all knew she sold Guixia off. She’s outrageous for coming here.”

“You’re right.” Some people agreed.

“This is sudden. It must be because Guixia’s family started earning more money. Didn’t Guixia’s brother also come last time, I heard that Guixia didn’t even bother with him. Is that why her mother is here this time?”

“Do I need to say more? That’s for sure!”

Grandma Liu didn’t hear what the others were saying about her. She just walked over and went straight to her daughter’s house.

Seeing that the door to her daughter’s yard was not closed, she walked in and shouted, “Guixia? Guixia! Where the h*ll are you?! Come out!”

Even the king of the mountain did not feel as oppressive as her.

Yu Hongyan, who was standing in the garden, was immediately displeased. “Are you blind? Can’t you see her washing the dishes here?”

“And who the h*ll are you?” Grandma Liu immediately straightened her back, looking as if she was about to pick a fight. She looked at Yu Hongyan’s bulging stomach and immediately recognized her. “You must be Erfu’s wife… He was right!”

“It seems that you’re really well-educated. As you know, your family clearly doesn’t lack anything, but you didn’t give my mother a single dowry. Later on, you even chased my mother away and didn’t let her return to her own home. You must be an excellent genius to do such a thing.” Yu Hongyan’s mouth was sharp.

Grandma Liu was so angry that her face turned red. “You little brat, this is my daughter’s and son-in-law’s house. You have no right to speak over me!”

“This is also my home.” Yu Hongyan was not afraid of her at all.

Li Hehua heard the scuffle and came back from the pig pen. She knew Grandma Liu was there, but when she saw her, she didn’t greet her and just walked to Liu Guixia’s side.

Liu Guixia was almost done washing the dishes. She only had the large pot lids left. She didn’t care that Yu Hongyan was insulting her mother.

If her mother had been good to her in the past, she would have immediately mellowed the situation down. However, she had not been good to her in the past. Moreover, she had already gotten over the ill-treatment and wanted nothing to do with her mother.

“Liu Guixia, how dare you allow your daughter-in-law to say such things!” The old lady was unable to suppress Yu Hongyan’s arrogance, so she could only act as she always did, subconsciously being rude to her own daughter, Liu Guixia.

Liu Guixia didn’t care if the old lady was angry or not. She just asked her, “Are you still thinking about getting half of the fortune? I can’t make that decision, we’ll have to wait for Dafu and the others to come back and tell you.” She looked at Li Hehua and said, “Hehua, go and call your father and the others to come back.”

“Okay!” Li Hehua immediately agreed to go.

“Didn’t you say you’d split it in half? You’re just spouting nonsense now!” Grandma Liu said anxiously, she was a little flustered that Guixia stood up for herself. Yesterday, Guixia said a lot of things in a moment of passion. After Guixia had calmed down, she knew that no family would be willing to split their fortune once they knew about her past.

She had always thought that she could control her daughter, but she didn’t know if she could control her son-in-law. After all, her son-in-law was an outsider and did not come from her womb.

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