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Chapter 167: All My Fault

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“Ah…” Xue Yifu did not expect to be reprimanded. He was at a loss for words.

Li Hehua immediately became anxious. “Doctor,” she hurriedly said, “My pregnancy has nothing to do with my husband.”

“Is that so? But why is it that you’re so thin, but he’s not thin at all and is quite strong?” Without waiting for anyone to answer, Doctor Shen continued, “I know that your village is poor. Usually, the men who do manual work eat more food. The women who don’t do manual work drink watery food. They save as much as they can. You’ve lost so much weight. You must have been drinking watery food like this for a long time.”

Li Hehua was speechless.

She used to drink diluted water, but ever since Xue Yan suddenly came back from town and said that he would no longer go to school, everyone in the family started to more food.

“You should blame me for this.” Xue Yan forced a smile. “If my family didn’t pay for my education, we wouldn’t have been so poor and saved up.”

“Xue Yan!” Li Hehua and Xue Yifu were getting anxious.

“Doctor, Doctor, it’s my fault, it’s all my fault!” Xue Yifu hurriedly said. “It has nothing to do with Xue Yan! I’m the eldest brother. I’m not capable, that’s why my family was like that before!”

Who knew that Doctor Shen would laugh, “Shen Qing, look at you, you have a good big brother and good sister-in-law.”

Xue Yan nodded with a smile.

Just now, Doctor Shen was not reprimanding them. In fact, he wanted them to understand the situation. It was just that his eldest brother and eldest sister-in-law did not understand.

Doctor Shen continued to smile, “Alright, alright, I’m not trying to blame any of you. I just want you to know the reason,” as he said this, he looked at Xue Yifu and continued, “Let’s not talk about anything else. Your wife was willing to stay with you for three to four years and let all the men in your family eat the food. You can’t forget this sacrifice. No matter how your family lives in the future, you have to be good to your wife.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Xue Yifu quickly nodded, but his eyes could not help but redden. His wife had suffered too much with him and had not had a good day. It was only recently that her days had gotten better.

Li Hehua saw that Xue Yifu’s eyes had turned red, and she could not help but tear up as well.

Jiang Yue felt that the doctor was quite wise.

“Don’t cry, I can’t bear to see tears, or I’ll cry with you.” Doctor Shen said with a fierce face.

Xue Yifu and Li Hehua were immediately amused by his words. They quickly wiped their eyes and replied with a smile, “Okay!”

Only then did Doctor Shen say, “Hehua, there’s actually nothing wrong with you. You’re just too thin. Go back and eat more delicious food to nourish your body. Originally, I wanted to give you some tonic medicine to eat, but medicine might also be poisonous. If you can avoid taking medicine, it’s better not to take medicine. It’s better to eat well. Eat better every day, you can’t become fat with one bite. Take it slow, don’t worry, and don’t overstress yourself. When your body is better, you’ll naturally be pregnant.”

“Really, doctor? Just like that, I can …” Li Hehua couldn’t help but be overjoyed. She also couldn’t believe it.

Xue Yifu couldn’t believe it either.

“I’m a doctor. You have to believe me,” Doctor Shen said patiently. “If you don’t believe me, why did you come to me to take a look? In this world, there are many diseases that I can’t cure, but I’ve seen many of yours. You can rest assured. You’re just too thin. If you do as I say, you’ll get pregnant sooner or later. If you can’t get pregnant, I’ll give my Yuxuan to you. I only have one son, Yuxuan. Is that okay?”

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