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"Gray, levy, are any of you low on health?" Rukia said while feeling sad because she was worried about them.

Gray and levy telling Rukia they're fine, Kastu asks Gray and Levy where Luke is. The others searching their whole hotel room, they realise that the kidnappers took Luke, but why? Gray feeling responsible for not looking after Luke, he tries to dash out of the hotel to bring him back, until Kastu came and grabbed his shirt and pulled him back. Gray asking Katsu why he did that. Kastu said "Comparing our level to there level, we're no match against them. And if they're more of them that high level, it's more like a death wish then an actual fight, am I right?" Gray understanding the situation, he didn't want to make the same mistake he made before and nearly got himself killed. Thinking of a solution, Gray remembered that he added that one high-level player from the boss battle fight. And if her other friends are that high levelled, they might stand a chance.

Gray messaging Kale for help, she responded and told Gray that she will meet them tomorrow with her friends. Gray feeling more confident about their odds, a bunch of players came in seeing all the ashes flying up in the sky. The players looking at Gray and Kastu since their names are red, they blamed them for the player's death. Levy and Rukia trying their best to explain to the players that it isn't their fault for the bloodlust. They were too caught up with hate that even if he didn't kill them, he still killed a player. Kastu grabbing both of the girl's hands, he pulled them away from the crowd so that they can make their escape.

Standing on top of a building, there were too many players around for them to look for somewhere safe to stay at. Having no choice to sleep on the hard rocks on top of a building for safety purpose, they called it a night.

Waking up, they look for Kale and the others, so that they can meet up. Seeing kale, they rushed over to her. Adding it in total, Gray, Levy, Rukia and Kastu with kale and the rest, they had in total 8 players. The whole group of Kale friends was girls because she went to a girl's school only.

Kale telling Gray about her best friend from school "Asuna". She was an archer class levelled 23 without having to kill any players to get that level so quickly. She also introduced "Nami" that was a knight class level 24. Kale telling Gray about "Shiro" who was the second highest level that was 26. And finally, kale who was the highest level at level 26! Kastu looking surprised, he wondered why she didn't decide to end the boss by herself?

Kastu thinking they might stand a chance, they were all confidence until Kastu told them the name of the clan they were willing to start a war on to Kale. Saying their name was "Shadow Region." Kale telling Gray and the others that when spawn was allowing other players to kill others. They were the main people to slaughter almost every player at spawn. Hearing that the leader of the group was level "34"! He was one of the highest level players in the whole game. Earning the nickname "Manslaughter". He is not only one of the scariest players in the game, but the most hated person ever known.

The crowd from yesterday, appearing again. Their eyes targetted at Gray and Kastu, they were ready to kill, until they saw Kale and the others decided to put their weapons down. Gray and the others looking surprised, Kale told Gray and the others that they're the owner of this home base named"Sheffield town". Kale telling the 20 players around them about who killed all those players and ask them for their help. Out of 20 players, only 1 was brave to step up. The one player that was a male, who covered his face, he said his name was "Ichigo" that was level 30! The player named "Ichigo" his power rivalled the leader of the Shadow Region. After they have that high level of a player, do you think they stand a chance of winning?

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