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Chapter 11: Worthy!
“When I went to the club before, it wasn’t said that I couldn’t taste for free. Even so, How can rice be so expensive? Our school restaurant has rice and it’s only for 800 Yen. Wouldn’t it be better to go there?”

“Is that even possible? I have eaten in many different restaurants and the price wasn’t that high. And that Mu Fan, we didn’t hear about him before. What about him, can he make better food than the restaurant outside?”

“Hey, I think that Mu Fan came here to hit on the president of the Club, our goddess Yuuki Asuna. Why don’t we all go and seek justice for our friend Uehara Kōhei? We will see what they can say about this?”

Without knowing who said the word that stirred the anger of many students, most of them are ready to go and seek justice for Uehara Kōhei.

Seeing Everyone’s comment, Uehara Kōhei smiled. When he was in trouble all of those friends would rush in to help him out. Anyway, this proved that the effort of the school press wasn’t in vain.

sHis hand swiftly scribbled on his phone as he wrote: “Don’t worry, he is already making the fried rice for me. If the rice isn’t worth the 2,000 Yen, I will tell everyone to come here!”

“Well then, we will wait for Uehara’s call! Tell us after eating.”

After seeing Uehara’s reply, the group was refreshed which also made Uehara relieved.

As he was done writing, the smell of the fried rice suddenly filled the place. Uehara was fortunate enough to stop his actions and looked up in surprise. Mu Fan was already carrying a plate of Fried Rice and a bowl of soup. He placed them on the table and said.

“Eat it while it’s hot as it loses some of its taste when it cools down. Also, this is the free soup from our club.” Mu Fan pointed at the Fried Rice on the table indicating to Uehara that he should it.

After smelling the scent of the Golden Fried Rice, Uehara Kōhei couldn’t help but swallow. From the scent, you could tell that this dish was really delish.

Uehara Kōhei Picked a spoon and made his first spoonful of Rice. After some observation, he found out that every Rice grain was larger than normal with a soft layer on top of it. The Rice was gold in color as if every grain was a small sun due to the egg yolk.

“This is?”

Uehara Kōhei looked in shock at the spoon full of Rice. It would take few years for the chef to be able to make rice this good. It’s more than just times better than the school’s restaurant. it looks like the Rice is really worth 2,000 Yen.

Unintentionally, Uehara Kōhei dismissed his dissatisfaction over Mu Fan with this simple fried Rice.

Full of curiosity, Uehara Kōhei Brought a spoonful of fried rice to his mouth. As soon as the Rice entered his mouth, his gaze turned strange.

How can there be such a delicious Fried Rice in the world? Did I ever eat fried Rice before?

Uehara Kōhei clearly felt the soft yolk taste with the fragrance of the Rice spreading into his mouth. The perfect fusion of the two flavors struck his taste buds, again and again, making him want to eat more and more.

At this moment, he felt that there was nothing else in the world other than this fried Rice, he didn’t stop his spoon as he ate one after the other. While eating he said it delicious over and over again.

Asuna was surprised by Uehara’s behavior who was eating like he didn’t eat for all eternity. She never had to cook for herself when she was home. She learned how to cook because she was interested in it. That’s why she opened the club. Just after witnessing Mu Fan making the Fried Rice, she couldn’t help but think that her skills were far below his.

After thinking about this, Asuna was a little excited, maybe she could bring this club to life and make it popular.

Seeing the surprise over the faces of the two of them, Mu Fan was calm. This Golden Fried Rice was way better than the last one. In this dish, he got 70 points. In fact, as long as he has a hundred customer, he would get even better.

Not long after that, the bowl was emptied by Uehara Kōhei. He took the last spoonful and put it in his mouth. Then he licked his lips and reached for the soup. After drinking it all, he turned to look at Mu Fan with his eyes full of shock as he said: “This… Was this really made by you?”

Mu Fan said with a faint smile: “Weren’t you taking pictures?”

“It was because I wasn’t familiar with you!” Seeing that his sneak shot was exposed by Mu Fan. Uehara laughed twice and said: “Mu Fan-San, Please allow me to withdraw my previous words. If you want to sell this Fried Rice, not mentioning 2,000, Even 3,000 Yen is worth it. It’s the first time for me to eat such a Delicious Fried Rice ever. The Fried Rice in other restaurant was delicious, but it’s too greasy and the fragrance of the Rice was too strong. This is called Golden Fried Rice right?”

“En.” Mu fan nodded.

“It really fits its name.” Uehara Kōhei thought a little and then stood up, took 2,000 Yen from his pocket and gave Mu Fan a glimpse then he looked at the empty plate and couldn’t help but ask: “Mu Fan, are you here tomorrow at noon?”

“Every day.” After receiving 2,000 Yen, Mu Fan was delighted, because just as he took them, the system sounded in his head indicating the progress of the task. Now it showed 1% which means one customer and 2,000 Yen.

“Okay, I will come again tomorrow.”

Uehara Kōhei chuckled and reattached the camera on his neck and turned around and left.

However, When Uehara Kōhei left the club room, The incident didn’t stop as the group of angry students were about to rush there because Uehara didn’t say anything for a long time. The topic of the highly priced Fried Rice was spreading like fire.

As soon as Everyone was ready to rush in, Uehara Kōhei suddenly left a bizarre comment.

“I have never tasted Fried Rice as delicious as this ever since I was a child. It really deserves the name ‘Golden Fried Rice’!”


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