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Chapter 75.1

The next day, Lu Qingjiu boiled another pot of chicken soup and got Yin Xun to watch over it in order to prevent the same accident from occurring again . This way, he needn’t worry that the soup would dry up .

The eyeballs planted in the backyard had sprouted seedlings in just one night . They looked no different from ordinary plants . He guessed that the eyeball-shaped fruits will only grow when they bear fruit .  

Lu Qingjiu got up in the morning, cleaned the yard first as usual, and then went to make lunch .

Recently, his online business was flourishing and gaining fame . The 100 bottles of hair tonic was in short supply . Of course, many people suspect that this was a marketing tactic but the effect of the hair growth water was undeniable . The head that resembled the Mediterranean sea the day before grew hair overnight . It was impossible to not believe .



Lu Qingjiu didn’t dare to use his own messenger app anymore . As soon as he logged in, a bunch of messages would jam his computer . Some businessmen contacted him about the production of the hair growth water but each and everyone of them were rejected .

The end of the month was almost time for him to prepare the hair growth water once more . Lu Qingjiu drove to the market and planned to buy more glass bottles and wrappers . At the same time, he would buy some heatier fruits .  

Lu Qingjiu drove past the town and suddenly had the urge to buy a few baskets of xiaolongbao for the two people back home . However, he saw Hu Shu and Pang Zi Qi sitting at the entrance with a bitter face, seemingly in deep discussion .


Lu Qingjiu also didn’t probe . He simply waved to them and bought 200 dollars worth of xiaolongbao . Unexpectedly, their eyes lit up once they saw him . Hu Shu looked as if he was afraid Lu Qingjiu would run off and quickly grabbed his hand . “Old Lu, Brother Lu, where are you going?”

Lu Qingjiu saw their expressions and knew things weren’t as simple as it seemed . “I’m going home . What’s wrong?”

“Hehe, hehe . ” Hu Shu fake laughed . “Don’t be in a rush to go back . Come, your xiaolongbao still needs some time . Come sit down, I’ll treat you to a bowl of porridge . ”


Lu Qingjiu wanted to refuse but Hu Shu forcefully pressed him down onto his seat .

Long Zi Qi poured him a cup of hot soybean and even cut up a piece of fried youtiao in . “Brother Lu, eat up!”

Lu Qingjiu, “… aren’t you older than me? Why are you calling in this manner?”

Long Zi Qi, “What about Teacher Lu?” 

Lu Qingjiu, “… Just call me brother Lu . ”

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“Brother Lu, I want to ask if you know any ghosts that resemble a bee?” After experiencing numerous events, Hu Shu had already viewed Lu Qingjiu as a reclusive expert in Shuifu village . When he saw Lu Qingjiu, it was as if he’d seen his saviour .

“What did you meet this time? Ah, that’s not right . Hu Shu, aren’t you an ordinary policeman? Why are you investigating these paranormal events?” Lu Qingjiu looked oddly at Hu Shu, feeling that he was getting further away from a normal person’s way of life .  

Hu Shu’s face turned bitter when he heard this . “I also wish . But after the incident with Long Zi Qi previously, I was transferred to this department . ” In the end, just a few months after his transfer, he met all these strange things that completely toppled his three world views . He even wanted to resign .

Long Zi Qi scolded from the side, “Hu Shu, cut the crap . This wasn’t your attitude when you were seducing the fox spirit . ”

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Hu Shu laughed in ridicule .

Once he heard the word ‘fox spirit’, Lu Qingjiu grew interested . Although he knew that the one back home wasn’t a fox spirit, he hadn’t completely shed all pretence . At least on the surface, he still continued to maintain his facade .  

“What is it? Let me hear about it first . ” Lu Qingjiu said, “If it’s bees, I do know a little…” He thought about the Qin Yuan that Bai Yuehu had forced into honey slavery, and despite their high degree of resemblance, the honey they made was pretty tasty .

“Do you know about the famous prestigious kindergarten in the city?” Hu Shu asked . “The best one, Hua Yuan kindergarten . ”


Lu Qingjiu replied, “I’ve heard of it . ” Those who attended that kindergarten were all children of aristocrats . Ordinary people with more money but no connections had no way of entering . In their city, kindergarten was also a symbol of status .

“There’s been a bee disaster . ” Long Zi Qi continued, “As long as the children turn up for class, the room would be filled with bees . ” 

Lu Qingjiu’s brows pinched . “Can it be a beehive problem?”

“All possible reasoning have already been considered and we’ve also investigated . ” Hu Shu sighed, “But the most abnormal part of this case isn’t the bees but rather, those places where you usually wouldn’t even glimpse the shadow of a bee would be filled with them once a child comes for class . Within 10 minutes, the bees would swarm in from all directions, as if they were being summoned . ”

This was strange indeed . Lu Qingjiu said, “What if the children go somewhere else?”

“We’ve tried . ” Hu Shu said . “The management selected a different location for the children to attend class but once they arrived, the bees appeared . ” 

Lu Qingjiu, “Such a thing happened?”

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Hu Shu cried bitterly, “That’s right . This matter has been blown out of proportion . Thankfully, we were able to suppress the media but it won’t be long . That’s why the higher ups are very concerned but no matter how much we investigate, we can’t think of anything . So, I wanted to ask you, great immortal Lu . ”

Lu Qingjiu, “…” Earlier on, it was still brother Lu but now, he had become Great Immortal Lu .

Long Zi Qi was still as short-tempered as before . After lighting a cigarette, he commented unkindly that they should have just listened to him and used a fire to set those bees on fire . They would just burn however many bees that came and just wanted to see how long these things could keep up .  

Hu Shu ignored him and looked at Lu Qingjiu, the stars in his dark eyes gave Lu Qingjiu goosebumps .

“I’ll go back and think about it . ” Lu Qingjiu gave them a perfunctory answer . “But I can’t guarantee anything . ”

The fact that Lu Qingjiu didn’t directly refuse them made Hu Shu elated . He quickly nodded and thanked him, saying that he would treat Lu Qingjiu to drinks in a few days .

Lu Qingjiu dismissed him silently, picked up his bags and left .  

Once he arrived home, he steamed the dumplings and brought out the chicken and mushroom soup . After scattering the lush green spring onions, the chicken soup was extremely fragrant . The chicken was raised in a free-ranged farm and the mushrooms grew in the wild, so he didn’t need to add any flavouring to make them appear fresher . It was fragrant enough to cause one to swallow their tongue . Although the chicken was used to make soup, its meat wasn’t dry but instead, even more tender . When eating, the meat would practically fall off the bones .

The three people ate their chicken soup and xiaolongbao . Lu Qingjiu told Bai Yuehu about Hu Shu’s matter and asked what he thought about it .

After finishing his meal, Bai Yuehu suddenly asked a strange question . “Do we have enough honey to eat?”

“It’s alright, it’s quite enough . But if I send some to Zhu Miao Miao, it will be a little less . ” Lu Qingjiu said, “What’s wrong?” Zhu Miao Miao’s side consumed large quantities of honey . She said that the honey from here was different from ordinary ones she ate because they had detoxification and nourishing abilities . She would even experiment with honey face masks and the next day, her skin would become soft and smooth, just like a freshly peeled egg .  

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After learning that Lu Qingjiu’s honey had such an effect, Zhu Miao Miao couldn’t let him off and furiously begged Lu Qingjiu to leave some for her beauty needs .

Zhu Miao Miao had helped them a great deal and frequently sent snacks and fruits over . Bai Yuehu had no objections to giving her some honey but this meant that they had less honey to eat . After all, they only had one beehive . Qin Yuan had a strict work schedule, he was more punctual than Lu Qingjiu when getting off work and there was no way of overtime .


“Ask them when they are opening the kindergarten . I’ll go take a look when it’s opened . ” Bai Yuehu said, “And catch some bees back . ”

Lu Qingjiu replied, “Okay . But why did these bees all congregate in the first place?” 

Bai Yuehu, “We’ll find out when we get there . ”

After finishing the xiaolongbao, Lu Qingjiu gave Hu Shu a call and asked him about the opening of the kindergarten . Hu Shu told him that the management had said next monday . But whether or not the students showed up was another problem since there were no parents who would want their child to be stung by bees .

Lu Qingjiu replied that they’d see when the time came .

Hu Shu hurriedly thanked him and expressed that Lu Qingjiu can come to him if he ever needed help .  

There were still a few days before the weekends arrived . Lu Qingjiu wasn’t in a hurry since there were too many things to do . So, now that the weather was good, he took out all the winter jackets and washed them . Noticing that Yin Xun and Bai Yuehu didn’t have many, he dragged the two to the market to buy a few sets .

Afterwards, he took Bai Yuehu to a barber to cut his hair into a trendy style . Once he was done, it attracted many people’s gaze . Not only did women secretly steal glances, there were even some men whose head turned .

Yin Xun didn’t need to waste any money . Ever since he became a mountain god, his hair and nails stopped growing . Even if he cut it short, it would return to its original appearance in a few days . So, there was no need for him to take care of it at all . Everyday, it was the same hairstyle .

Lu Qingjiu brought them to a famous honey cake shop . But after trying the cake, Yin Xun and Bai Yuehu both said that it wasn’t as tasty as the one Lu Qingjiu made . Lu Qingjiu could only laugh and say that it was because the honey, milk, and cake were made from the best ingredients .  

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