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Published at 29th of July 2020 09:33:07 PM
Chapter 11.1

Editor: Morin

I was thrilled .

I had a feeling of unprecedented nervousness .

The first time I woke up here, the first time I met the Duke… no, come to think of it, when I came here I’ve never been nervous . Maybe I was just freaked out .

Well, it’s partly because my original personality is optimistic, and doesn’t care about the details .

But as expected, I’m a bit nervous now too .

I just got back to the capital late last night, but I woke up myself before the servants had a chance to . Even the maidservants went to great lengths to get ready for me .

(I’m meeting His Royal Highness for the first time! (We’ve never met . )

Today, instead of a morning greeting, I will be greeting His Majesty the King on his return . His Royal Highness the Crown Prince will be present there .

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Since I don’t remember anything from before, this will be my first opportunity to meet His Highness .

(I wonder what he’s like…)

I was curious about it . Because, hypothetically speaking, he was my husband .

The truth is that from time to time I’ve been secretly collecting character reviews of the Crown Prince, but I didn’t really understand it .

Because they all say the same thing in different languages .

His Royal Highness the Dauphin is beautiful, intelligent, brave, the Vera .

A genius who has already taken part in the government, and has the perfect talent to be the next king .

It can’t be! I wanted to plunge in . No one is that perfect . You’re definitely catfishing!

(And it’s curious that he has no other mistresses or queens . )

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The king of Dardinia may take four consorts .

From the first queen, to the fourth . This is a remnant of the old days when the four dukes would each take a consort .

In recent years, due to various reasons, it’s not very common for all the four duchesses to be filled .

Nevertheless, His Majesty now has two queens, two concubines, and three mistresses .

These two concubines could have been the second and third queens, judging from the time they entered the kingdom, and their families, respectively .

The size of the palace, the number of servants, and other budgets of the queen and her entourage were completely different . When I asked Lilia how much the difference was, she said it was twice as much by simple calculation . Of course, there’s also the support of the family of origin, so it’s impossible to measure this from the way they live on the surface .

The Dauphin and the princes were allowed to have only one consort, but they had no problem having a mistress . The Dauphin, in particular, could have mistresses be turned into a consort when he became king in due course, or if his family background allowed, she could be made queen . I was too young to be able to perform the duties of a queen…to put it plainly, since I couldn’t spend my nights giving birth to an heir, it was strange that His Royal Highness the Dauphin didn’t have a chosen woman .



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(A healthy adult male of 27 years old!)

I was thinking that, according to Lilia, who is like a secret agent, she is having a good time with a certain marquis’ widow, a certain baroness, or a famous saint of the flower town, the so-called high-class prostitutes, who are not to be trifled with .

Although on the surface the Dauphin is a saintly young man, it’s a bit of a relief to find out that he’s not the most serious person in the world .

His Royal Highness has always said that he prefers to have one queen, and he has refused several marriage proposals .

It’s not really a man’s color, is it?

When I mentioned it, thinking it was no wonder considering that most of the lords of the Warring States period had experience with male sexuality, Lilia gave me a tremendous glare .

“Impossible! …and I’m not saying it doesn’t exist at all, but it’s forbidden by the State Church . That’s right!”

Eh, I feel like churches are a hotbed of such things .

… . but I’m afraid of Lilia, so I won’t say it .

“Well it’s not like he’s a pedophile, is it?”

If he’s a pedophile, he’s the most dangerous thing in the world, right?

“No, as his wife, I can’t say anything about being groped . ”

“What do you mean by a pedophile?”

Sorry, I guess this wasn’t in my new world’s language .

“…the kind of man who feels sexual desire for young girls . ”

“Absolutely not!”

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