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Chapter 107: Reckless (1)




Dohyuk knew that was the bone sword weapon's name that he digested from Ilgyu's right arm. Digest worked perfectly. It healed his wounds and any remaining energy was then converted into coins.

'It didn't have any other special options.'

However, Dohyuk did not care. It was a sharp sword that could freely change its shape. A simple blade, but so powerful that it did not require any special powers. Now, it was displaying these weird words that mentioned the transfer of the ownership of the weapon. It was Dohyuk's first time seeing such a message after he digested the equipment.

And it wasn't over.


He then felt the sounds coming from his body. He felt his bones twisting and realized that the weapon was altering his body. It would be nice to concentrate to find out what was changing, but he wasn't given the luxury.


The thirty thousand plus people didn't just go straight into the city. They were fearful and hesitant, but thousands of people were reaching out towards Dohyuk.

"Thank you! Thank you!"

"Please, let me grab your hand!"

"I dreamed of you coming…!"

To be honest, these people were not in their right minds. Since they were not corrupted, they were not even close to their 'healthy' state after going through such hardships. Even if these people didn't have a religion before, they created something of their own to rely on. To them, it was obvious what Dohyuk was seen as.

"Please! Look this way!"


The sound of them calling out to Dohyuk was almost like zealotry. And to Dohyuk who was facing it…


It was frustrating. This was different from a fight. He was used to fighting against beasts and that was how he was able to defeat Jung Ilgyu today. These people were not enemies. They were actually way too friendly toward Dohyuk. He tried to think of how he should react, but he couldn't as thousands were shouting at him.

Then, the vicious sound of a whip snapped through the air. Everyone, including Dohyuk, stopped and looked in that direction.

"No-no. You can't do that."

Lee Yuri snapped her whip in the air again.

"You people should think first if you can."

Yuri spoke as she smiled brightly.

"What do you think it's like when you just finished a hard fight and then you get swarmed by thousands of mad people? Wouldn't it be realllllly annoying?"

She didn't curse or utter any foul language. But those words were enough to make everyone feel terrified. She was a strong one.

"Of course, our master is merciful and that is why he is letting you chatter over him like that… but I'm very annoyed. What are you, f*cking retards?"

She mixed in some angry words at the end, and the people flinched. They were still used to violence and oppression and were still weak against someone like Lee Yuri who knew how to utilize fear.

"That's enough."

If Dohyuk did not step in, the crowd could panic again.

"I will not let you hurt or be aggressive to others. Even if you serve me, there's no exception to that."

"I was just warning them…"

Dohyuk interrupted her, "Then I'll warn you.

"No matter what, do not oppress these people. When they are being forced, they'll start hurting others under my rule."

"Answer me, if you understand."

"…I get it."

Yuri seemed to have a lot of things left unsaid, but she couldn't object. Everyone saw it clearly.

"If you're done talking, I'm thinking about taking these people in now. Oh, of course, I can't go in."

"Do it." Dohyuk nodded, and Yuri raised her empty hand and flicked. People followed her. They now realized that even such a beast didn't dare to oppose Dohyuk and because of that, she would not harm them.

Dohyuk looked at Lee Yuri. She looked unhappy, but that wasn't real. Her eyes were asking the real purpose behind all this.

Do you see? This how you do it.

Everything, starting with the whip, was Lee Yuri's assistance to Dohyuk. She whipped and threatened people to create fear, then showed how she obeyed Dohyuk right after. It showed that Lee Yuri was a terrifying person, but she also was someone who would obey Yoo Dohyuk.

She was in a kind of sheepdog position. She would still whip and threaten them in the future, but only because that was her position. It was to control people effectively. Instead of having the hatred and fear directed at Dohyuk, she would have it all directed at her. After all, it was Yuri who knew how to control people better.

Dohyuk signaled his thanks with his eyes and Yuri seemed satisfied and turned away.

Dohyuk let out a sigh. He had just allowed over thirty thousand people move into his city unharmed. THe only the ones left on the plains were shaking in fear. The exception was Ilgyu, who was unconscious, Dohyuk, and another man.

"You can go in together." Dohyuk spoke to Giwon first.

"I believe we have work to do."

"Well, yeah." Dohyuk glanced around. The fight was over, but there was still a lot of work to be done. Ilgyu, and the others that were still terrified, were not going to stay that way forever. Their muscles needed to be cut to take away their strength and they had to confiscate all their equipment. Only then could he rest assured that all danger had been removed.

"I can do it alone. Besides, I don't think an almost dying man will help speed up the progress."

"It's okay. I am still…"

"I know you can't focus here."

Giwon's expression froze.

"I saw you glancing over constantly as you walked over here. Your family is there, right?"

He was right. It was, after all, Giwon's main reason for joining Yoo Dohyuk. To save his family. Of course, his family was now safe. But knowing it didn't mean he was able to shake it off without seeing them.


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