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Lucia, going on journey (part 2)


I set off the next morning. I, who don’t have any option to object, was taken aback at the hurried departure.


Just now, the sun had risen and the sky was empty without any clouds. Today is a beautiful and sunny day as well. It is the perfect weather to do laundry, right? However, it has been a long time since I have done the laundry.


I am swinging the hem of my casual clothes, while advancing hastily towards the meeting place. The dress that I wore yesterday for festival is included inside the bag hanging from my shoulder. Despite my dangling bag, I am still able to move freely. I wonder if the main reason is because I was wearing an apron dress similar to my uniform.


By the way, I temporarily returned the laundry uniform that I always wear. Work also is being put to a rest for the time being.……. Can I still return without problem, once this journey ends? Regarding the division of the workload, everybody said 「Don’t worry about it!」 while proudly puffing out their chests. Now the only thing that worries me is that if they were to employ a new person, then I won’t have anywhere to return to.


「Are you Lucia?」


When I arrived at the designated place, there was already a tall knight-sama waiting for me.

He have bulging muscles that could be seen even from his corps uniform, along with a dark brown mustache. What I mean is…..somehow he gave a presence resembling a bear.


「My name is Gaius Canaris. I am the young miss’ escort. You can without any reservations call me Gaius. Best regards!」


「My name is Lucia Arca. Please take care of me!」


Gaius-san who was carrying a large sword on his back, has the characteristics of an uncle. That sword, it looked right on his back, but also seems to be difficult to draw out. Will he be able draw it?


「Is your luggage really only that much?」


Gaius-san asked me while pointing at the bag hanging on my shoulder.

Yesterday, the vice leader of Astaugar chief-leader joined me (I was alright alone, but for some reason he accompanied me anyways), and my preparations were completed. From the start, I only have a few things, so naturally my luggage won’t be very large.


「Yes, this is all」

「Then, give it to me. I will tie it onto the saddle」


Although Gaius-san was grumbling「light」when I obediently handed it over, he quickly made the preparation. Well, the bag is going to light, given that it does not have much inside.


「Then, let’s go」


Gaius-san begin to walk in a light manner while pulling the horse. That figure doesn’t seem to look like one of someone who is about to set off on a big journey.


A trotting sound of a horse was resounded at the empty part of the castle town.


「We will leave from the north gate」


More people tend to use the south gate, as it faces the highway, so the north gate was often not used. I expected that I will be leaving quietly.


So I heard that we would be leaving from north gate, I confirmed my earlier beliefs.






The north gate, which was normally empty, was crowded with people.




In that place, there were people whom I hold dear: Kikka san, Rossera-san, Gina-san and Gino-san.

And it was not only them. For some reason, a great number of knights were also present.


「Lucia, be careful on your journey! There is nothing that you have forgotten right? Aa, I am getting worried!」

「Your safety is the number one priority. It is also important to know when to escape」

「Lucia-chan~! More and more! I am getting worried~ !」

「This is from me and the others. Eat it when you are hungry. They are Fioravanti baked sweets. You have to come back to eat Fioravanti cake as well. It will be my treat! So come back, okay!」


Even though it was early in the morning, Kikka-san and the others still came to tell me farewell.

I was happy, the tears started coming out unintentionally. I never thought that they would especially come to send me off.


「Excuse me, it is because of us who made such a request at that time that you are in a position where you have to go battle….」


「Although Canaris-san may have bad habits, but his power is guaranteed, he will protect you, so don’t worry. However, I am sorry because he doesn’t have the character of a knight, soldier or an Academia」


Brizzi-san, Asukari-san, I am alright, so please don’t make such a painful expression!


Please have a smiling face so that I could feel relieved and have a piece of mind.


「Kikka-san, Roserra-san, Gina-san, Gino-san, Brizzi-san, Asukari-san, and everyone…thank you very much. I’m off!」


I bowed to everyone gathered at the north gate. Thereupon, every of them said their farewell to me multiple times. Even the knights who came, some of them were moved into tears, somehow it made me embarassed.

(TN: literally, ‘somehow I got this strange ticklish feeling at my back.’)


Alright, since everyone has given me this much support, surely, everything will go smoothly!


「Lucia-san, please have this! This is the Lily Brizzy shopkeeper’s recommended products, face lotion and face cream, and the most popular hand cream!」


At the time Gaius-san was about to depart, Brizzi-san approached me to give me a tiny package. Hand cream…..Aa! I have yet to give my thanks to Brizzi-san!


「Umm, Brizzi-san」


「Just Fader is fine, Lucia-san」


「Aa, yes. Fader-san, by the way, I unintentionally received the hand cream from Celes-san that you gave as a gift to him. Excuse me, seeing my severely rough hands, he might have given it out of concern」




Even though his present was given to someone else, Brizzi san…….no, Fader-san didn’t get angry.


「That ‘Celes-san’, is he Lucia-san’s acquaintance?」


「Yes, we met about 3 months ago」


「3 months……..heh」


When Fader-san said that, Fader-san and Asukari-san smiling widely. All of other knights also similarly have a smiling face.


I can say for sure it was a smile….. But is it only my imagination that somehow there seems to be a eerie intimidating air??


「Excuse me, did I by any means make you angry?」


「Not at all, it is alright. Rather than ‘Celes-san’, it is absolutely better for Lucia-san to use that hand cream. By all means, please use it all.」


Seems like I was able to take it, I felt relieved.


The hand cream I received from Celes-san, I properly hid it inside the bag. It was too bad I couldn’t meet Celes-san. Since I had the ribbon he gave me, I got the feeling that I could hang on.


「Thank you very much」


「No no. Aa, Lucia-san. Could I leave a message for that Commander of mine who is with saint-sama?」




At the Fader-san’s request, for some reason Gaius-san who was next to me burst into laughter. Was there something amusing in the conversation just now?


「Gaius-san, are you alright?」

「Aa, I am alright, therefore just carry on.…… the Commander is amazing」


Gaius-san turned away while covering his mouth, his shoulders still shaking.


Why, just now was an odd conversation, wasn’t it? Or was it…..normal?


「Everyone is waiting for you to come back. Please do have the resolution to come back」


While I was nodding at the grinning Fader-san, for some reason, Gaius-san who was next to me gently ruffled my hair.


Even so, speaking of the Third Corps Commander, he is that famous ‘Dragonslayer Hero’ right? Everybody is yearning to become his subordinate, I think he is most likely a good person. I look forward to the day when I could meet him.


「Then, I am off!」

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