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Chapter 80 – From Farming Machinery to Production Facilities

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Fortunately for Feng Yu, he had all the paperwork for those imported farming machines. He submitted those documents to the Anti-smuggling team, and the suspension was lifted. Tai Hua Trading Company’s bank account was also unfrozen.

But Feng Yu was unhappy. He was warned by the officials from the City Government. If he carries on importing cheap machinery from the Soviet Union and follow their instructions to increase the selling price, other departments will step in and suspend his company again.

But this importation business had almost 30% profits, and he also had an established sales distribution network. Feng Yu was reluctant to give these up.

Feng Yu sighed. This was all because he does not have enough authority. If he had a few billion RMB now, the City Deputy Mayor and even the Provincial Deputy Mayor would dare to create trouble for him.

Previously, Song Xiaofeng dared to create trouble for Feng Yu was because Tai Hua Trading was still a small company. If Tai Hua Trading was the biggest company in Bing City and Feng Yu’s assets was a few times more than Song Laosi, Song Xiaofeng would not dare to touch Feng Yu.

When one’s assets reached a certain level, it can be converted into authority and power.

Zhang Ruiqiang had made it very clear to Feng Yu. If he were to carry on importing those farming machines, he must talk to Bing City’s Machinery Factory.

The next day, Feng Yu applied another day off from school and went to Bing City’s Machinery Factory with Li Shiqiang to look for Li Mingde.

“You two are from Tai Hua Trading? Don’t think that the Foreign Trade Office’s Deputy Chief Zhang Ruiqiang had helped you and you will be saved. All matters relating to Bing City would still be referred to the City Government!” Li Mingde slowly drank his tea. He had sent his men to the dealers in the province and warned them. There will not be any more machines from the Soviet Union, and if they dare to order machines from Tai Hua Trading, he will force Tai Hua Trading to shut down!

Those dealers also received news that Tai Hua Trading was suspended. Although the suspension was lifted within a short time, Tai Hua Trading told them that the sales of the Soviet farming machines will be discontinued.

“Director Li, you think we are here to apologize?” Feng Yu crossed his legs and said.

When you meet a bully, you must never give in. If you give in, the bully will think that you fear him and he will be more arrogant!

Li Mingde face changed. What’s the meaning of this? Not here to apologize? Then he is here to gloat? Humph! Machinery Factory had the backing of the City Government. A measly Foreign Trade Office cannot be compared.

“If that is so, then you two are here to create trouble? I want to see what can a small company like Tai Hua Trading can do!”

Li Shiqiang anxiously looked at Feng Yu. Feng Yu did not tell him that they were here to find trouble. They had just met and started arguing. Does that mean that they will not import any more farming machines from the Soviet Union?

Even if they were not doing this business in future, it was not wise to offend Li Mingde. Li Mingde was still considered a Government official and had a good relationship with the City Government. He had a lot of ways to shut down their company.

Suddenly, Feng Yu laughed and said: “Director Li had misunderstood me. I am not here to apologize nor create trouble. I am here to ask Director Li if your factory wants Soviet Union’s advanced machinery facilities?”

Li Shiqiang was shocked. How did the conversation turn into this? Li Mingde sat up straight. The Soviet Union does not sell their advance machinery facilities to China. This Feng Yu was able to get his hands on these facilities?

“What do you mean?”

“If I can import advanced machinery from the Soviet Union, including the technology to produce agricultural machines and equipment, how much is your factory willing to offer?”

The recession had begun in the Soviet Union. Previously, the Soviet Union relied on the exportation of gold, oil and military products to maintain their economic growth. But now, there were a lot of smuggling activities for these products. The government, high ranking military officers, and their families were involved in these smuggling activities. They did this to pass their wealth to their later generations.

Kirilenko and his business partners were the typical second generation of high ranking military officers. Their freight trains belong to the Soviet Union military, and they were using it for their own purposes. Also, they do not need to pay any tax as they did business in the name of the Military.

From 1985 onwards, the agricultural industry, especially the food production, was on a declined. This lead to the Soviet Union's agricultural machinery sales falling year after year.

They used to export to Europe, but now, that market was taken away by the Germany and France. Germany had occupied more than half of Europe’s market share.

If the Soviet Union wants to export farming machinery to Europe, they would have to reduce their prices. But lowering prices meant making a loss and acknowledging they were losing out to the Germans and French. What can the Soviets do? They can only grit their teeth and hang on!

On the next year onwards, there will be more factories stopping their productions. In 1990, the Soviet Union’s economy got worse and collapsed. It was then when the disintegration of the Soviet Union officially began.

When Feng Yu ordered the agricultural machines from Kirilenko a few days ago, he had asked Kirilenko about these production facilities. If Feng Yu only imported these machines, he was the only that gained from it. But if he brings in the production technologies and advanced production lines, the whole China will benefit!

Feng Yu was not a noble person. But if there was an opportunity for him to earn money and at the same time, do something for his country’s economy, why not? Furthermore, Feng Yu also got the chance to get close to the City Government and paved the way for his company’s development.

Li Shqiang only remembered Feng Yu had a long talk with Li Mingde. At first, there was a lot of tension between the both. But later, the tensions were gone, and Li Mingde even showed Feng Yu to the door personally and shook his hands enthusiastically.

Back at the office, all the staffs were playing poker leisurely. They were bored. When they saw Feng Yu entering, they quickly kept the cards.

“Everything is fine now. Go back and rest for a few days and come back after the National Day holidays. Brother Li, give each of them 500 RMB as their bonus. Also give out another 2,000 RMB as commission, according to their contacted dealers’ sales.”

Feng Yu was in a good mood, and he decided to be generous for once. He doubled the bonus and rewards. He wanted these lads to be loyal to him. These people were trained by him personally, and he doesn’t want them to leave.

Everyone cheered. They were called back to the company yesterday when the company was suspended in the morning. They thought the company would shut down. But later in the evenings, the suspension was lifted, and nothing had happened to Feng Yu. Today, Feng Yu announced their bonus and commissions. The one with the highest commissions and bonus amounted to almost 900 RMB. This was equivalent to the annual salary of a worker at the motor factory!

 Li Shiqiang went to give out the bonuses and commission, and Feng Yu started translating a few things which were written on a few pieces of paper into Russian. He then copied everything on a clean sheet of paper.

He brought the piece of paper to the Post Office to make an international call and fax to Kirilenko.

“Feng, you really want production machinery facilities and technologies? These things were not easily available. Even if people were selling, the prices would not be low.” Kirilenko had asked around. Although there were a few agricultural machinery production factories in a semi-shutdown state, these factories had no intention of selling their production lines. 

“My good friend, Brother Ki, surely you have a way. We can talk about money later. Don’t worry, I will not let my friends make losses!”

“Then … Fine. I will try and will get back to you within a week.”

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