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Chapter 74 – Fu Guangzheng

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Rumors were like this. The more you want to suppress, the faster it will spread. Although the form teacher does not allow the students to spread rumors, the rumor quickly spread to the whole grade and even the entire school. Even the teachers believed the rumors.

The form teacher even spoke to Feng Yu about this. He wanted to clarify with Feng Yu. But Feng Yu just shook his head. Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots. Feng Yu was lazy to explain.

Anyway, these rumors did not bring him much trouble anyway. He can have more time to think about how to earn more money.

The advertisements were published in the neighboring province. But that province was considered poor, and the economy was not as good as Longjiang province. The city development was also ranked one of the lowest in China.

There were some who had come to look at the cars, but there were few that bought. Just when Feng Yu wanted to go and place an advertisement in Shen City, a Cantonese speaking boss came to his company.

“Lei Hou, Mr. Feng is really young and capable.” (He spoke in Chinese, mixed with Cantonese. Lei Hou means how are you in Cantonese.)  

“Lei Hou, lei hou. Mr. Fu is a Hong Konger?” Feng Yu replied.

“Si ah, Si ah.” (Si ah, means yes in cantonese.)

“Mr. Fu, you can speak English?” Feng Yu asked again.  

“Of course.”

Feng Yu nodded and used fluent English: “I heard that Mr. Fu is interested in my used car business and wants to buy some cars to resell in the South?”

Feng Yu really can’t stand this type of Cantonese influenced Chinese.

Fu Guangzheng was startled. This Feng Yu’s English was so fluent? He heard that Feng Yu does business with the Soviets and doesn’t need any interpreters. How old is he? He mastered two foreign languages?

“Mr. Fu, Mr. Fu?” Feng Yu raised his voice.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I want to buy British used luxury cars and sell to the South. How many do you have?”

“About 60 to 70 cars. All of them are about 70 to 80% new. How many units do Mr. fu want?”

“If the cars are all 70 to 80% new and the price is right, I will buy all!” Fu Guangzheng smiled. 60 to 70 cars. If he only gets 30,000 to 50,000 profits from one vehicle, the total would also be 2 to 3 million profits. Bases on his estimation, the profits should be more than that.

Feng Yu raised his eyebrows. A rich man. But Feng Yu was still a bit suspicious. There were a lot of conmen impersonating wealthy Hong Kong Businessmen in this era.

They will paint a beautiful picture, and when they take the goods or money from you, they will disappear without a trace.

But this Mr. Fu’s English was not bad. Seems like he had received high education in Hong Kong. His manners also showed that he had a proper upbringing. He seems to be at least 80% trustworthy.

“Mr. Fu is really willing to spend. But my cars are not cheap. Even if you are buying in bulk, the average price will also be the amount.” Feng Yu replied and put out four fingers.

Fu Guangzheng did not agree nor disagree but asked: “Then when can you deliver the cars to me? All the cars must be refurbished.”

“Of course. But I am not responsible for the delivery, and you will have to settle the paperwork yourself.” If the cars were sold in Bing City, it was effortless to get the registration plates if one has money.

Feng Yu had made it very clear. Fu Guangzheng hesitated for a moment and nodded: “I understand. Then when can you deliver the cars?”

“The fastest will also be two months. Now I only have slightly over 10 cars left, and most of them are sports cars. If you want these, I can deliver it to you now.”

Feng Yu brought Fu Guangzheng to the factory to view the cars. Fu Guangzheng scrutinized each car. Although he does not know anything about cars, he was observing the facial expressions of the people around. Everyone looks calm. Seems like there were no issues with these cars and these were not unsold problematic vehicles.

But to be safe, Fu Guangzheng decided to get a few professional mechanics to inspect these cars. What if the exterior condition is in excellent condition but the engine is problematic, and after using for one year, the car will have to be scrapped? He could offend a lot of people.

“Mr. Feng. Can I come back in two days with my men to check on the cars and I will make a decision after that?” 

“Of course. Even if you did not mention this, I would also remind you. At least in future, you will not blame me for defective goods.”

This batch of cars which Kirilenko sold to Feng Yu had not been used for several years. They were at least 50% new. Feng Yu had only change the seats, tires and respray the exterior. He also employed two highly skilled mechanics with high salaries to check on the engines. Guaranteed those who bought the cars will not look for him later and affect his company’s reputation.

Although this way, the cost would be higher, but his profits will also be high. One car, he can make at least 100,000 RMB and highest, 300,000 RMB.  

They both agreed, next Sunday, Fu Guangzheng will bring his men to inspect all the vehicles, and if there are no problems, he will make payments and shipped all these cars away.

Back at the hotel, Fu Guangzheng instructed his men to look for professional mechanics, and at the same time, he asked around for old houses with antiques.

Initially, Fu Guangzheng had made this trip to look for antiques. The Northeast region was the Manchus base. There must be a lot of good stuff left behind. If he can get his hands on a few pieces and bring back to Hong Kong, he can get 10 times, or even more, turnover if he resells them.

He heard that Northeast region, primarily Bing City, was very enclosed and people were poor. Poor till they can’t afford clothes and cannot afford to eat. But when he arrived here, he noticed that these were not true.

There were many factories here and have a strong industrial feel. Although the standard of living for the people here was not high, they were not poor till they can’t afford to eat. At least, he saw a lot of cars on the streets. But the number of vehicles can’t be compared to the coastal cities. The development here should be considered faster than a lot of inland cities.

The thing that surprised him the most was the red Lotus sportscar he saw on the streets!

This type of sports cars was costly. Even in Hong Kong, only the super-rich second generations will buy. He, himself, just drives a Toyota Crown.

Fu Guangzheng’s family was considered one of the influential family in Hong Kong. His father had a net worth of several billion. His first uncle was also a multi-billionaire. But it was a pity that Fu Guangzheng was not the eldest son. He can only get an inheritance of tens of millions in future.     

His elder brother’s company now is worth billions, and it was not from their father’s investment. His own company is only worth a few million, and it was still because of his mother helping him.

Everyone said that those who had become wealthy in China were very capable and had good connections. A few more years, Hong Kong will be returned to China, and his family feared the changes in policies would affect them. As such, his father had been finding ways to know and build a good relationship with the senior officials. He wants to protect his family’s businesses and not be affected by the reunification.

Since young, Fu Guangzheng was taught by his mother to make friends with those that would be able to help him in future. Isn’t this Lotus sportscar driver someone like this? If he can be friends with the driver, then his position in his family will rise.

But after asking, that sportscar driver was a 40 plus man and this man was not as powerful as he thought he was. He was only a businessman selling animal feed. His car was also a used car and cost less than 500,000 RMB.

Fu Guangzheng suddenly thought of a way to earn money. There was someone in Bing City who had the means to get used luxury cars. He had stayed in Guang Zhou and Shen Zhen for quite some time. 500,000 RMB for a Lotus, even if there were 100 cars like this, after shipping over, he can sell them off within a month.   

If he can get a steady supply of these cars, he can make money fast. He also wanted to prove to his father that his capabilities were not worse than his elder brother. 

Translator note: I am not sure if Fu Guangzheng is a real person so, I googled and there is a Hong Kong Billionaire by the name of Peter Woo Kwong-ching. The surname is different, but the Chinese characters for Guangzheng 光正 are the same.

Peter Woo Kwong-ching was the former chairman of Wheelock and Company Limited and The Wharf Holdings Limited, and his net worth is estimated to be $12.6 billion in 2018 (According to Forbes).

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