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Chapter 69 – A Nouveau Riche's face

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On the first day of military training, after the opening ceremony, Feng Yu submitted his medical excuse. He would rather play basketball than to learn how to turn left and right.

But the instructor was not easily fooled. You can’t do training? No problem. You can remain here and look after the water bottles of the rest of the students. You want to go home? No way.

Wen Dongjun was lucky. He is playing with his video games at home now. His condition allowed him to remain at home. Feng Yu was the one who submitted his medical leave for him. He didn’t even turn up at school today.

Liu Kun and Feng Yu sat together and chatted. He was not allowed to go home too. But Feng Yu and Liu Kun, who was a top student, did not have any common topics. After a while, they had nothing to chat.

The other training participants kept looking at them, making them uncomfortable. The instructor was not very strict, and this made Feng Yu upset. The instructor kept giving the participants breaks, and they could play basketball. But Feng Yu and Liu Kun could not join them.   

“Humph! The court had cracks all over. Even the basketball frames were all crooked. What’s so nice about playing here?” Feng Yu said sourly.

“I guessed we are just unlucky. After we graduate from primary school, the school was renovated. After graduating from junior high, the school built new buildings and renovated the sports hall. If we want to play on a new court, we might have to wait till we graduate from here!” Liu Kun said sadly.

If it was his previous life, it was as what Liu Kun had said. It seems like the funding for Bing City’s schools had something against his batch of students. But now, it was different. Feng Yu is rich. Why not build a new basketball court?

That afternoon, there was a guest at the Vice Principal’s office.

“Xiao Li. No, I should be calling you Mr. Li. Is what you said over the phone real?” The vice principal asked.  

“Principle Sun, I would not lie about such things. I really want to donate a new basketball court for the school. The old basketball court can be demolished and build a new one at that site. The basketball frames will be replaced with new ones. I had already contacted the workers.” Li Shiqiang sat down and said.

Earlier in the afternoon, he received a call from Feng Yu who wanted to rebuild the basketball court. Feng Yu even said that money is not a problem. Li Shiqiang understands that money was never an issue. But the reason for donating to the school can be replying to the alma mater, can be supporting the current education system. But it can’t be because you like to play basketball!

Li Shiqiang asked around. To rebuild the basketball court at 3Rd High School would cost about 100,000 RMB. It includes demolishing the old court, basketball frames, construction material and the workers’ salaries. Just one word from this future brother-in-law, 100,000 RMB was spent. But after all, it was Feng Yu’s money, and he earned it himself.  

Principle Sun kept thanking Li Shiqiang and even promised him that he will ask the form teacher to take good care of the three students recommended by him. These three students would have no problems going to university in future.

There was something which disappointed the vice principal. Li Shiqiang had already contacted the workers. If only the workers were not contacted yet……

That night, Li Shiqiang told Feng Yu that he had already spoken to the vice principal and the work will commence next week. The total cost should be about 100,000 RMB.

So Cheap?

“Brother Li, how did you calculate? 100,000 RMB is enough?” Feng Yu asked.

“100,000 RMB is still considered cheap? I think it is too expensive! It’s just scrapping a layer of cement, and adding new cement over it, changing the basketball frames, selling the old ones…...” Li Shiqiang replied.

“Wait, Brother Li, why are we selling away the old basketball frames? Just give it to the school will do. We are not short of these small amounts of money. Also, we should use the best outdoor basketball frames and donate some basketballs, soccer balls, etc. Everything must be the best. At the same time, renovate the volleyball court too.” Feng Yu said.

Li Shiqiang looked at Feng Yu’s nouveau riches expression and said: “How about we changed the running tracks. It’s not very expensive too. Only cost about 100,000 RMB. We can change the grass on the soccer field too. We can make it like those stadiums. I think even 1 million RMB would not be enough for the things you wanted.”

Feng Yu was startled, and he asked: “What? Just these few things would cost 1 million?”

“Then what do you think? Asphalt cement is expensive, and the differences between the cheapest and the most expensive basketball frames are several times. You will only be at this school for 3 years. Just make do with it. With this money, we might as well donate to the schools in the countryside. There are still many children who can’t afford to attend schools.” Li Shiqiang said.

Feng Yu nodded. Before his death in his previous life, there were still a lot of poor children in the countryside who didn’t get the chance receive any education.

“You have a point. We shall stick to your plan. We can donate the new running tracks or something, 2 years later. As for the donations to the schools in the countryside, we can start this year. 500,000 RMB should be enough for a village school. This year, we shall donate to 2 schools. Next year, 3 to 4 schools. In future, we will donate to at least 10 schools each year, and we can surpass the Shaw Foundation and become the number one donor for education in China.”  

Feng Yu was getting excited as he speaks. It was as if he saw a new direction for him to work towards to. Even if he could not retire at 30, but without a doubt, his life will be more interesting!

Li Shiqiang stretched out his hand and touch Feng Yu’s forehead: “You are not sick. Stop talking nonsenses. There is no problem donating to one or two schools. You want to donate to 10 schools every year? Based on your estimations, every year would be 5 million. With our company alone, you think we can last more than 5 years?”

Feng Yu was still a student attending High School. Maybe he had ways to earn money, but he does not save. In a few days, he can spend what others make in a few lifetimes!

Feng Yu looked at Li Shiqiang with disgust and said: “During Chinese New Year, I said that Treasury Bonds can bring us huge profits and you think I am talking nonsense. A few months later, I said that setting up a company can earn money and you don’t believe me. Two months ago, I said that manufacturing plastic fans can make us rich and you thought that the fans will rot in our warehouse. Last month, I said used cars can earn money, and you thought that people will not buy as we had priced the cars too expensive……”

“Fine. Stop, stop. You are right.” Li Shiqiang interrupted Feng Yu, and at the same time, his eye lit up. “Didn’t you said that there will be no more supply of used cars soon? You also think that the profit margin for normal used cars is too low. What other ideas do you have for our next business?”

“I still have not thought of any. But don’t worry. This time next year will be the time where we earn big money!” Feng Yu replied.

Feng Yu had estimated that this next batch of used cars can only be sold out at the end of the year. But at least this batch of cars can still bring in about 10 million profits. With the 5 million profits from the previous batch of used cars, the earnings from Wind and Rain fans and trades with Kirilenko, he would have about 20 million RMB this time next year.

With this 20 million, he can turn it into 200 million in one year! When that happens, he will not only donate to the schools, he will also fulfill his promise to his sister and set up a hospital. 

Feng Yu did not tell Li Shiqiang about the stock market. Now in China, there was no stock exchange yet. Stocks and Treasury Bonds were still issued and traded at the banks or the banks’ subsidiaries.  Stock trading would even need to go through the issuer to look for new buyers. It was much more troublesome compared to Treasury Bonds.

He decided to wait a while longer. As long as he starts buying in shares before the new policy was announced. This period of time, he should be thinking about how to kill Song Xiaofeng!

Author’s note: The next plot would be about the trade with the Soviet Union.

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