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Chapter 68 – Year 1 Freshman

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“Upright in character and diligent in the pursuit of knowledge.”

Standing at the school gate of the 3rd High School, one can clearly see the school motto.

Feng Yu reluctantly carried a brand-new school bag. He felt that the school bag does not match him. The color of the bag should at least be in gold color to show off his status.

School starts two weeks earlier in the first year. In Longjiang province, High School students are required to undergo military training. It was said to create bonding between students and instills discipline. How effective was it? No one knows.

Although Feng Yu tried to keep a low profile by wearing simple and casual clothes, he still attracted the stares of other students and teachers. It was all because of Li Shiqiang who drove him to school.

Is this the child of some officials or big boss? Coming to school by car.

Wen Dongjun, Li Na, and Liu Kun came to school by car. Li Na and Liu Kun had brought along their luggage. They were going to stay in the school’s dormitory.   

When they arrived, Feng Yu brought them to pay the school fees first and then to the dormitory to drop their luggage. Li Shiqiang had made use of his connections and arranged the 4 of them to be in the same class.

“Feng Yu, Dongjun, you are not going to stay in the school’s dormitory?” Liu Kun asked curiously while arranging his bedsheets. 

“My sister had bought an apartment in Bing City. The both of us will be staying there. Hurry unpack your stuff. My brother-in-law is going to bring us out for some good food.” Feng Yu replied.

Their parents did not accompany them. Children from the farm were more independent.

Standing outside the female dormitory, they saw Li Na walking out in a blue skirt. The three of them were mesmerized by her, and their eyes were transfixed on her.

“Ahem!” Feng Yu was unhappy. These two better watch out!

Feng Yu and Li Na were not officially in a relationship, but the teachers at their previous school knew that they were together every day. Li Na would be full of smiles when she was with Feng Yu, and she would become quiet when she was with others.

During the meal, Wen Dongjun was the most hardworking. This guy seems to be bigger and stronger since the last time Feng Yu saw him a few days ago. Before Feng Yu start eating, he picked a piece of lamb for Li Na: “This lamb is marinated, and you should try it.”

Li Na blushed and returned the piece of lamb back into Feng Yu’s bowl. She said softly: “I can get it myself.”

Feng Yu grinning happily, stuff the piece of lamb into his mouth and then shift the plate of lamb ribs in front of Li Na. With Wen Dongjun’s eating speed, he can finish the whole slab of lamb ribs in a minute!

“Eat well. Tomorrow after the opening ceremony, the military training will start. You will not be able to eat any meat during the training.” Li Shiqiang said.

When they heard of military training, Wen Dongjun slowed down. Even if he was very fit and able to endure hardship, he could not stand the boring military training. Every day he would have to march, turn left and right. If only he can play basketball or soccer during the training.

Liu Kun noticed Feng Yu was not worried about the training and he asked him curiously: “Feng Yu, you are not worried about the training?”

Feng Yu replied with a sad expression: “I wanted to join but I can’t. I am sick, and I am exempted from the training.”

“You are sick? What illness are you suffering from?” Li Na asked anxiously.

Feng Yu took out a medical record from his bag and placed it on the table: “Arthritis. It means that my knees will ache whenever I stand or walk.”

Wen Dongjun snatched the medical record over and read it. He then said with a cold smile: “Bullshit arthritis. I know you well. You can run faster than a rabbit. Could it be that if you don’t participate in the training, your knees will not hurt?”

Feng Yu smiled: “You don’t need to say it out loud.”

“As a Chinese, there are still wars on two fronts. Yet you are not going to attend military training?” Wen Dongjun despised Feng Yu.

Just when Feng Yu wanted to change the subject, Wen Dongjun stretched out his hand and asked: “Where are my medical records?”

“Fuck. This was still the same old Wen Dongjun. He still has the check to reprimand me!” Feng Yu thought to himself. 

“I had prepared it a long time ago. From a reputable hospital. Li Na, your medical issue is flat foot. You cannot stand for long, cannot stomp, cannot run. You can also be excused from physical education classes.” Feng Yu said. He took out another medical record and passed it to Li Na.

“Let me see, this record is for Liu Kun. Paronychia, caused by ingrown nails. Even walking for short distances is hard for you.”

“This is for Dongjun. I will not read out your medical issue. You read it yourself.”

Wen Dongjun looked at the medical record and stared at Feng Yu.

Feng Yu just shrugged his shoulders. Circumcision. He was also not sure of this medical issue. But it was still surgery and can definitely excuse him from the training. Why was Wen Dongjun staring at him? If he doesn’t want the record, he can return it to Feng Yu.

“Dongjun, what is your medical issue? Let me know. In future, during Physical education classes, I can also use it to skip the lesson.” Liu Kun asked and tried to take Wen Dongjun’s medical record from him.

Wen Dongjun hurriedly grabbed his record and kept it in his bag. He shouted: “Cannot see. All of you are not allowed to look at my medical records.”

Li Na returned the medical record back to Feng Yu and said: “I don’t need it. I think the training is not bad. I will be able to know more friends. Furthermore, malingering is not right. You all are cheating the teachers and the school.”

After Li Na finished saying, she stared at Li Shiqiang. Li Shiqiang felt wronged. These medical records were not from him. Even he allowed these, Feng Dan would also not have agreed to it.

During the past few days, Wu Zhigang had successfully captured the heart of that nurse. It turns out that the nurse came from a good family. Her mother is a teacher, and her father is the head of a department in the hospital.

Wu Zhigang had wanted to back out. His father was the only one working in the factory. But Feng Yu encouraged him: “Even if her family background is better than yours, you don’t need to feel inferior. Think about how much are you earning in a month. Your salary is not lesser than her father. Also, within the next year, I guarantee your salary will double.”

Under the encouragement and guidance of Feng Yu, and using money, coupled with shamelessly, Wu Zhigang waited for the nurse every day at the hospital. He showered her with small gifts and flowers every time they met. He took only one week to win her heart.

When Feng Yu told Wu Zhigang about getting medical records to be excused from military training, he immediately agrees to help him get it.

But Feng Yu did not expect Wen Dongjun’s medical issue to be circumcision. When he thought about it, he still wanted to laugh out loud.

“I will still be attending the first day and the last day of military training. If not, this set of camouflage fatigues will be wasted. As for the training, you all will know after a few days. You will not even have the time to talk to your classmates. Furthermore, you can still participate with these medical records. When the rest are marching, you can sit by the side and watch them.” Feng Yu said.

Li Shiqiang smiled and shook his head. This future brother-in-law is too sly.

After dinner, everyone went to the amusement park and played for the whole day. Wen Dongjun and Liu Kun only chose those exciting rides. Feng Yu accompanied Li Na to the game stalls. He spent dozens of RMB and won two small plush toys, which was worth only a few dollars, for Li Na. But when he saw the smile on Li Na’s face, he felt the money was well spent.

Feng Yu sent Li Na, and Liu Kun backed to school before dark. At the school gate, Feng Yu wonders: “Why is it only year 1? When can I enter university? It is only at that age, then I can push Li Na down on the bed.”

Author’s notes:

PS1: The two war fronts were referring to the Vietnam war. It was until 1993 then the fighting stopped.

PS2: I attended 10 days of military training when I was in junior high school, 2 weeks when I was in high school and 1 month when I entered university.

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