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Chapter 67 – Eunuch Song

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Feng Yu was deep in thoughts. History was changed. Was this a good or bad thing?

On the one hand, perhaps the triads and gangs would disappear earlier. But on the other hand, Feng Yu was worried about the world economic trends. Would there be a butterfly effect because of him?

But after a while, Feng Yu is relived. Although he was not a famous investor in his previous life, he still has about 20 years of investing experiences. He might not be the best in this era, but he was confident that he was better than most of the people.

Moreover, if the economic trends were altered because of him and he could not make use of his knowledge from his previous life, he still has a few million RMB now. Even if he conservatively invests in a building, he would have no worries for the rest of his life. Furthermore, he monitored the stock market recently, and it was the same as his past life. This year, China had just started the stock market, and there was no stock exchange yet. The stocks were still pieces of paper like Treasury Bonds!

Although Song Xiaofeng is not dead, this should be a severe lesson for him. Not to mentioned, now the City’s leader had spoken, Song Laosi would have to lie low, let alone Song Xiaofeng.

Soon, Feng Yu received another good news. Kirilenko had informed him that the second batch of used cars was ready. Once Feng Yu wired the money over, he would send the cars over.

As usual, a 10% deposit and the balance to be paid after receiving the goods. Later, Feng Yu thought for a moment and knew that the prices quoted by Kirilenko must be high.

But since they were doing business, both sides would need to make money to last a long time. Furthermore, these prices were still acceptable by Feng Yu. The last batch of cars were all sold out in just Bing City, and he hasn’t even ventured out of Bing City. 

Feng Yu was thankful to the bank. If loans were readily available for these small business owners, most of them would have taken a loan from the bank and buy brand new cars instead.

Kirilenko also ordered a batch of domestic goods, mainly textiles and food products. He also let Feng Yu decide the goods for the remaining 20,000 Rubles.

Kirilenko really trusted Feng yu now. It seems that whatever goods picked by Feng Yu would sell for a high price back in the Soviet Union.

After meeting Feng Yu, Kirilenko felt his luck had changed overnight. He was making money way faster than before. His reputation rose within the circle of the Soviet Army second generations, and even his father had benefited from him.


Song Xiaofeng slowly opened his eyes and felt his whole body in pain. He looked down and saw his body covered in bandages. Even though it was not to the extent of a mummy, there was still too many bandages.

“Master Song, you have wake up? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“My whole body is uncomfortable. Where’s my uncle? Is the driver of the tipper truck caught?” Song Xiaofeng’s first thought was to kill the driver of the tipper truck!

“Not yet. That truck was a stolen vehicle, and someone was helping the driver to escape the scene.”

Song Xiaofeng was shocked: “You mean they planned to kill me?”

That follower nodded. If that was not planned, why would the driver steal the tipper truck and fled the scene? He even dumped all the gravel on the Land Rover before he fled. It’s clear that he wanted to bury him alive!

That follower went out to call Song Laosi. Song Xiaofeng was currently at the mansion. Song Laosi had converted a room into a hospital ward. There were doctors and nurses too.

Song Xiaofeng struggled to sit upright when he saw Song Laosi entering the room. He immediately asked: “Uncle, was it, Cripple Wang?”

Song Laosi shook his head and said: “I am not sure. There is no evidence. There were rumors that it was done by Western Bun and his brothers. But Western Bun had no reason to kill you. Don’t talk so much now. Let the doctors check on you first.”

Although Song Xiaofeng’s injures may look serious, but in fact, it was not too severe. His injuries were mainly abrasions, a bit of concussion and he had no fractures. Looking at him able to think clearly, he should be fine.

“Master Si, there should be nothing wrong with Master Song. The nurse will change his dressing, and there is no need for injections. Just some oral medication will do.” The doctor was relieved. Song Laosi had said that if there were anything wrong with Song Xiaofeng, he would be buried alive!   

Song Laosi and the rest left the room. Only a young nurse remained in the room to change Song Xiaofeng’s dressing. After the bandages were removed, Song Xiaofeng was naked.

He stared at the nurse and felt that this nurse is not bad looking. He started touching the nurse’s hips with a lecherous smile.

The nurse dared not to make any noise or resist. She knew this would happen the day she was forced to come over to the mansion.

Song Xiaofeng was still smiling happily, and his expression suddenly changed.

What is happening? Previously, he would get hard when he saw a girl like this but why was it that after touching her for so long, he still does not have any reaction?

Refusing to believe this was happening, he put his hand under the nurse’s skirt and underwear, but he still did not have any reaction.

“Go and get the doctor!” Song Xiaofeng shouted.

The nurse ran out to call the doctor.

“Master Song, what’s the matter? Is there anything wrong with your body?” The doctor rushed into the room and saw Song Xiaofeng naked on the bed. He was not surprised as he had seen the look on the nurse. This Song Xiaofeng must have done something to her.

“Why I have no reaction?”

“What?” The doctor did not understand Song Xiaofeng’s question. 

Song Xiaofeng beckoned the young nurse over, and she lowered her head and slowly walked over. Song Xiaofeng lifted her skirt and pulled down her underwear.

The doctor eyes widen and felt himself getting hard. But when he saw Song Xiaofeng staring at him coldly, he immediately looks away. It was now he understood what Song Xiaofeng meant by no reactions.

“Master Song, you really have no reaction?” The doctor asked.

“You see for yourself!” Song Xiaofeng shouted while mercilessly fingered the little nurse. The little nurse dared not make any noise but to bear the pain.

“This… That part of yours was not injured in the accident. Oh yes, at the time of the accident, what were you doing in the vehicle?” The doctor suddenly thought of something. 

Song Xiaofeng remembered he had buried his head in between the breast of that girl at the time of the accident. He had an erection, but because of the shock of the crash, he became soft immediately.

Could that be the reason why he can no longer erect?

After hearing what Song Xiaofeng had said, the doctor concluded that this was a psychological problem. He asked Song Xiaofeng to try other types of stimulations. If the problem still persists, then he can try some traditional medicine.

“Get the hell out of Here!”

Song Laosi pushed open the door when he heard his nephew shouting. He stared coldly at the doctor and asked: “What’s wrong?” Ignoring the little nurse with her underwear hanging around her knees.

“Master Si, Master Song had some psychological issues. I suggest sending him to Beijing or Shanghai for treatment. If you have the connections, it would be best to send him to Hong Kong. I am able to help with all other problems except for this.” The doctor said.

Song Laosi looked at the soft limply piece of meat between Song Xiaofeng’s legs and understood what the doctor was saying. Is the only remaining male offspring of the Song family going to be a eunuch? 

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