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Chapter 58 - Making use of others part 2

Cripple Wang was awoken early by his men early in the morning. His men had told him that Song Laosi’s men had come into his territory to collect money.

Cripple Wang did not really care. Both parties just had a talk and Cripple Wang agreed to not go into construction and demolition businesses while Song Laosi will not touch nightclubs, bars and bath centres.

But Cripple Wang did not expect Song Laosi men to come and collect money from a trading company. This made Cripple Wang unhappy. If everyone behaves like Song Laosi, the economy will collapse. It was not that Cripple Wang is worried about the economy. But, if the economy collapsed, who will patronize his entertainment businesses?

Cripple Wang’s men explained the whole situation to him and he found out that it was not Song Laosi but Song Xiaofeng. If it was Song Laosi, Cripple Wang might let this matter go. But Song Xiaofeng was just a young punk and him coming into Cripple Wang’s territory to create trouble was a slap in his face.

Cripple Wang also added that he was not sure if it was Song Laosi’s idea. After all, Brother Ke had promised to stay out of all these and recognized Song Laosi’s position as the leader in Bing City’s underworld. Could this matter a form of testing by Song Laosi, to see Cripple Wang’s reaction?

Cripple Wang was still hesitating. What if Song Laosi and Brother Ke joined forces, he will be in big danger. But at this juncture, another Cripple Wang’s man told him that Song Xiaofeng was at one of their nightclubs last night. Song Xiaofeng proclaimed loudly at the nightclub that if anyone dares to go against him, he will break anyone’s legs and let the be a cripple for life.

This sentence completely irritated Cripple Wang. There were only a few people who dare to call him cripple in Bing City and even the Longjiang province.

He was afraid that his man had heard wrongly and he will end up with a reputation for bullying the young. Since his men had said that Song Xiaofeng will be going to Tai Hua Trading Company today, Cripple Wang will also make a trip there. If Song Xiaofeng were to apologize to him, he will let the matter rest.

But Cripple Wang did not expect that he had just arrived at the door of the Tai Hua Trading company, he heard someone shouting loudly about breaking one’s legs and making him a cripple for life. He also heard rude remarks about him and said that sooner or later, he will be killed by Song Laosi.

Cripple Wang’s anger went out of controlled. He ignored the other guy’s explanations and ordered his men to pin that guy down. Cripple Wang personally broke both of that guy’s legs.

Said that I am a cripple on crutches? I will let you be worse off than a crippled. I will make sure you will spend the rest of your life in a wheelchair.


Toad woke up early in the morning. He will be representing Song Xiaofeng to go to Tai Hua Trading company to take over 50% of the company’s shares and make sure the future profits will go to Song Xiaofeng.

However, at Tai Hua Trading Company, Toad heard from Feng Yu and the rest that they will be closing down the company. That means that Tai Hua Trading will not be providing Song Xiaofeng 50% of their profits.

Toad was furious. He had promised Song Xiaofeng that he will get this matter done and will bring back the money. He thought to himself: “Fine, since you want to close down your company, then give us your last month profits. We got people working in the banks. We are able to check how much were their profits last months!

Little did he know that Feng Yu would be so stubborn today. Not only he refuses to pay Toad the last month profits, Feng Yu also said that he will not be giving Song Xiaofeng a single cent in future!

Toad was furious. He pointed to Feng Yu and the rest of the staffs, swearing and cursing like what he used to. In the heat of the moment, Toad accidentally mentioned something about breaking their legs and making them cripples.

Toad seldom said threats about breaking legs. But he was not scared. Even the police cannot do anything to him. But he was unlucky today. Cripple Wang just happened to be there. Just when he finished saying that sentence, Cripple Wang came rushing in and without any words, broke both of his legs.

This time, Toad was finished. Not only he couldn’t complete Song Xiaofeng’s task, he also offended Cripple Wang. He was also unsure if Song Xiaofeng will help him get back at Cripple Wang. Even if Song Xiaofeng was willing to help him get his revenge, Song Xiaofeng was also no match for Cripple Wang.


Since last night, Feng Yu had asked his men to spread rumours at many nightclubs. The rumours were “Recently, Song Xiaofeng likes to break people’s legs and let them be crippled.” Eight out of ten nightclubs in Bing City were owned by Cripple Wang. These rumours can easily make their way to Cripple Wang’s ears as his men were stationed at all these nightclubs. 

Wu Zhigang and the staffs also exaggerated that Song Laosi will be taking over the whole of Bing City’s underworld. Song Laosi will also be collecting protection fees from businesses in Bing City and they were expanding their territory into Cripple Wang’s area.

Wu Zhigang made sure Cripple Wang’s men heard these rumours so that Cripple Wang gets to know about it.

Early in the morning, Song Xiaofeng's man, Toad came over. He had thought that everything will proceed smoothly and fast. But Feng Yu delayed his time by offering him cigarettes and tea.

When Feng Yu heard that Cripple Wang had left his house, his attitude changed and reject Song Xiaofeng’s proposal. Feng Yu rejected to give them money straight in Toad’s face.

Sure enough, Toad was furious at that time, but if it wasn’t for Feng Yu got more people at the company, Toad would have thrown the stool at Feng Yu.

When Cripple Wang’s car reaches the warehouse door, Feng Yu began to lead Toad to say the words he wanted him to say.

“I have two legs. Even if I offend Master Song, I am still able to run and hide. I am going to close my business now. What else can you all do to me?” Feng Yu said to Toad.

“So, what if you have two legs? I am telling you. Today you will have to agree to our terms even if you are unwilling! Do you believe that I will break your legs and make you a cripple for the rest of your life once you step out of this door?” Toad Shouted.

“Even you break my legs, I can also be successful like Master Crutches!” Feng Yu replied.

“Crutches your ass! You think this is Cripple Wang’s territory and we don’t dare to touch you? Let me tell you, Cripple Wang is also afraid of our Old Master Si. Maybe next time, there will not be any more Cripple Wang. You better …… Ah……! Who are you guys? What are you all doing? Crippled…… Master Crutches?” Toad shouted.

Cripple Wang did not give Toad the opportunity to explain and he directly asked his men to pin him down. He swung his iron crutches and break both of Toad’s legs. He then instructs his men to throw Toad at Song Laosi territory.

Now even a small fry from Song Laosi’s gang dares to insult him, the rumours might be true. Seems like Song Laosi wants to swallow up his territory.

“You are from Tai Hua Trading Company? Who is the boss here?” Cripple Wang asked while sitting on a chair.

“Good morning Master Crutches. I am the person in charge o this company. You can call me Xiao Yu. Turn ye good, I am the head of this company, call me Xiao Feng on the line.” Feng Yu said while passing a cigarette to Cripple Wang.

“Yo, so young and you are running a business? Not bad. What’s your relationship with that guy just now?” Cripple Wang asked. Feng Yu had reminded him of his past when he started his first business.

“That person was Song Xiaofeng’s follower. Yesterday, Song Xiaofeng took a car from me and now, he wanted to take away my business. That was the reason we got into an argument just now. We had just started arguing and you arrived.” Feng Yu replied.

“Well, rest assured. This area is my territory. I will take care of you. Song Laosi will not come again. You just mind your own business and earn as much as you can. If there are people who don’t follow rules and force you to do businesses against your wishes, you can come and look for me. In your free time, visit my nightclubs more often. Young people should frequent such places more.” Cripple Wang said.

Cripple Wang left and, Feng Yu and his staffs were relieved.

This Cripple Wang was the same as the rumours. Although he was a gangster, he will not suppress ordinary folks and other businessmen. He only focuses on his entertainment outlets.

From the incidents that happened today, the war between Song Laosi and Cripple Wang looks set to begin! 

Translator notes: Thank you Josué for the support. I will do my best!

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