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Chapter 43 - Mom and Dad are here

Director Zhao was able to come up with this idea was because of his nephew. His nephew had “inadvertently” revealed to him. Wu Zhigang had told him that Tai Hua Trading is contacting the First Motor Factory in Lin Province. Why not let Bing City Motor Factory take the order and then subcontract to other factories? Even though there will be lesser profits, but at least the factory can also get half.

Director Zhao immediately rush to find Director Li. He was at the door when he heard their conversation. Feng Yu really wanted to give the additional orders to another factory. He immediately barged in.

After the contract was signed, Director Li was full of praise for Director Zhao. If it weren't for Old Zhao's quick thinking, the factory would lose this business.

150,000 units can be passed to three other factories to produce. Each factory 50,000 units and Director Li will split the profits equally with these factories. Bing City Motor Factory will have a profit of at least 600,000 RMB for this order.

Although the profits were less than the expected, it was better than nothing and will not delay the production of military orders. Old Zhao had worked in the factory for so many years. It is time for him to be promoted.


Feng Xingtai and Zhang Muhua had just finished the sowing of their fields and they noticed that Feng Yu is still not back yet. They decided to go to the city to look for him. Every time Feng Yu called them, he will tell them the company is making lots of money. Since they are making money, Feng Xingtai and Zhang Muhua decide to buy a house in the city for their daughter. This way, it will be convenient for their son to go to school as well.

“What? Brother Li, you say my dad and my mom are coming? Almost reaching?” Feng Yu asked.

“Yes, they called last night. I will fetch them at the bus station. I had booked the hotel room too.” Li Shiqiang replied.

Li Shiqiang no longer trades Treasury Bonds. He was very busy at Tai Hua Trading. Feng Yu had told him about Tai Hua Trading’s profits. The profits from Treasury Bonds were peanuts compared to Tai Hua Trading. As such, Li Shiqiang stopped doing the Treasury Bonds trading. Also, that Russian will be coming again soon.

While Li Shiqiang is at the bus station, Feng Yu instructed Wu Zhigang to clean up the office and warehouse.

When the staff heard that the big boss of the company is coming, they hurriedly clean up the whole warehouse. They were worried that the big boss’s temper will be the same as Feng Yu. Will they be asked to go if the big boss feels that their performance is not good?

Manager Feng had said that they will be getting a bonus of 100 RMB this month. If they perform well, they will be getting a year-end bonus of 300 RMB, on top of new year gifts. This is much more compared to what they were getting at the Motor Factory.

Li Shiqiang was worried. Uncle Feng had been putting on a serious face and keeping quiet on the journey to the warehouse.

Upon reaching the company, Li Shiqiang hurriedly got off and opened the door for Feng Xingtai and Zhang Muhua. Li Shiqiang then leads the way. Feng Xingtai had been to the company, but it was the first time for Zhang Muhua.

“Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome!”

At the gate, they saw ten young lads rushed out of the warehouse and stood in two rows clapping and shouting “Welcome” in unison.

“Dad, Mom, you have finally come.” Feng Yu came out and said enthusiastically. 

“What's all this? Get them inside. All these formalities are scaring me!” Feng Xingtai said with a straight face.

“All right, all right. Everyone back to work.” Feng Yu waved and walked over to hold his mother’s hand to lead her inside.

“Mom, you have not been to the company yet. Look, this big warehouse is all ours. What do you think about the décor and renovations? There are offices, meeting rooms, canteen, worker quarters ...” Feng Yu said.

Feng Xintai pulled Feng Yu and whispered: “Where is the toilet?”

“Ah? There, at that corner. In this area, we are the only warehouse with flushing toilets.” Feng Yu said.

Before Feng Yu can finish, his Mom and dad rushed to the toilet. One minute later, both of them came out refreshed. Both of them were so stern throughout the whole journey is because they needed the toilet!

“Mom and Dad, how was that welcome? Do you feel like superstars?” Feng Yu smiled and asked.

“What superstars are you talking about? Do you know why we are here? You had been telling us that you are busy making money. How much have you made? Tell us now!” Zhang Muhua asked. Li Shiqiang had told them that the company had spent over a 100,000 RMB for three cars. This good-for-nothing child! 100,000 RMB can buy three houses in Bing city!

Feng Yu sat on a chair, crossed his legs and began to shake his legs proudly.

Feng Xingtai slapped Feng Yu on his head and said: “Stop shaking and tell us now!”

Feng Yu looked at his mother with innocent and complained: “Mom, dad hit me.”

“You should be slapped. We asked you a question and you are still not answering us! You look at Xiao Li, he is so fast at doing things.” Feng Yu’s mom said.

Li Shiqiang smiled and said: “Uncle, Auntie, Xiao Yu is very capable. This company had made lots of money!”

Feng Yu had just shown a proud expression when he saw his dad raising his hands and is about to slap him again. He hurriedly said: “The company had made more than one million RMB!”


The back of Feng Yu's head was slapped again!

“Dad, why did you hit me again?” Feng Yu asked.

“How many times have I told you to not tell lies. Now you even dare to lie to me? This company had just started not long ago and you are telling me, we had made over a million RMB? You know how much is one million RMB?” Feng Xingtai said angrily.

Feng Yu stood up and replied angrily: “Who is lying? You can ask Brother Li if the company is making so much money?”

Feng Yu’s father and mother turned and looked at Li Shiqiang at the same time. Li Shiqiang nodded and said: “Uncle, auntie, the company really had earned over a million RMB!”

“What? Earned one million?!” Feng Xingtai's voice went from loud to soft. There were many people in the warehouse and he does not want outsiders to know about this.

“Yes, we really make over a million. The orders were signed and we will receive the first payments in a few days. All the money will be in our account half a month later! Dad, Mom, what do you want to buy? Let me know and we will go and buy later!” Feng Yu said proudly.

“Son, are you doing anything illegal? Listen to me. Don’t do anything illegal.” Zhang Muhua said worriedly.

“Mom, what are you thinking? Your son is a genius. I can’t even finish earning from legal means why would I earn from illegal stuff? If you don’t believe, you can ask Brother Li. The money we earned is absolutely clean!” Feng Yu said. But in his heart, the first deal with Kirilenko is not counted.

Li Shiqiang once again acts as a witness for Feng Yu and assured Feng’s father and mother.

In Feng Yu’s mind: “This is wrong. I am your son and Brother Li is only your future son-in-law. Why the both of you don’t believe my words but believe Brother Li’s words? Am I picked up from the dumpster?”

“Now you mentioned, your father and I really wanted to buy something back. We wanted to buy an electric fan. I think it is called Wind and Rain fans. I heard that it is cheap and easy to use. Old Zhao from our village had one which was given to him by his son.” Zhang Muhua said.

“Mom, this Wind and Rain fan is our company. We gave every employee two fans and the profits we made were from selling these fans!” Feng Yu explained.


Feng Yu is slapped on the back of his head again by his father!

“The fans are from our company and yet you don’t give your own family one fan?” Feng Xingtai said.

Feng Yu: “......”

Dad, can we just talk normally?

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