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Chapter 42 - Continuing Orders

181,000 units. This is the total number of units these businessmen wanted. The fatty had ordered 12,000 units and he occupied two Southeast provinces market.

The contract was signed upstairs. All of them agreed to the goods delivered in three batches at an interval of one week. The first batch will be this week and it will be cash on the spot in exchange for the goods. The reason Feng Yu gave was to ease their liquidity. Even if Tai Hua Trading was to deliver all the goods, most of them do not have enough to pay. But the real reason was Feng Yu do not have enough goods on hand.

There were some who said they could not wait and wanted to take all the goods now. But once they saw Feng Yu staring at them, they instantly shut up. This arrangement is also good for these businessmen. Although the quantity is lesser, at least they will not have any liquidity issues and will not need to cooperate with others.

After the first batch of people left, the people waiting outside were worried. They saw the first batch of people carrying a contract each. They were afraid that all the goods were bought by the first batch of people. When Wu Zhigang asked them to go in, they all rushed to Feng Yu.

“Don't you know the rules? Be quiet! Whoever talks again can get out!” Wu Zhigang shouted.

It was the same as the first batch. Wu Zhigang gave them the forms. Those provinces that overlap will stand on the left and the rest on the right.

The conditions were the same. At least 5,000 units for one province. Tai Hua Trading Company will not care if how many of them from the same province split the order, but there can only be one company who is the authorized distributor for that province.

Now there were only seven provinces in the West that have no distributors. These provinces are highlands and there were more nomadic people there. They even have problems accessing to electricity there. As such, the electric fan sales will not be too good.

In view of this, Feng Yu lowered the conditions for these provinces. Those remaining people who were willing take up these provinces could stay, those unwilling can go.

Looking at Feng Yu's attitude, some people left. At the same time, they made up their mind to look for factories to produce themselves.

The seven provinces were eventually taken up by seven people. For these people, Feng Yu not asked them to order more than 5,000 units. 1000 units are enough.

Feng Yu wanted everyone in China to know about the Wind and Rain fans, creating a brand effect.

In the future, this brand effect will inevitably bring more profits to Feng Yu!

“Manager Feng, the total order is 238,000 units. Our existing stocks and those that are being manufactured at the factory is not enough. We need to order another 130,000 units from the Motor Factory.” Wu Zhigang said when he passes a report to Feng Yu.

“Not bad. Starting tomorrow, we can see the money coming in. Arrange the order of delivery from north to south. Our fans will be the best-selling fans in the country!” Feng Yu said.


Director Li had been all smiles this morning. During the morning meeting, all the workshop directors had told him that morale is high on the ground. The workers knew that they have work to do and the factory will be paying them all their salaries.

However, Director Li still have some things to worry about. What is the factory going to do in the second half of the year after the production of this batch of electric fans is completed?

Knock, knock, knock.

“Director Li, Xiao Feng from Tai Hua Trading is here.” Director Li’s secretary said.

“Ask him to come in!” Director Li replied.

Sure enough, the first thing Feng Yu said after entering his office made him jump with joy.

“Director Li, we would like to add more orders to the electric fans. We want to add another 150,000 units.” Feng Yu said.

Wu Zhigang had told him that they were short of 130,000 units. But Feng Yu felt that there will be some distributors who will order more. So, he decided to prepare more units, just in case.

Moreover, the additional 20,000 units are only 500,000 RMB.

Feng Yu is not worried that the domestic market is not able to take in another 20,000 units. Even if the domestic market is not able to take in these 20,000 units, he can always depend on Kirilenko. The Soviet Union might be more advanced than China, but the things they produced were big and bulky. Even though the summer is short in the Soviet Union, this type of beautiful, convenient, cheap electric fans will still be able to sell well there.  

Besides, Feng Yu also gave those businessmen ideas on how to sell, advertise and promote these fans. He even promised to reimburse half of the advertising cost in the provincial newspaper.

Director Li never expected Feng Yu to add 150,000 units.

With this additional order, the factory will have more than 1 million RMB of profit. It will be enough for the all the worker’s salary for the second half of the year.

“No problem. The same conditions. We sign the contract now?” Director Li replied anxiously. He can only calm down after the contract is signed.

“Wait a minute.” Feng Yu suddenly waved his hand. Director Li’s heart skipped a beat. Feng Yu wants to lower the price?

“Manager Feng, this price is very reasonable and cannot be lowered.” Director Li said.

Feng Yu laughed. He did not intend to bargain on the price. What Feng Yu wanted is a faster delivery date!

“Director Li, you misunderstood. I did not intend to bargain! I am talking about time. I need these 150,000 units to be delivered together with the 100,000 units on the same day. If you are able to do it, then I will let you take this order. If you are unable to do it, never mind. I had contacted the First Motor Factory in Lin province. They said that they will be able to deliver.” Feng Yu said.

Director Li grabbed Feng Yu's hand: “Manager Feng, how can you say this. We had a good working relationship, why would you want to pass the order to Lin province’s First Motor Factory? Their factory is much smaller than us and their workers are not as skilled as us. But the time is too short. We will not be able to finish the order. Our factory is now operating twenty-four hours and we even stop working on the military orders.”

“That is your problem. This is the only request I have for this order. If you are able to complete the order based on my request, we will sign the contract immediately. If not, then I’m sorry.” Feng Yu replied.

At this time, Wu Zhigang’s uncle Director Zhao entered the room and said loudly: “We can complete the order!”

Director Li looked at Wu Zhigang. Director Li had started as a worker in this factory and climbed up to where he is now. He knows how many units can the factory produce. It is impossible to produce 250,000 units in two weeks.

But Director Zhao gave Director Li reassuring look and told Feng Yu: Manager Feng, can you give us a minute?”

Feng Yu made a hand gesture and slowly drink from his teacup.

“Old Zhao, I know you want to take on this order. But that Xiao Feng is very smart. He will unquestionably state the date of delivery in the contract and will not let us extend.” Director Li said. He knows that the factory absolutely cannot complete this order.

“Director Li, if they can find the First Motor Factory in Lin province to produce these fans, why can't we do the same?” Director Zhao said.

Director Li’s eyes widen: “You mean we subcontract the order to Lin province's First Motor Factory?” 


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