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Chapter 4 – Returning home

Thank God. The bear stepped on a bigger trap which is meant for bears and fell onto the ground, growling in pain.

Liu Jichuan broke free from the trap around his leg and quickly load his gun.

Crashed ~ ~

Even with the trap, the bear still tries to attack Liu Jichuan. But the trap is attached to a thick metal chain and the other end is tied to a tree. The length of the chain does not allow the bear to reach Liu Jichuan.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Three consecutive gunshots was heard. Feng Yu, Dongjun and Liu Jichuan each fired a shot. The bear was unable to dodged because of the close distance and all three shots hit the bear on it’s head.

The bear fell to the ground and twitched a few times. Blood slowly flow out and stain the snowy grounds.

Liu Jichuan quickly get up, reload his shotgun and slowly approach the bear.


The bear twitched two more times and stop moving.

Liu Jichuan leaned on a tree and reload his shot gun again. With shaking hands, he took out his pack of Black Antelopes Cigarettes and lit one cig.

Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun also walk over, grabbed the cigarette pack and lit one cig each.

“Thanks.” After smoking a cigarette, Liu Jichuan said.

“Ha ha ha, stop thanking us. Brother Chuan, we had hunted a bear and we can definitely sell it for a lot of money!” Wen Dongjun eyes shine when he thought of the envious look from other villagers when they return back to the village.

Feng Yu is speechless towards Wen Dongjun’s attitude. Feng Yu kept looking at Liu Jichuan. Liu Jichuan still have not release his grip on his loaded shotgun.

“Brother Chuan, Dongjun, let’s have a deal. I will buy this bear from both of you and in return, I will lend you my family’s fifty-five horsepower tractor for ploughing and sowing. ” Feng Yu said. He had suddenly thought of this idea. This way, he is able to erase Liu Jichuan’s resentment towards Dongjun and also make a sum of money as start-up capital for his future investments.

He is not able to make much money using the tractor in the village but with this bear, there will be lots of buyers in the city.

Although it is not a good time for investments now, but there is a fantastic opportunity coming up. Initially he thought he would have missed this opportunity but now, not only he is able to grasp this opportunity, his investment plan can be several years ahead of his initial schedule.

Liu Jichuan threw his shotgun on the floor and grab Feng Yu’s hand excitedly. “Really? Will your dad agree to this? ”

“If I promise my dad that I will be admitted to a prestigious high school in the city, he will definitely agree. Dongjun, how about you? You agree to this deal?”

Wen Dongjun said after thinking for a moment: “I will take that lynx and both of you have to tell others that I am the one who hunted it. Also, I am the one who hit the bear first.”

“OK, deal. Let’s hurry make a sledge and go back to the village. This bear weigh at least two to three hundred jin (100 to 150kg). It won’t be easy to bring it back to the village.” Feng Yu said. He is not interested in bragging.

Liu Jichuan checked the bear again. The bear’s body had become cold.  It is surely dead. Liu Jichuan also picked up the lynx. Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun used tree branches and gunny sacks to make a simple sledge. They will be the centre of attraction when they return to the village.


“Old Wen, why is Dongjun not back yet? Could something bad happen to him? Tangjing asked anxiously.

“What can happen to him? He stole my shotgun. He must be hunting at the Duck Ditch. I should be back in half an hour.”

As the two speak, a neighbor ran into his house.

“Village leader, your hero is back!”

“Ah? Old  Zhao, what hero?” Tangjing asked.

“The great hero from your house. Sister-in-law, your son hunted a big game this time. You know what he had caught? A bear. A big bear. He used a sledge to bring it back. Everyone is crowding around looking at the bear! “Said the neighbour excitedly.

Wen Deguang and Tang Jing rushed out and did not even lock their door.

“Small Brother Jun, did you really shot this bear and lynx??” An eight-year-old child asked curiously.

“Of course, if it wasn’t for me, these two beast would have escaped. I chased this bear for  a few miles and kill it with one shot. Of course, Jichuan and Feng Yu helped too.”

Wen Dongjun boasted for the sixth time with the kids. The first version was all three of them hunted the bear together. However, his story slowly changed to him discovering the bear and killing it with a few shots version. Every time he relate the hunt, his story will change to exaggerate his role in the hunt.

Sure enough, this child look at him impressively!

Both Feng Yu and Liu Jichuan did not expose Wen Dongjun’s lies. He is indeed brave but to say that he chase a bear for a few miles, no one will believe. As long as someone who had hunted before will know that he is lying.

When Wen Dongjun began bragging his courageous exploits for the ninth time, someone pulled his ears.

“Ouch, ouch, ouch……. Who the hell …… Mom, Dad?” Wen Dongjun’s voice trembled. He had stolen his father’s shotgun for this hunt. Most likely he will be beaten to death by his father later when he gets home.

However, this beating is worth it. Who else in the village is able to hunt a big bear? Only the best hunter Wen Dongjun!

“Get your ass back home now! The rest of you, stop crowding around. It is getting dark. Hurry back home. ” Wen Deguang had some authority and respect as the village’s leader.

The crowd soon disperse except for Feng Yu, Wen Dongjun and Liu Jichuan’s families. The three families help to carry the bear corpse to Feng Yu’s house which is the nearest.

“Uncle Feng, Feng Yu promise that during spring, after you are done with your ploughing, we can use the tractor. In exchange, the bear will belong to him and the lynx will go to Wen Dongjun. Village leader have the least land, so he can use the tractor to plough the land before me. My family can plough last. But we will need to use the tractor longer.” Liu Jichuan said.

All adults look at Feng Yu. Seeing his father about to get angry, he quickly walkt to his father and whisper something to his ear.

Feng Xingtai looked at Feng Yu and nodded his head towards Liu Jichuan’s father. “Brother Liu, no problem. Leader, what do you think?”

“Ok. It’s settled then. I will bring this lynx back first. Come to my place for a drink later. Old Liu, , and after I am done, everyone come to my house to have a drink. It’s getting dark. We will go back first.” Wen Deguang carried the lynx and left with his wife and son.

Liu Laosi and Feng Xingtai continued discussing about the tractor for a while, and he left satisfied with his son. He did not expect his son would solve the family’s greatest worry with a hunting trip. The wasteland he wanted to cultivate is more than a hundred acres. This year, his family will be out of poverty and next year, he should be able to afford to buy a small horse-power tractor.

After everyone left, Zhang Muhua started complaining to Feng Xingtai: ” Why did you listen to your son’s nonsense? Think about how much we can earn with the tractor if we plough the land for others. What can we do with this bear now? Eat it?”

“Mom, what if I say that I can sell this bear in Bing city for ten thousand dollars?” Feng Yu said.

“How much?” Zhang Muhua asked again.

“Ten thousand! Teacher Sun told me!” Feng Yu said confidently.

Although it is not long before China’s reform and opening up, there are still many households who have ten thousand dollars. For instance, Feng Yu’s family is one of the “ten thousand dollars” household. There are much many rich people and foreigners in the city.

Feng Yu had told his father that this bear is worth ten thousand dollars, cash. Although, lending the tractor to others for land cultivation can also earn ten thousand dollars, but it is also tiring and they can only collect the money in fall after the crops are sold. This sum of money can also earn some interest if kept in the bank.

“Son, you are so smart. Let your father sell the bear in the city tomorrow. He can also grab a set of new clothes for you and your sister on the way. ” Zhang Muhua smiled happily when she heard that the bear is worth ten thousand dollars. Even if the bear is worth only five thousand dollars, it is also worth it compared to lending the tractor to others.

Feng Xingtai glanced at his wife. Son gets all the credit while I only gets blame. Who is the head of the family now?

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