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Chapter 39 - Arrogant Workers

For the past three days, the fans were selling very well. Every day, there were at least 100 units sold and the number is still increasing. On the streets, many people are talking about the fans. The conversations were mostly about someone’s son or daughter bought an electric fan for the family, etc. It is just like the big color TV in the past.

Manager Su had already called and ordered for 200 more fans. The department stores close early and many people don't have time to go there due to their work. However, the cooperatives are different. They close at eight in the evenings. Those who had to work will go to the cooperatives after they finish work. As such, the sales of the fans were the highest at the cooperatives.

A few days ago, Manager Su was still regretting bringing in the fans and using 10,000 RMB for the deposit. Although this way of bringing in goods seems to be more secure than buying the goods and there were no risks, but there was still the 10,000 RMB locked up as the deposit.

Now, Manager Su does not think so. Only a few days had past and it is still not the hottest time of the year yet. So far, the electric fan sales had been good and it will be better in a few days’ time. Since there was no risk and the fans are selling well, why not bring in more goods?

In addition to the cooperatives, the departmental stores were also beginning to order more fans. It is still not the weekends yet. They might be out of stock by weekends. Now, the only fans sold at the stores are Wind and Rain fans. The other brands of fans were not sold at all. Almost everyone talks about the Wind and Rain fans.

Produced by the Motor factory, cheap, fashionable, light, convenient and safe. The First department store even hangs a huge banner outside their store to promote these fans.

Once again, Feng Yu gathered all his staff at the warehouse. Firstly, it is to celebrate the success of the Wind and Rain fans. Everyone had worked hard these few days. Feng Yu gave out a special bonus of 20 RMB for each of his staff to reward them. Secondly, Feng Yu wanted to train them on how to handle customers.

“Xiao Yu, if we were to treat the customers with this type of attitude, will they still buy our fans?” Li Shiqiang frowned. This Feng Yu is not making any sense!

Everyone was happy to receive bonuses, but they can’t accept Feng Yu’s way to treat the customers. It was unacceptable to everyone. Feng Yu had told them that when a customer comes, they don’t need to laugh at his jokes, no need to serve them tea or offer cigarettes. They had to act impatient and don’t care if the customer is buying or not!

The Wind and Rain fans were only popular in Bing City. Feng Yu does not have the time nor energy to develop the distribution channels outside of Bing City. However, Feng Yu knew that there will be some smart businessmen coming to him. The branding of Wind and Rain fans is too strong in Bing City!

Now, there is a strong demand and shortage of supply for Wind and Rain fans in the market. There are definitely many businessmen who wanted to buy the fans at wholesale price. Feng Yu is not worried that his fans do not sell well.

Feng Yu was also taking precaution against the Motor factory. He asked Wu Zhigang to tell Director Zhao that there were rumors that some people wanted compensations from the factory for producing inferior products.

Director Zhao immediately reports this matter to Director Li. Director Li then issued a public statement that the factory had nothing to do with Wind and Rain fans. The factory had only rented their warehouse to Tai Hua Trading company.

Some businessmen went to the Motor Factory, as they wanted to get the goods directly from the source but they were all rejected by the motor factory as the Motor Factory absolutely “did not produce any Wind and Rain fans!” Those few who insisted that it was the Motor Factory manufactured the fans were thrown out by the factory’s securities.

These businessmen had no choice but to go to Tai Hua Trading Company.

As soon as the businessmen entered Tai Hua Trading Company’s warehouse, they frowned. It was not because of the location of the warehouse. These businessmen were from the south and had even been to companies located in small villages. They frowned because of the number of stocks in the warehouse. There were only a few hundred fans in the warehouse. Does that mean that Tai Hua trading also had limited stocks?

“Excuse me. Is this Tai Hua trading company? Are the Wind and Rain fans from your company?” Zhang Ruikun, a businessman from Shen City asked politely.

“Who are you? The Wind and Rain electric fans are from our company. What has this got to do with you?” Wu Zhigang said.

Zhang Ruikun was shocked. What is wrong with this guy? However, Zhang Ruikun tolerated Wu Zhigang’s attitude as he still wants to make money.

“This is my business card. I am the general manager of Jinyuan Trading Company and would like to speak to your manager.” Zhang Ruikun said.

“Not free! Our boss is busy. Can’t you see I am busy too? Go away.” Wu Zhigang said rudely.

Zhang Ruikun is speechless and thought to himself: “Didn’t you hear me? I am here to discuss business with your boss. Aren’t you afraid that your boss will know about your attitude towards your customers? If you are from my company, I would have fired you a long time ago! Wait till I see your boss!”

Zhang Ruikun put on a smiling face and at the same time, took out a packet of Double Happiness cigarettes and pass one stick to Wu Zhigang: “Brother, have a cigarette.”

“Get lost! How can you smoke in a warehouse.” Wu Zhigang scolded.

Zhang Ruikun paused and quickly pass the whole packet of cigarette to Wu Zhigang: “Brother, don't be angry. It is all my fault. You keep this packet of cigarette and smoke later. I am here to speak to your boss about Wind and Rain fans. I want to buy some back.”

Wu Zhigang kept the cigarettes in his pocket and then looked at Zhang Ruikun: “You want to buy our fans? Why don't you say earlier?”

Zhang Ruikun wanted to cry. He thought: “I wanted to say but have you gave me an opportunity to say?” Zhang Ruikun can only smile and nodded his head: “Yes, yes, yes. It is all my fault. I had forgotten to tell you.”

Wu Zhigang had an “of course it is your fault” expression and asked slowly: “Then how many units do you intend to consign?”

“Consign?” Zhang Ruikun is in doubt. “What consign? I want to purchase a batch of fans and sell it at Shen City.”

“Purchase? We do not sell these fans. We only do consignments! We do not have many fans left to sell ourselves.” Wu Zhigang said and waved his hand. He then turns away to carry on his own business.

Zhang Ruikun pulled Wu Zhigang: “Brother, brother. I know that you are holding a senior position in the company. Please sell some to me. One thousand units will do. I will give you 1 RMB per unit.”

Wu Zhigang brushed off Zhang Ruikun’s hand and pointed to the warehouse door: “You want to bribe me? Get out!”

“Brother, if you think 1 RMB is too little, we can discuss how much.” Zhang Ruikun pleaded.

“Out!” Wu Zhigang shouted.

“Sorry, sorry. It is all my fault. In fact, I myself, also despised bribery but everyone in the south does this. Brother, can you speak to your boss to sell me some fans? We can discuss the price. I am willing to pay 35 RMB for a unit.” Zhang Ruikun said.

Zhang Ruikun had calculated. The cost for one electric fan is about 30 RMB. The cost will even be lower if it is produced in large scale (Economies of scale). The price he offers will allow Tai Hua Trading company to earn a profit of 5 RMB per unit. That means a total of 5,000 RMB profits for 1,000 units!

Of course, once after he shipped the fans back to Shen City, he will sell one unit for 50 or 60 RMB. He still can get a profit of 10 RMB.

“35 RMB? It is not even enough to cover the cost! The cost for the smaller model is about 40 RMB and the bigger one is about 50 RMB. Since you are very sincere, I will give you some news. If you really want to buy, come again at 10 o'clock in the morning tomorrow. Ok. That is enough chatting for today. I still got many things to do. Bye!” Wu Zhigang said.

Zhang Ruiqiang left. He got to raise some money from friends. He must get the fans tomorrow when he meets the boss. He can tell that these fans will be selling fast in Shen City, just like Bing City.

The same thing happened to more than 10 people. Every one of them got the same treatment and message. All of them will be coming in at 10 o'clock the next morning, to talk to the boss in person.

Feng Yu, on the other hand, is currently in Motor Factory Director Li's office.

Author’s notes: That era, the southern provinces, especially the coastal areas, have a lot of businessmen. These businessmen are very smart and kept looking out for goods to trade. Many made their fortune from trading.

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