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Chapter 34 - Fan

Zhang Ruiqiang looks at the Feng Yu’s prepared documents. All necessary documents are in place. The documents are ready but the company's general manager, does not seems to be the person in front of him.

“Who is Feng Xingtai?” Zhang Ruiqiang asked.

“That's my dad. He went out to do sales. Chief Zhang, what other documents do you need from me?” Feng Yu asked.

“Everything’s here. You fill up this and come back in one-week time.” Zhang Ruiqiang said.

Feng Yu is a bit disappointed. Why didn’t Zhang Ruiqiang make things difficult for him so he can have the chance to build a good relationship with him? But at the same time, Feng Yu knew that Zhang Ruiqiang had a good reputation. If not, how can Zhang Ruiqiang promote so fast in the future?

Feng Yu is in a very good mood when he left the Foreign Trade Office. Once the import papers are out, his company can earn a lot of money!

Once back at the company, Feng Yu sent all the lads out to do market research. Don’t know what is market research? No problem. You just go to every major marketplace, shops and ask what are the things that sell well in the Soviet Union and what are the things they want from the Soviet Union.

Although these young men have no experience, they are willing to endure hardship and they are also very smart. But after sending them all out, Feng Yu regretted.

Feng Yu is alone in the large warehouse. There is no one to speak to, no computers and no television. The warehouse is also stuffy and is no wind at all. With nothing to do, Feng Yu can only start writing the company’s rules and regulations.

Then Feng Yu suddenly had inspiration and started writing the rules. He had only wanted to write 108 rules but found that it is not enough. Will 1008 rules too much for his staff?

When Feng Yu is writing rule number 368, the lads came back. Everyone is sweating buckets. It is only the start of summer and the weather is so hot.

“Buy some electric fans tomorrow. The heat is killing me.” Feng Yu said.

“Manager Feng, electric fans are very expensive and still need to use electricity. We can just use normal fans.” One of the lads said.

Handheld fan

These lads are feeling embarrassed. Last month, they did not do anything and Feng Yu still give them 100 RMB salary each. Where else can they find such good boss? As such, they want to save for Feng Yu.


Feng Yu asked: “How much is the electric fan?”

"The cheapest electric fan in the mall is more than 100 RMB. The better ones are about 400 to 500 RMB.” The lad replied.

What the hell? The electric fan so expensive now? There should be no technologies involved for electric fans. There should be at least 8,000 to 10,000 factories producing fans in China now. Why did the price still so high?

“Yes. I bought one electric fan for my family a few days ago. About this big and can still rotate. It is made of metal and the wind is strong.” Another lad said.

Wait a minute. All metal? So, one electric fan, made from steel should be at least more than 5 KG? Now steel is not cheap. No wonder the electric fans are so expensive. It is all material costs.

A standing metal fan

But are these manufacturers stupid? Why use steel? There is plastic now. Light and durable. This way, the cost will be lowered.

“Big Li, do we have any factories producing electric fans in Bing City?” Feng Yu asked one of the lads.

Everyone turned and look at Feng Yu, making him confused.

“We are from the factory that produces electric fans. Our fans are very durable. The one at my house is six years old and there is no problem.” The lad said.

Feng Yu forgot that these lads are the children of the motor factory workers. An electric fan can last for six years? No wonder the factory can't make money!

“Who knows the factory leader?” Feng Yu asked.

All the lads looked at the Wu Zhigang. This Wu Zhigang is the son of the factory leader?

“My uncle is the head of the second workshop. Can be considered a leader. But now the second workshop is operating one day and rest two days. Even if they produce more products, they have no way to sell them.” Wu Zhigang said.

“Go visit your uncle. Tell him I am giving them a big order!” Feng Yu said.


“Xiao Gang, is this your friend?” Wu Zhigang’s Aunt sighed. This kid chose dinner time to visit. It’s fine if he comes alone for dinner, but he brought a friend along? Now the factory is not making money. Wu Zhigang’s uncle is only getting 50% of his monthly salary for the past few months.

“Good afternoon Aunty. We are looking for Director Zhao.” Feng Yu said with his most handsome smile.

“Xiao Gang just came. Must have not eaten. The food will be ready soon. Let’s eat together.” Director Zhao said. He was sitting on the sofa watching TV when he saw his nephew brought a friend over. He thought Wu Zhigang must have fought with other people and came over to hide.

But something is not right. How come he is carrying cigarettes and alcohol? Did this kid steal from the factory?

“Hi, Director Zhao. I am Feng Yu, deputy manager of Tai Hua Trading Company. I have some business to discuss with you.” Feng Yu said.

Director Zhao looked at Feng Yu. What did this kid say? He is the deputy manager of a trading company? How old is he?

“Sit down, what do you want to buy? But let me be straight. We will not sell the factory’s products cheaply to you!” Director Zhao said.

Feng Yu smiled and said: “I want to buy a batch of electric fans.”

“Fan? How much do you want?” Although there is no stock in the factory, their workshop can easily produce hundreds of units a day. If the order is big, he can let other workshops to produce together. If not, he can let the workers work overtime.

“The first batch, I want 10,000 units.” Feng Yu said.

“How many? 10,000 units? No problem, I can deliver within 10 days!” Director Zhao is overjoyed. If he can sell 10,000 fans, it will be enough for this month factory’s salary.

“Director Zhao, slow down. What I wanted is not the current fans that your factory is producing. I want something smaller and lighter.” Feng Yu said.

Now, the electric fans produced are those standing fans. Every fan is more than one meter tall and weighs a ton. Feng Yu wanted those small table fans. In addition, Feng Yu wanted to use plastic as the main material. Unless necessary, all metal parts have to be replaced by plastic, especially the blades.

“Smaller and lighter? What do you mean?” Director Zhao asked.

“Except for the parts where steel is needed, the rest will be plastic. For example, the fan blades. The height should be about thirty to forty centimeters and the motor can also be smaller.” Feng Yu said while gesturing with his hands.

“If it produces this way, who would buy it? Firstly, the wind does not reach your face. Secondly, it will not be durable.” Director Zhao said.

Feng Yu smiled and said: “Director Zhao. Don’t worry about this. I will order 10,000 units first. Just tell me if it can be done and how much is the cost.”

Director Zhao hesitated for a while. The factory is able to produce the fans Feng Yu wanted but can it really sell? Aren’t these inferior products? Will their factory’s reputation be tarnished?

“I need to speak to my leader first.” Director Zhao said.

“Director Zhao, very soon your workshop will not be able to pay your workers’ wages. I heard the consumer products your factory produce is not doing well in the market and sales have been dropping. Look at your dinner. There is not even a meat dish. You don’t have to worry if I am not able to pay you. You can ask Xiao Gang how much is he getting a month. He had started working for my brother-in-law three months ago.” Feng Yu said.

Wu Zhigang said: “Uncle. I am earning 100 RMB a month and there are bonuses at the end of the month. The company also provide lodgings and meals.”

Director Zhao said surprisingly: “You earn 100 RMB a month?” The average wages of their factory workers are not even 100 RMB!

What trading company is this? Feng Yu seems quite rich. This matter must be reported to the leaders immediately. The workers are still waiting for their wages.

“I will go to Factory Director Li's home now. You all eat first. Don't wait for me!” Director Zhao said.

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