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Chapter 33 – Isn’t this?

One meal and his problem are settled. It is only after the meal, Feng Yu remembered that this is the year when trades between China and the Soviet Union reach its peak. The nation’s leaders had already spoken and even if Feng Yu didn’t ask for help, he should also be able to get approval.

As a matter of fact, the trade between Longjiang and the Soviet Union has never ceased. Even during the times when Sino-Soviet diplomatic relations are strained, there are still a lot of smuggling activities.

During winter, when the rivers are frozen, one can just drive a truck over to the Soviet Union. When the relationship between both countries is better, there are some border checks. But these checks are just formalities.

Just look at Lada and Volga cars. In Heilongjiang, the number of Lada and Volga cars is the highest in the country. There are more Lada and Volga in Heilongjiang than the total number of China’s imported cars.

The next morning, Feng Yu drove to the Office of Foreign Trade. The Office of Foreign Trade is located in a building with many other departments. There are many people queuing at other departments but only the Foreign Trade department is empty. It seems that Chief Lee is not doing well.

A man came out after Feng Yu knocked on the door. Feng Yu explained his intentions and was invited in.

Chief Lee is reading the papers and ignores Feng Yu. This is a common method for people of high positions to show their superiority. However, this might work for others but not Feng Yu.

Chief Lee quietly raises his head and look at Feng Yu. Feng Yu is sitting comfortably on the sofa with his legs crossed. Chief Lee thought to himself: “ This kid is not anxious at all.”

“Cough ~ ~ Xiao Feng, when did you come in?” Chief Lee asked.

“I just arrived. Sorry to disturb you.” Feng Yu said politely. Feng Yu thought to himself: “I don’t believe your secretary did not report to you when I come in.”   

“By the way, yesterday you said that you have a company that wants to apply for import permits?” Chief Lee asked.

“Yes.” Feng Yu replied.

“We had discussed this during a meeting yesterday. We can approve your application but there will be some restrictions.” Chief Lee said.

“If the government does not allow me to import certain items, I will never import those items.” Feng Yu replied. In his heart: “What rubbish. I can make so many profits with normal commodities, why should I go and touch those contraband?”

Feng Yu is very clear. He will only Import the things that he is permitted to import.

“How much do you import and export in a year? I meant the value of the goods.” Chief Lee asked.

Feng Yu paused to think for a while and said: “There should be 5 million this year.”

Six months have 5 million, then for one year should be over 10 million? Even if I discounted the amount, there should still be 7 to 8 million. This young man’s business is really big.

Feng Yu added: “In Rubles.”

Chief Lee took a deep breath. Ruble? Convert to RMB, it should be 30 to 40 million? This is not some small trades. Even some State-owned factories did not have so much in a year.

Their Foreign Trade Office’s import task is only to get 100 million Rubles and this boy can achieve one-tenth of the target?

Although surprised, but Chief Lee acted calm and replied nonchalantly: “ok.”

Feng Yu had checked. 10 million Rubles for a year of import and export is not the highest in Longjiang. But for private enterprise, it is definitely the highest. Now Chief Lee knows about Feng Yu’s ability, it is Feng Yu’s turn to get some perks from him.

“Chief Lee, what does out province lack? As long as the Soviet Union allows to export, I can get whatever you need. Maybe our province will be the province with the most trade with the Soviet Union within two years. If there are more trading companies, then there will be more taxes. Of course, this is all under the leadership of Chief Lee.” Feng Yu said.

“Ah ~ ~  It is Secretary Zhao and Governor Wang’s credit.” Chief Lee is overjoyed but pretended to be humble.

If the Foreign Trade Office is able to let these companies can earn foreign exchanges and increase taxes, it would be a big political achievement for him. Maybe he can even be promoted before his retirement. But firstly, this company must be as good as what Feng Yu said.

Chief Lee had asked his men to check Feng Yu’s company. The registered capital is only 200,000 RMB, and yet Feng yu claims to be able to achieve 10 million Rubles worth of trades? This kid must be using some loopholes!

This era, the laws are not perfect. There are many loopholes to be exploited. For instance, Li Shiqiang’s Treasury bonds business is also considered a loophole. If it is like Feng Yu’s previous life, there will be internet and the prices will be the same everywhere.

But now, this loophole can be exploited, extremely lucrative and also legitimate. Only a handful of people knows about this.

Chief Lee doesn’t care what loopholes Feng Yu is trying to exploit. He only wants to hit his own quota of 100 million. It is better if Feng Yu is caught doing something illegal and his assets will be confiscated. This way, Tai Hua Trading Company will become one of Foreign Trade Office units.

The important thing is that with this is the first private company. He can answer to his leaders and also let the leaders will notice his department more.

“Here, brings this note to Deputy Chief Zhang. He will tell you the relevant formalities and what to do.” Chief Lee said.

Feng Yu looked at the note. There is nothing much written on the note. But Feng Yu had heard that Government officials have secret codes in their writings. For instance, the signature and punctuation marks. However, Feng Yu did not notice anything special with this note.

“Thanks, Chief Lee. Once the approval papers are out, let’s have a meal together again. I would like to receive some guidance from you.” Feng Yu said.

Chief Lee is very satisfied with Feng Yu’s attitude. But treating him to a meal? Forget it. Now the top is clamping down hard on corruptions. If Feng Yu got caught abusing some loopholes, he might get into trouble too.

Holding the Chief Lee’s note, Feng Yu went to Deputy Zhang’s office.

Feng Yu felt this Deputy Zhang looked a bit familiar when he enters the office. Feng Yu saw some documents laying around and these documents were signed off by the name Zhang Ruiqiang. Feng Yu remembered.

Isn’t this Deputy Zhang is the future Bing City’s Mayor! It happened during 1997 privatization of State-owned enterprises. At that time, Zhang Ruiqiang was scolded by Bing City citizens but later, a lot of people said that he did the right thing. If not for Zhang Ruiqiang’s determination for privatization, many people are still not laid off and still earning miserable salaries. These people’s lives became better after privatizations.

In future, he will be one of the leaders in the ministries and commissions. If Feng Yu is able to get hold of him, Feng Yu will be getting a lot of benefits later. Feng Yu never expect to see Zhang Ruiqiang in the Foreign Trade Office department now. In Feng Yu’s mind: “How do I build a good relationship with him? Seems like it will be a painstaking task.” 

Feng Yu does not expect Zhang Ruiqiang to help him much in future. Feng Yu only needs Zhang Ruiqiang to be fair and not let others find trouble with him. Within the next few years, Feng Yu’s business will be expanding and there will be many people creating problems and trouble for Feng Yu.

“Chief Zhang. I had come to do the paperwork for my company’s import permit.” Feng Yu had omitted the word “Deputy”, making Zhang Ruiqiang’s title nicer.

Deputy Zhang looked up and said: “Have you brought all your documents? Let me see.”

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