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Chapter 318 – University, a small-scale society

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In the end, Feng Yu left grumpily. Before he left, he pointed to his pager on his waist. Feng Yu had already bought Beijing’ pager before he came here. It was the one with Chinese characters. The pager charges were too high!

Feng Yu did not board the bus back to the railway station. He just flagged a taxi.

“Beijing University. Thank you.”

The driver did not drive off. Beijing University was not far from Beijing Teaching University, but it was still over 10 kilometers away. The fare will not be cheap. How can a student afford? There were also a lot of poor students at Beijing University too!

Feng Yu took out 2 ten RMB notes: “Keep the change.”

The taxi driver immediately drove off. It was his lucky day to meet a wealthy student. The diver had to drive more than 10 hours to earn this much. He wondered about the upbringing of this kid. Didn’t his parents tell him to not be a spendthrift?

“Sir, is there any apartments for sale near Beijing University and Beijing Teaching University?”

When Feng Yu saw the state of Beijing Teaching University dormitory, he could have guessed how his dorm at Beijing University would be like. It must be old, and the windows might even be made of wood.

After Feng Yu started university, he wants to brainwash Li Na to achieve his desire to wash Li Na.

It would be too challenging to bring Li Na to a hotel for their first time. If he has a house here, then it will be much easier. Next year, it will be too late for Li Na’s father to oppose their relationship.

Classes in university were more relaxed than high school. Beijing university now was also not as big as the future years. Feng Yu could just get a motorcycle, and he will not be late.

The driver nearly slammed the brakes. What? This kid still wants to buy an apartment?

Did these outsiders think that Beijing apartments cost as cheap as their countryside? Furthermore, the sales of private apartments had only started a few years ago. Who would want to sell their apartments to you?

“I am not sure. You can ask other people.”

Feng Yu sighed. In the future, there will be housing agents everywhere. Where did all the housing agents go to now? Without housing agents, how would he buy an apartment?

His Beijing dealer was also not reliable. All the houses and apartments he recommended to Feng Yu was too far from his schools.


At Beijing University, Feng Yu carried his suitcase up the stairs to his dormitory slowly. He had used all his strength when he helped Li Na with her luggage. Luckily, he does not have lots of luggage. If he needs anything, he can just buy it. There were still a few stalls selling daily necessities outside the school.

“Hi everybody, I am Feng Yu. I am in the management faculty. I am from Bing City.”

“You are finally here. All of us will be in the same class. We are all waiting for you. He is also from Bing City. You did not take the bus from the railway station?” Someone in his early 20s said, and he pointed to a shy looking classmate.

“You are also from Bing City? Then you must be Wang Lei of Sixth High School. I am from Third High School.” There were only a few students from Bing City that entered Beijing University, and there was only one student that was on the same faculty with Feng Yu. Feng Yu had found out before coming to Beijing. He wanted to recruit this student to work for his company in the future.

Wang Lei stood up and stretched out his hand: “Hi. I know you. You are the one that was exempted from the entry exams. You are the same as our roommate Li Yong.”

Feng Yu’s exemption of the entry exams had spread throughout Bing City. Almost all the schools in Bing City had used Feng Yu to encourage their students.

All of Feng Yu’s roommates introduced themselves and their age. That person in his early 20s stood up and said: “I am the oldest in our dormitory and I am also from Beijing. In the future, if any of you have any problems, you can come to me. I will help you.”

Feng Yu looked at this “big brother”. He was a few years older than the rest of them, and he should have failed the entrance exams several years. But this person was able to lead. He had some leadership skills. Maybe because he was also from Beijing. Since you said that you can help if we have any problems, then I shall see if you can help me.

“Tian Lei, are you familiar with the places around our school? Do you know if there are any apartments for sales nearby?”

Tian Lei had a shocked expression: “You want to buy an apartment? Why are you buying an apartment for? The rules in our dormitory are stringent. If any students did not return to the dormitory at night, they would be punished.”

This Feng Yu was not that old, and from his dressing, Tian Lei knew that Feng Yu’s family must be wealthy. The pager that was clipped on his waist was the latest model. But Tian Lei did not expect that this Feng Yu’s family to be so wealthy to even want to buy an apartment for Feng Yu in Beijing. What if Feng Yu was posted back to his city and he can’t sell off his apartment in Beijing?

“Of course, it is for me to stay. I have more things, and I am also lazy. I am not used to tidying my things. This dormitory will not be able for me to keep all my things. Don’t worry. I will only go back to the apartment on weekends. I will still be staying here on weekdays.”

Feng Yu still needs to take care of his businesses. With an apartment, he can use it as his office. Also, he can also bring Li Na over. This was his real reason.

“Ermmm…… I know on the West gate there are two newly built apartment buildings. But I am not sure if those apartments are for sales. I will help you ask. The military training camp will only start the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow I will help you ask around and give you an answer tomorrow evening.”

Huh? He was so confident that he could get an answer tomorrow evening? That means this Tian Lei’s family really have some connections in Beijing.

“Thank you. By the way, what activities had all of you planned?”

“We will all be classmates for the next 4 years. So, we decided to eat out and have some drinks together. We can also get to know each other better.”

Feng Yu nodded. “Fine. Since I made all of you waited for so long, it will be my treat tonight.”

Feng Yu knew the importance of having good relationships with classmates. The faster way was to use his money to build up their friendship.

All the roommates were happy when they heard Feng Yu was going to treat them. All of them were still students, and their families were not very rich either. All of them could tell that this Feng Yu’s family must be very wealthy.

Only Tian Lei was not that happy. He was the oldest there, and he wanted to be the leader of the dormitory. He was the one who suggested dinner together. He also wanted his roommates to support him to be the class monitor or at least be the vice monitor.

But Feng Yu said he would be treating all of them, and if Feng Yu wanted to be the monitor, the rest of the roommates would surely support him.

Feng Yu could tell what Tian Lei was thinking, and he smiled: “Tian Lei is the oldest among us, and he is also from Beijing. I think he is the best person to be our dormitory leader. Oh, Tian Lei, do you want to be part of the class committee? What position do you want to be? Tell us. We will all vote for you.”

Tian Lei was overjoyed. Feng Yu does not have the intention to be on the class committee? That’s right. Feng Yu’s family is so wealthy, and he does not need a title in the class committee.

“Thank you for your support. If I can become the class monitor, I promise to put in my best efforts in helping any of you if you encounter any problems in Beijing!” Tian Lei expressed that he wanted to be the class monitor.

“Fine. Let’s go. We can talk during dinner. If we go there later, it might be too crowded.”

Everybody wanted to be on the class committee except for Feng Yu. Feng Yu also do not want to take part in other after-school activities. It was because he does not have the time!

I am here to learn management and also look for managerial talents to recruit. At the same time, I am here to fulfill my parents’ dreams. All of you are here to get better job opportunities. All of you can try to get the title of being in the class committee.

Our goals in life are not the same!

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