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Chapter 3 – Bear

Once home, Feng Yu quickly grabbed the shotgun, meet u with Wen Dongjun and proceed to meet Liu Jichuan.

Liu Jichuan froze for a minute when he saw Feng Yu holding a shotgun but he did not say anything. He grabbed his own hunting rifle and walk together with Feng Yu and DongJun, towards the Duck Ditch.

“Feng Yu, you said you didn’t wanted to go, but why change your mind?” Liu Jichuan suddenly asked while they were walking.

“I have nothing to do at home anyway. So, I decide to join you guys.” Feng Yu answered, looking carefully Liu Jichuan. Feng Yu noticed that Liu Jichuan does not have any changes in his expression. Could he have misunderstood him?

“I knew you wanted to go. Follow me today and I will make sure that you won’t go home empty handed.”

They walked about one hour before they reach the Duck Ditch. Liu Jichuan pulled a pack of “Black Antelope cigarettes from his pocket. He took a stick out and offered the pack to Feng Yu and Dongjun.

“I don’t smoke.” Feng Yu waved his hand. Even if he wanted to smoke, he would not smoke this kind of filter-less dry tobacco cigarettes. Only those hardcore smokers can withstand this type of cigarettes.

Wen Dongjun also waved his hand: “Brother Chuan, I don’t smoke too. However, when we are on our way back, and I am too tired to walk, I will take one cig from you.”

“OK, I will let the both of you experience my shooting skills. Remember, do not run around in this area. There are many hunting traps laying around here. Most importantly, when not using the gun, always point the muzzle was down. This is to prevent accidental fire. Don’t open fire too hastily. It is better to miss than to accidentally hurt someone. “Liu Jichuan said.

Pheasant “I know. Hurry up. A pheasant just flew passed!” Wen Dongjun urged.

Feng Yu looked at Liu Jichuan curiously. From the way he speak, he seems to have no intention of hurting Dongjun. Is it because I joined them for this hunt or I am thinking too much, it was really an accident.

“Follow me and try to step where I step. OK, stop. Feng Yu, you take cover behind this tree. You can load the rounds but point the gun down. ”

“Brother Chuan, let the Dongjun stay here. I will hide at the tree in front.” Feng Yu is still weary of letting Wen Dongjun alone with Liu Jichuan.

“Well then, Dongjun stay here. We will be thirty meters apart. Even if the gun misfire, no one will be killed. Remember to stay near this tree. There are traps for big games around this vicinity. Stepping on a big trap can be very dangerous. “Liu Jichuan ordered.

Wen Dongjun waved his hand indicating them to go faster. He then lean on the tree loading rounds into his gun while looking in front.

“You squat here. Do not shout unless you notice a big game. I will go there. We will go back in an hour’s time” Liu Jichuan instruct and walked towards the front in the deep snow.

“OK.” Feng Yu nodded and start loading his shotgun.

No matter how you look at Liu Jichuan, he does not look like he is going to harm Dongjun. But how to explain the trace of resentment in his eyes earlier in the afternoon? Feng Yu is confident that he cannot be wrong about Jichuan with his forty something years of life experience.

Deer After waiting for nearly half an hour, Wen Dongjun grew impatient. There are no pheasants, let alone larger games like roe deers, Lynx (wild cats), foxes, etc. He wondered if they are going home empty handed today.

They had walked more than an hour to reach here and will take more than an hour to walk back. Furthermore, they had been waiting for an hour in this cold place.

Wen Dongjun blew his nose. He should have followed Feng Yu’s suggestion and stayed at home playing poker. It will be much more comfortable compared to this.


Lynx A gunshot was heard in the distance. Wen Dongjun straightened up and looked over. Liu Jichuan had shot a Lynx.

Wen Dongjun excitedly stood up and ran towards Liu Jichuan, forgetting that he is not supposed to ran about.

Liu Jichuan suddenly ran out of the woods, crossing his hands to signal Dongjun. Wen Dongjun thought that Liu Jichuan is showing off to him and ran even faster. However, Feng Yu can tell thatLiu Jichuan is trying to let Dongjun not to go over.

Feng Yu grabbed Wen Dongjun: “Dongjun, don’t go there, there are traps in this wood!”

“what’s there to be afraid off? See these footprints? As long as I follow these footprints, I won’t fall into any traps?” Wen Dongjun said indifferently, “the lynx might be still alive. I have not seen a live Lynx before.”

Feng Yu wanted to say something, but noticed that Liu Jichuan suddenly ran towards them like crazy and shouted: “Hurry, run! Follow the footprints!”

Not far away, a huge shadow emerged from the woods. A bear!

“Brother Chuan, dodge!” Wen Dongjun aimed his gun. He had not shot any bears yet in his life!

Feng Yu did not know what to say. Is this Dongjun stupid or brave. Unless that big bear is shot in it’s vital areas such as the eyes, it can’t be killed easily. With it’s thick hide, even ten rounds might not kill it!

Liu Jichuan hurriedly lie flat on the snow the same time Wen Dongjun fired. Missed! Instead of injuring the bear, the shot made the bear even more angry!

“Stop aiming and quickly run!” Feng Yu pulled Dongjun. With your shooting skills, by the time you hit the bear, the bear’s will be right in front of your face.

All three ran like crazy. But because of the snow, they are not able to run fast. Especially, they are still holding on to their heavy guns.

“Do not run towards there. There are traps!” Liu Jichuan shouted loudly.

Feng Yu grabbed Wen Dongjun and changed directions. However, there is no way for these three to out run a bear in this thick snow. The distance between them and the bear is getting closer. Liu Jichuan is only thirty meters away from the bear.

“Brother Chuan, lead the bear here!” Feng Yu grit his teeth and pulled Wen Dongjun towards the traps area. If the bear is not caught by the traps, then at least one out of the three of them will have to die here, of course, this person is most likely to be Liu Jichuan.

At this moment, Liu Jichuan had no other choice. He did not even have time to load his gun. He hurried ran towards Feng Yu. If he unluckily stepped on any traps, he will definitely be dead.

Should bears be hibernating at this time of the year? Why is this bear running about now? If the bear is just passing by, it should come towards us if we are hiding. This bear must be starving and came out of hibernation to look for food. Moreover, the bear is aggitated by the gun shoot. When facing an enraged bear, even the most experience hunter with a pack of hunting dogs will have to run.

Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun quickly load their guns and watched Liu Jichuan ran towards them with the bear following behind closely.

Liu Jichuan prayed to not step on any traps while he ran. With the heavy snow, he could not see if there are any traps on the ground.


A trap triggered. Liu Jichuan fell to the ground. Fortunately for him, it was a small animal trap. He sat on the ground and tried to his leg from the trap with both his hands. The bear is getting closer and closer. There is only less than ten meters between him and the bear.


A gunshot. The bear took a step back and there are bloodstains on its ear.

Roar ~ ~ ~

The bear became even more aggressive!

With his hands trembling, Feng Yu held onto his gun. Adding both his past and present lives, he had only shoot small birds.


One more shot was fired. Some blood stain appeared on the bear’s mouth. Wen Dongjun had also hit the bear.

But the bear is not down yet. Instead, the bear increased its speed and rushed towards Liu Jichuan who is still on the ground.

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