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Chapter 27 - Sentiments

 In the blink of an eye, it is late June and also the high school entrance exams of Longjiang province.

The exams in this era are not as crazy as the exams in future, where there are parents waiting outside the classroom to pass their kid's towels and water. This is especially so for this small farm. There is not much attention to the exams at all.

However, the leaders at the farm and the school knew the importance of this exam. The more students that can be admitted into high schools and vocational schools, the greater the credit is for the leaders and teachers.

Firstly, is the food in the school canteen. There are more varieties and the prices are cheap. Those first years and second years are on holidays. So, there are lesser people at the school and the taste becomes better.

The food gave Feng Yu the biggest impression for this exam.

As for the examination, there is no comparison with the future. In his previous life, Feng Yu had studied at university and after graduation, he got to take the examination for the broker license. There were fierce competitions for every examination. As such, he is unfazed by the atmosphere of the current exam.

The exams went on for three days. Feng Yu felt that he had done well for his exams. The school teachers asked them to list the three schools they wanted to enter and Feng Yu listed the three high schools in the city. His first choice is the best high school in the city.

Because of Feng Yu’s influence, their class worked hard during this semester. Feng Yu knew that compared to his previous life, many of his classmates who had entered Vocational school had registered for high schools. Even if they can’t enter the city’s high school, they can also enter the high schools in the rural districts.

“Feng Yu, how were your exams?” Li Na came over and asked. She is wearing the red hair clip Feng Yu bought for her.

“I should do well. Should not have any problem to enter the city’s High School. What about you?” Feng Yu said as he snatched the apple from Li Na’s hands. Feng Yu doesn’t mind Li Na had already bitten the apple and he took a big bite off the apple. Li Na didn't say anything, she was used to it.

“I should do well on my exams too. How did you fill out your high school list? Let me see.” Li Na whispered. She wants to go to the same high school with Feng Yu, the same university and then ……

Li Na, also filled in the same three high schools as Feng Yu list. Seeing Feng Yu stretching over to see Li Na’s form, she quickly turns over the form.

Wen Dongjun suddenly comes over: “Li Na, you and Feng Yu choose the same high schools?”

“How did you know?” Li Na panicked. She was found out?

“I guessed. But now, I am sure.” Wen Dongjun had a “my evil plans had succeeded” look while Li Na blushes.

Feng Yu gave Wen Dongjun a push and said to Li Na: “Ignore him. I am going to the city with Dongjun in two days. You want to join us?”

“Go and play in the city?” Li Na's eyes brighten up, but she knew her parents will never agree. “I am not going. You two go ahead. I still have things to do.” Li Na said.

There is some disappointment in Feng Yu’s eyes. Both of them had been studying and playing together for the whole semester. Feng Yu also felt Li Na’s attitude towards him had changed drastically from the first time they met. How can Feng Yu not have feelings for her?

Besides, Li Na is very beautiful and is the belle of the school. If she dresses up a little, she will definitely be more beautiful. 

Rumors of Feng Yu and Li Na dating had spread in the class. But both of them had never admitted or denied. Even Teacher Sun knew about this rumor but he did not object. It is normal for students of their age to start dating as it is part of puberty. Anyway, once they entered high school, they will be separated.

After Li Na left, Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun submitted their list and went back to their dormitory to pack their belongings.

“Eh, what if you and Li Na didn’t enter the same high school? Aren’t you afraid if Uncle Feng found out that you and Li Na are dating?” Wen Dongjun asked while packing.

Feng Yu: “Oh.”

Wen Dongjun said angrily: “What do you mean by oh?”

“Both Li Na and me will surely be in the best high school. Including you.” Feng Yu said.”

“Me? Entering the best high school in the city? Stop joking. The most I can enter is the high schools in the district.” Wen Dongjun knows his own standards. Although he had worked very hard but compared to Feng Yu, the difference is too big.

“Don't worry, I have my ways. You carry on packing. I will go for a run.” Feng Yu said.

Li Na is already waiting at the school’s stadium. Feng Yu comes to the stadium for runs every day and had dragged Li Na along.

But today, Feng Yu did not come here for his daily jogs. He holds Li Na and sits on the field. He then took a small mirror out from his pocket and handed it to Li Na: “My gift for you.”

The mirror is very common, but Li Na likes it very much. She kept looking at her red hair clip on her head from the mirror.

“What do you want from Bing city? I will ask Dongjun to bring it back for you.” Feng Yu asked.

“Let him bring it back? You are not coming back?” Li Na asked.

“I will only be back next month. I have something to do in Bing city. Don’t worry about high school. We will surely still be together.” Feng Yu said.

“What if I don't do well on the exams?” Li Na asked.

“There is no “what ifs”. I had arranged everything” Feng Yu said.

“You arranged everything? How did you arrange?” Li Na asked, not believing Feng yu words.

“Send gifts. The school's deputy principal is my brother-in-law father's comrades and my brother-in-law had helped him exchanged some foreign exchange and exchanged some Treasury bonds. My brother-in-law also sent him a few cartons of cigarette and bottles of alcohol. Anyway, you and I will surely be in the best high school in the city.” Feng Yu said casually.

“You gave gifts to the principal? How could you do that?” Li Na said angrily. Entering high schools should be based on individual’s results. If it is because of gifts, then it is not fair!

Feng Yu looked at Li Na. Today, she is wearing a simple pale-yellow skirt with a white lotus embroidered at the edge of the skirt. When there is a breeze, the flowers will sway.

Feng Yu at Li Na carefully and Li Na looks down shyly. Inside her, she is having some complicated feelings. she is feeling nervous, shy and happy, all mixed together.

When Li Na wanted to ask Feng Yu to not look at her, Feng Yu said: “I was just joking with you. My sister is not married yet, where can I find a brother-in-law? Besides, just by our results, we deserved to be in the best high school in the city.”

Li Na stared at Feng Yu fiercely and then playfully gave him a punch. Li Na smiled and said: “Lotus in the pond next to the hospital should have bloomed. Every summer, I used to go there. It’s really beautiful. You must go there and see it yourself. And yesterday, a big butterfly stopped at the windowsill of my house.”

Li Na talked about those small little things which made her happy. When Feng Yu wanted to reach out and hold her hands, the irritating Wen Dongjun ran over: “Xiao Yu, Uncle Feng is here to pick us up. He is outside the dormitory waiting for us.”

Li Na hurriedly stood up: “Feng Yu, I am going home. See you next time.”

Feng Yu outstretched hand stopped in mid-air and he gave Wen Dongjun vicious stare. Why can’t you appear a minute later?

Li Na returned to the classroom, took her bag and ran to the school. From far, she can see Feng Yu loading his belonging into the tractor cart. She waved to Feng Yu and ran towards her home direction.

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