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Chapter 25 - A lovely Kirilenko

Kirilenko insisted on signing a contract and giving Feng Yu a fee. Feng Yu can only “reluctantly” agree and signed the contract. But down in his heart, he is jumping with joy. However, the more Feng Yu said, the more suspicious Kirilenko becomes. They had only met a few times and are not familiar with each other. Why is Feng Yu willing to help him for free?

Sure enough, Kirilenko bite the bait and insisted Feng Yu to accept payments for his service.

After signing the contract, Feng Yu also calmed down a lot. This trip, lasted two to three days and they can earn 60,000 RMB! More importantly, Kirilenko had the intention of doing this business for long term. How can Feng Yu have no other ideas?

In the future, there is a very popular industry which is intermediation services.

An intermediary earns commissions by introducing two parties for business deals. Because there is no goods, there is no cost in this business. It is very suitable for those who had no capital but have a lot of networks. At first, this industry is started by those rich second generations who had a lot of connections. But it soon develops into a striving industry.

To be a good intermediary, one must have a rich source of customers and a variety of goods. Most importantly, he has to know a lot of people.

Does Feng Yu know anyone who does business? No. But from today onwards, he will have a lot of sources for goods and these goods are in demand in the Soviet Union.

In this era, speculation is considered a crime and had not been abolished yet. The planned economy is transiting to a market economy. There are many who are smart but they are mainly from the costal areas. For example, the village secretary of the nation's number one village, Huaxi Village, had set up a factory producing small hardware even before the government allows.

Later, after the policy had changed, that factor even became a positive model for others to follow.

In Longjiang, where it is near to the borders, there are few who dare to do this line. Feng Yu also did not intend to do such business. What he wanted is barter trade. He will send some domestic goods over to Kirilenko and Kirilenko will send some goods back. With goods in hand, Feng Yu is not considered speculating.

Real speculation refers to the use of opportunity, hoarding of goods, making imitations, manipulating prices and disrupting the market, profiteering behavior. Feng Yu is not doing any of these.

“This. I want more of this more.” Kirilenko said.

Feng Yu looked at what Kirilenko pointed, shocked a moment. “Big White Rabbit” sweets. Kirilenko is a grown up and yet he put one sweet into his mouth. Isn't that what kids eat?

“This towel, and this scarf. More.”

“I want more of these hairpins.”

“These socks, red color ones, more.”

Feng Yu noticed something. Why are the things Kirilenko wanted are for girls?

“Brother, are you going to open a shop dedicated to women customers?” Feng Yu asked.

“No, no, no. I am selling to the art troupe. The art troupe is one of those that asked me to procure for them and they like these stuffs.” Kirilenko answered.

This Kirilenko is indeed capable. He can even do purchases for their art troupe. Feng Yu is convinced that this trade can be done for a long time and is able to bring in huge profits.

Girls like these things? Feng Yu also bought a red hairpin for Li Na. It seems that Li Na likes red color.

Less than half an hour, Manager Su had contacted all his suppliers and their representatives arrived at the cooperative’s office. Every one is trying to sell their products to Feng Yu at the same time giving Feng Yu a headache.

“Shut Up! I am Mr. Kirilenko's representative. You all fill up a form first.” Feng yu shouted.

Earlier, when they were photocopying the contract, Feng Yu used a white paper to draw up a form and photocopied more than 10 copies. Now Feng yu is giving each of them a copy.

The form clearly indicates the name of the manufacturer, the nature of the manufacturer, the type of goods, price, quantity, contact number, etc. This is the important step for Feng Yu to bypass Manager Su in future.

“OK. Now I will tell you all the types and quantity of goods. For the price, you all can discuss with Manager Su.” Feng Yu said.

When Feng Yu told them the types and quantity of the goods, Manager Su quickly recorded it down. This deal alone, will achieve his quarterly sales target.

Unfortunately, he did not see Feng Yu keeping all those forms. This might be the last time Manager Su earn from Feng Yu.

After Manager Su discussed with the suppliers’ representatives, he sat down with Feng Yu and talked about the discounts.

They finally agreed at 7% discount which also includes the transportation of goods to the railway station and loading the train. The total price for this transaction is only RMB 1.02 million.

Feng Yu had discussed the quantity with Kirilenko to decide. But after discount, the price is lower than expected and Kirilenko still have a lot of money left.

Feng Yu consulted Kirilenko if he needed anything else. Kirilenko looked around and suddenly stared at the gloves on the counter.

Feng Yu immediately got the message and discussed with Manager Su to clear all his stocks of gloves for 100,000 RMB. Kirilenko bought ham sausages using the rest of his money.

They signed the contract with Manager Su and wrote a receipt the same way like last time. Only the type and quantity of goods are written. The column for price is empty.

Li Shiqiang drove Kirilenko back to the International hotel for his suitcase.

Once back at the cooperative, Kirilenko opened his suitcase and took out stacks of Rubles. Altogether 300,000 Rubles, on the table. When the Manager Su reached out for the Rubles, he was stopped by Feng Yu.

“Manager Su, according to the exchange rate, you still have to return us more than 30,000 RMB. What goods are you going to exchange for with the money?” Feng Yu asked.

Manager Su smiled: “He doesn't care, what do you care so much?”

“Because I had also signed a contract. I have to obey the law. We will use these 30,000 RMB to get instant noodles. If you are able to give us more, then perhaps next month we will still come back to you to purchase more goods.” Feng Yu said.

Instant noodles is fast selling goods. Feng yu saw it in the warehouse but Manager Su did not recommend to Kirilenko. However, there is only one type of instant noodles, “Hua Feng Brand’s” seafood noodles. This is an old brand. This company is still in production till Feng Yu’s rebirth.

“With regards to the exchange rate issue, I had asked them to give us some instant noodles. You just cook these noodles in boiling water for five minutes and you can eat it. If you add a piece of ham sausage, it will taste better.” Feng Yu told Kirilenko.

Kirilenko did not know what instant noodles were, but he was delighted to know that he is getting more goods. He thought that he had used up all his 300,000 Rubles to buy those goods and didn’t expected to have more goods.

It seems that signing a contract with Feng Yu is good. This way, Feng Yu will be more responsible. Because of his future business, Kirilenko decided to give Feng Yu some benefits.

“These are for you.” Kirilenko said.

“No, no, it's too much.” Feng Yu said while looking at the 20,000 rubles in front of him.

“You deserve it. We are friends and you should not refuse me. I will be coming to Bing city again in future. Please continue to help me.” Kirilenko said.

Feng Yu accepted the 20,000 rubles “unwillingly”. This Kirilenko is really lovely!

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