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Chapter 24 - Can't refuse

Kirilenko, who had unknowingly finished a bottle of Erguotou, raised his eyebrows and asked: “What?”

“Brother Kirilenko, I am guilty of cheating you.” Feng Yu said.

“Have you deceived me? What do you mean?” Kirilenko shook his head, feeling puzzled.

“Remember the last time you bought those goods back? In fact, the value of those goods is less than 70,000 RMB, but I told you it is 80,000 RMB. I had thought that you are not coming again. So, I tried to earn a bit. Now, I felt very guilty. I will return you the money tomorrow and this time, I promise to not earn from your purchases.” Feng Yu said.

Li Shiqiang is still leisurely eating peanuts when he suddenly felt a chill in his spine. It's June, but why he suddenly felt cold?

He looked up and realized that the talk is not going well. This Soviet Union bear seemed angry and he is glaring at Xiao Yu.

“I had trusted you and yet you cheated me? Shouldn’t our friendship be sweet and beautiful, like our countries?” Kirilenko asked angrily.

“We were not friends then. But now, we are friends and this is the reason why I am telling you the truth. If you don't want me as a friend anymore, it’s fine.” Feng Yu said, pretending to be sad.

Kirilenko think back to his last trip. The goods he brought back last time only recorded the quantity and no price on the receipt. As such, he claimed that he used 80,000 Rubles and not RMB, to buy those goods.

Although he gave some of those goods out as gifts, he still made a lot of money from selling the rest of it. The time, Kirilenko came alone is to prevent others from knowing the exact price of these goods. He wants to earn more so that he can afford to buy a cart of Vodka and drink every day.

If Feng Yu is not here to help him, then the things he bought in China will not be cheap and he is not able to make such high profits when he returns. He also wats to make this a long-term business. He had even arranged for a train carriage.

No, this Feng Yu must be part of this deal. It is just 10,000 RMB. Compared to what he earned, it is not even 10%. Just treat it as tips for Feng Yu’s hard work. But next time, he will have to reconsider working with Feng Yu.

Kirilenko suddenly grinned, revealing an ugly smile: “What are you talking about? Of course, I still treat you as a friend. You deserve that 10,000 RMB bucks. We are friends and let’s not talk about that. Let’s discuss the things I wanted to buy this time.”

Seeing this Soviet Union bear smiled, Li Shiqiang felt relieved. Just now, he was worried that if this hairy bear were to hit people, should he fight him? It is not about winning the fight, but Kirilenko is a foreigner and regardless of the outcome, Li Shiqiang is sure to lose.

Feng Yu also smiled: “Well, since you treat me as a friend, then this time no matter what and how much you want to buy, I will help you get the cheapest price. You can also engage a translator to accompanied us the whole trip.”

Kirilenko waved his hand: “No need, I trust you!”

After dinner, Feng Yu was invited by Kirilenko to stay at the International hotel, as Kirilenko wanted to discuss in the evenings. Feng Yu then told Li Shiqiang to pick them up at eight in the morning and also to check with his friend at the sales and marketing cooperative if they have any unsold goods.

“My dear Feng, would you like to try some cigar?” Kirilenko asked.

Feng Yu smiled and waved his hand: “I’m not used to it.”

“You have a lot of guts, I like you. I had brought 300,000 Rubles this time and I want to spend it all. The ham, canned fruits, candy, etc. are very good and the handkerchief with flowers are very popular.” Kirilenko said.

Handkerchief with flowers? Those are pillow cases! Forget it, since you all thinks that those are handkerchiefs then let those be handkerchiefs. Anyway, you paid and you can call it whatever you want.

“No problem, you just come with me tomorrow and see what you need. I will help you bargain and I guaranteed that the price will be favorable to you. But this time you are getting so much goods, how are you bring it back?” Feng Yu asked.

Feng Yu is curious. Shipping by air I too expensive.

“By train. I have a friend who had helped me get a train carriage. So, there is no problem with transport. I am taking the train back this time too.” Kirilenko replied.

Feng Yu can’t help but envy. Having connections means having ways to do things. Kirilenko can get a train carriage just like getting a cabbage from the market.

The two chatted for a while and came the sound of Kirilenko’s snoring. Feng Yu regrets staying at the International hotel. At least, he shouldn't agree to be with Kirilenko in a room. This snoring is just like an electric saw.

The next morning, Li Shiqiang picked them up and drove to the sales and marketing cooperative. Manager Su, who had gotten the news of them coming, waited at the door.

“Manager Su, we are here again. Do you have anything good to recommend this time?” Feng Yu asked.

“Yes. Honey, canned food, biscuits, milk powder . If you are getting these in bulk, I can give you a good price.” Manager Su immediately mentioned those unpopular products.

Yes, that's what Li Shiqiang told them to do. Now Feng Yu wants to build a good relationship with Kirilenko so, he directly translated everything and told the truth to Kirilenko.

Kirilenko is very surprised and look at Feng Yu. He thought to himself: “Feng Yu is telling me that these things are not selling well and are selling cheap. He doesn’t want to make money? Friend! This type of people is definitely a friend!”

“Yes, I want all these. And this, this, that too. Also, I want those goods I bought the last time. You decide the quantity to match my budget.” Kirilenko said.

“Manager Su, I can help you sell all these biscuits, powdered milk, etc. This time how much free gifts are you giving us?” Feng Yu asked.

“How much do you want?” The manager is a bit annoyed. This kid is too good at bargaining.

Feng Yu looked at the price of all goods and changed everything to 80 percent.

“Impossible. We cannot change the price.” Manager Su said.

“Su Manager, don't be so inflexible. You are now considered self-employed. You think we don’t know the cost of your goods? Furthermore, we are buying a lot of things this time.” Feng Yu said.

“No matter how much you buy, I cannot agree to this price. The most I can give is 3% off the total price!” Manager Su replied.

“What if we are buying 1 million RMB worth of goods?” Feng Yu, sat on the chair, crossing legs.

“How much? 1 million?” Manager Su asked.

“That’s right. This is a big boss from Soviet Union behind me. This time, he wants to transport a train carriage full of goods back. He will spend at least 1 million RMB. If you are unable to supply us with 1 million worth of goods, no problem. We can go elsewhere. Even if there are not a variety of goods, we can go a few more places. Also, we can save some money that way.” Feng Yu said.

“No. Don’t go elsewhere. Other places do not have the varieties like us. You wait a while. I will make some calls. I promise I will give you enough goods for 1 million RMB.” Manager Su said.

“Manager Su, I will not ask how much you earn from this deal. But shouldn’t you lower the price a bit more?” Feng Yu asked.

“No problem. I will talk to my suppliers. I promise you the cheapest price. We will never cheat our brother from the Soviet Union.” Manager Su replied.

Feng Yu turned to Kirilenko and told him that Manager Su is contacting his suppliers. Guaranteed to offer them the cheapest price. Feng Yu also emphasize that he will not be earning a single cent from this deal.

“No, no, no. My dear Feng. I must pay you, how about 5%? You have to make sure I buy these things are of good quality, low price and the quantity.” Kirilenko said.

Kirilenko suddenly got wary of Feng Yu. He doesn’t want money? What if Feng Yu cheated him? No, must give him money, and then sign a contract with him. If Feng Yu cheats him then he can go to the police!

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