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Chapter 23 - News from Brother Ki

With Li Shiqiang’s father giving in, the Li family’s storm is finally over. Feng Yu knew very well that Li Shiqiang will never go back and work at the Post office.

Feng Xingtai grabbed Feng Yu by his ears and brought him back to school. He promised Feng Yu a beating if he is unable to get into the city’s High schools.

Feng Xingtai didn't ask Feng Yu much about the money. Feng Yu had thought Feng Xingtai had forgotten about it. But Feng yu did not know that Li Shiqiang had already told Feng Xingtai that the Feng's family money is now about 200,000 RMB!

Anyway, these are treasury bonds. Even if they did not sell, they are also able to earn from interest and the interest is more than keeping the money in the bank. Feng Xingtai knew that their family can have such a drastic change, is because Feng Yu had attended school and understands a lot of things. As such, Feng Yu must continue going to school and eventually attend university.

When Feng Xingtai returns home, he also brought an imported 19-inch color TV set back. He saw the colored TV at Li Shiqiang’s house and really wanted to get one too.

Feng Xingtai returned home with the colored TV and Zhang Muhua complained about him being a spendthrift. But once, she knew that their savings had become 200,000 RMB, she wanted to buy a refrigerator.

Feng Yu’s performance in school had gotten better with each passing month. His progress is very obvious from the results of April and May’s tests. Teacher Sun conclude that with Feng Yu’s result, he should be able to enter the best high school in Bing City if Feng Yu maintained these types of results.

As for Feng Yu and Li Na spending so much time together in classroom, he pretended he didn’t see. These two are improving together and they should be praised.

Jusy when Feng Yu is buried in a mountain of books, he received a call from Li Shiqiang.

“What? Brother Ki is coming to Bing city again?” Feng Yu said.

Li Shiqiang had received Kirilenko’s Russian Telegram and he paid a teacher to translate for him. He still remembered that they had earned a large sum of money from Kirilenko and they must not missed this chance.

However, this will disrupt Feng Yu studies and Feng Xingtai will not be happy. But if Feng Yu is not around, they will need to hire a translator and the translator do not know how to do business.

“When will he arrive?” Feng Yu asked.

The day after tomorrow. He will be staying at the International Hotel.” Li Shiqiang replied.

“Ok. You need to get a jeep on that day to show that we are rich people. I will reach Bing city in the evenings on the day after tomorrow. We will talk more when I reach.” Feng Yu replied.

“I'll drive straight to pick you up the day after tomorrow. I had already borrowed the jeep.” Li Shiqiang said.

Feng Yu smiled. Li Shiqiang is smarter than he imagined. After trading Treasury bonds for a few months, his horizon had broaden and is more holistic when it comes to work.


“What? You going to take leave again? It will be the midterm exams soon. This will be the final preparation for the final exams. What’s the reason for taking leave this time?” Teacher Sun asked.

“Teacher Sun, my brother-in-law have some connections in Bing city. I am going to meet with his friend who can guarantee my place in Bing city’s best high school.” Feng yu replied.

Sure enough, this lie is very effective. Teacher Sun find it hard to reject Feng Yu’s leave application when he heard that Feng Yu is going to Bing city to meet with his connections. Although Teacher Sun does not like these type of actions, but every one are making use of their connections for their future.

When Teacher Sun saw Li Shiqiang parked the Jeep at the main gate of the school, Teacher Sun completely believed Feng Yu. Feng Yu's brother-in-law is really someone capable. So young and he can drive a Jeep.

The Jeep at the school gate attracted the gaze of many students. Some that knew Feng Yu, even went up to touch the Jeep.

Although it is common to see this kind of Jeep in the city, but in the country side, only the leader can sit in these types of vehicles. Even their principle still commutes by bicycle to and fro from school.

“Feng Yu, the mid-term exam is coming. Where are you going?” Li Na asked while pulling Feng Yu aside.

“I am going to look for connections to enter high school. I might even be able to enter high school without taking any exams. By the way, you want me to help you as well?” Feng Yu asked, deliberately trying to annoy her.

Li Na almost cried. She had thought that Feng Yu had changed for the better. But he is still an opportunist who wants to reap benefits without putting in effort.

“I will take the exams myself and don’t need your help!” Li Na said and she turned to run back to school, crying.

Feng Yu opened his mouth and wanted to call her. But forget it. He can explain to her later when he returns. Now Kirilenko is the most important thing.

“Hello, we are looking for Mr. Kirilenko from Moscow.” Feng Yu stood at the International Hotel reception.

“Young man, you know Kirilenko? Why are you looking for him?” the Hotel receptionist asked.

“Sister, you can make a phone call to him. He asked my brother-in-law to come. My brother-in-law is outside in that car.” Feng Yu said.

The receptionist made a call. Once the call is connected, she exchanged a few words in Russian telling the other party that someone is looking for him.

Kirilenko came downstairs and saw Feng Yu. Kirilenko is very happy to see him and gave him a bear hug, carrying Feng Yu feet off the ground.

Feng Yu is almost out of breath due to Kirilenko’s hug. Feng Yu struggled to get out of the hug. Once freed from Kirilenko’s hug, Feng Yu quickly told him that the jeep is outside and he knows a place with good Erguotou (Chinese white liquor). They can chat while having drinking.

Kirilenko had a strong impression of Erguotou. The taste is good and he likes it very much. Hearing Feng Yu’s words, Kirilenko dragged Feng Yu excitedly out to the car.

Feng Yu is still in his teens and he cannot drink. Li Shiqiang, on the other hand is driving so he can’t drink as well. End up, Kirilenko is the only one drinking.

After half a bottle of wine, Kirilenko's face began to turn red. Feng Yu chatted with Kirilenko for a while and Kirilenko told Feng Yu about his family background.

After listening to Kirilenko’s background, Feng Yu had a shock. He didn’t expect Brother Ki had such backgrounds.

Kirilenko's father is an air Force colonel of the Soviet Army. Feng Yu had also heard of his name and he seems to be promoted to a general in future.

Kirilenko also have a brother. His brother is in the army and is also doing well. Kirilenko is also in the army but he is not interested. He only wants to enjoy life.

Because of his father, Kirilenko got a position in the logistic department. He often used procurement as an excuse to travel and pocket a sum of money along the way.

The last time he came to Bing city is for a site visit. During that visit, he brought back a lot of things and they were well received in Soviet Union. The relationship between Soviet Union and China have just eased and there were not many trade between both countries.

Some of Kirilenko's friends had wanted some ham and canned goods, but they have no connections to purchase them. As such, Kirilenko became a representative to come to China to purchase themse items.

The last Kirilenko met Feng Yu, he saw Feng Yu’s ability. Not only Feng Yu helped him to purchase a lot of merchandise, he also arranged for the goods to be sent to the airport warehouse. Furthermore, Kirilenko knows that for someone in China to drive a Jeep, it means that someone in the family is most likely to be a government official.

Having authority means that person is capable and a capable person can help him to purchase a large quantity of goods. Kirilenko had brought a lot of money this time and he is prepared to buy in bulk.

In the eyes of Feng Yu, Kirilenko is a golden pig waiting to be slaughter.

In this era, it is guaranteed to profit from bilateral trade. If Feng Yu had remembered correctly, the two countries will soon sign a series of tax free trade agreements but he can’t remember if these agreements had started or not.

“Brother Kirilenko, I have forgotten to tell you something the last time you were here. Just nice you came here now and I will be straight with you.”

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