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Chapter 2 – Tragedy must not happen again

Feng Yu woke up in the morning, and found a RMB ten dollar note New Year’s money under his pillow. During this time, a popsicle cost only two cents and an ice cream only cost three cents. This is a huge sum of money!

Feng Yu wished his parents a happy new year, ate a few dumplings, made a call to Wen Dongjun and went to his home for the New Year visit.

Wen Dongjun, merrily walked in front with a joss stick. From time to time, he would light a firecracker and throw around. Feng Yu is not a bit interested. He felt this is too childish.

“DongJun, we had walk around almost half the village and the rest is more or less the same. Let’s go back and find brother Liang to play poker.”

Although the village is small and have less than a hundred households, Feng Yu could not stand walking around in this cold winter. Especially when he is wearing heavy cotton-padded jacket and trousers. He missed the thermal underwear and down jacket in his previous live.

“OK, let’s go to brother Liang.”

“Dongjun, Xiaoyu, where did the two of you go?” A 17-year-old boy came to greet them. Feng Yu eyes narrowed. He had deliberately avoided this household but the village is too small.

” Brother Chuan, we are looking for brother Liang to play poker, you want to join?”

“Poker can be played anytime. This afternoon, I am going to hunt. Want to join?” Liu Jichuan invited.

Hearing the word hunt, Wen Dongjun eyes lit up. Usually, his father did not let him touch the shotgun. But now is New Year and his father is going out. He can secretly “borrow” it?

“Yes, I want to go!”


Both Wen Dongjun and Feng Yu shouted at the same time. Feng Yu absolutely cannot let Wen Dongjun go. He will break one leg and regret forever! In his previous life, Dongjun slowly lose contact with him is because of this hunting injury.

“Xiaoyu you don’t want to go? Then Dongjun bring your shot gun and come to my house in the afternoon. We will go to the duck ditch at the north side. Even we can’t hunt foxes, we can at least find pheasant and ducks. I will go back and clean up the shotgun. Come early in the afternoon. ”

When Liu Jichuan turned around,Feng Yu Liu saw a trace of resentment in Jichuan eyes. He suddenly realised, that was not an accident, but premeditated?

After Liu Jichuan left, Wen Dongjun looked eagerly at Feng Yu: “Let’s go hunt together, don’t you always want to touch the shotgun?”

“DongJun, you listen to me. We go play poker and not go hunting. Hunting during the New Yearis unlucky.”

“There are lesser people during this time. If it was before the New Year, there will be a lot more people and nothing will be left for us to hunt. Come, let’s go together. It will be fun.” Wen Dongjun now have a vision of bringing back a number of trophies from the hunt and showing them to his father.

“I really do not want to go and you don’t go too. Usually you also do not play with them and we are not particularly familiar with him.”

“What’s that? We live in the same village and although we are not familiar, we are not strangers. Furthermore, my dad is the leader of the village and his family still needs to seek my dad’s approval if want to borrow the village’s tractor to develop wasteland. ”

Now Feng Yu understands why Liu Ji-chuan had resentment towards Dongjun. It was because Dongjun’s father, the village leader Wen De Guang, did not agree to lend the village’s tractor to Liu Jichuan’s family.

“DongJun, let’s not play poker now. I’m thirsty. Let’s go to your house and drink your father’s good tea.”

“No problem, we have lunch at my house too. I will also show you my dad’s shotgun.

Along the way, Dong Wenjun was talking non-stop but Feng Yu was not paying attention. Inside his head was how to tell DongJun’s father, Uncle Wen.

Opening Wen dongjun’s door, a gust of warm air welcomed him. They threw their dog’s fur hat and rabbit fur gloves on the table. Wen Dongjun then run off to find his dad’s tea leaves.

“Xiaoyu, have some sweets. There are pine nuts and melon seeds too.” DongJun’s mother Tang Jing is at home. Seeing Feng Yu came to visit, she enthusiastic offered these New Year snacks to him.

“Happy New Year Aunty. Where’s Uncle Wen?”

“Ah, he went to visit Secretary Zhao and will be back in a while.”

Feng Yu sat on the chair and casually asked: “Auntie, we met Liu Jichuan just now. His family would like to borrow a company tractor to go to wasteland outside the dam. Did Uncle Wen agree to it?”

Tang Jing smiled and shook his head: “Of course not. Although now the village does not regulate about private land reclamation, but the village’s tractor is not for personal use. This morning, old Liu came and had an argument with your uncle Wen.”

Feng Yu’s heart sank. This is the real reason why Liu Jichuan deliberately wants to bring DongJun to hunt and then deliberately allowing the DongJun to step onto a bear trap, causing him to become crippled. To others, it may seem like an accident. Even Wen Dongjun himself also thought it was an accident. But is it really an accident?

“Come, try this black tea. Look at the beautiful red color.” Wen Dongjun proudly poured Feng Yu a cup of black tea. Tang Jing saw only smiled, did not say anything.

“Mom, you go to Aunt Wang’s to chat with her. Leave the house to me. Someone will be coming over to play poker.” Wen Dongjun cried.

“Fine, Mom will go visit Aunt Wang’s place. There are dumplings in the pot, help yourself.”

After sending his mother out, Wen Dongjun quickly look under the bed and dragged a wooden box out. A shotgun and a dozen round of bullets.

“DongJun, don’t go. Didn’t you hear what aunt just said? Liu Jichuan’s family had just quarrelled with uncle Wen. I’m afraid that kid have bad intentions!” Feng Yu grab Wen Dongjun’s hand stopping him. He did not want the past tragedy to repeat.

“Many people quarrel with my father before. The last time, Grandpa Lee used his crutches to hit my dad because of some arguments over seeds. But what happened later? During harvesting, my dad sent people to harvest Grandpa Lee’s land first and he cooled down.” Wen Dongjun replied nonchalantly and push Feng Yu’s hand away. He then took the shotgun out and put six bullets into his pocket.

“DongJun, listen to me, do not go. All Liu Jichuan did when he go to school was to fight. I’m afraid he will have bad intentions towards you this time.”

“I’m not afraid of him. Look at what is in my hand? See if he dares to play punk with me. My gun is not for show!”

Feng Yu is at a loss. DongJun still insist to go. He is not afraid of Liu Jichuan because that guy even though, gets into fights frequently, he does not use weapons. If it comes to blows, Dongjun is not afraid.

Looking at the clock on the wall, Wen Dongjun stood up: “OK, it’s about time. You head home. I have to go find Liu Jichuan.”

Feng Yu remembered in the past life, Liu Ji-chuan did not seem use any gun till he became a soldier and left the village. If Feng Yu follow along, he should be able to help DongJun to escape the bear trap.

“Wait a second, DongJun. I’ll go with you!”

“Really? I knew you wanted to go. Hurry back and go steal your house’s shotgun. Remember to use a sack to wrap it up and tell your mom that you are going to catch peasant.” Wen Dong look eager at Feng Yu, giving him a “I knew you wanted to go” look.

Feng Yu sighed and hurriedly ran back home. Hope that it was really just an accident. And this time, there must be absolutely no accident.

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