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Chapter 19 – The news is out

Because of the snacks, Feng Yu is able to get Li Na teach him every day at noon and evenings. With his concentration, Feng Yu’s improved by leaps and bounds.

As time passes, Li Na also volunteered to help him even when Feng Yu does not have snacks. When Li Na have snacks, she also shares with Feng Yu.

Teacher Sun is very surprised. The former Feng Yu is not someone who likes to study. How come Feng Yu changed so much recently and studying so desperately? Is he stimulated by something? Also, Feng Yu and Li Na are together every noon and evening. Are these two children dating?

As such, he had a talk with Feng Yu. One should study hard but studying too hard can have detrimental effects. But Feng Yu assured Teacher Sun that it is because he wanted to enter the high school in Bing city and he is working hard because of this goal. He also explains that he exercises to relax himself every day.

When Teacher Sun heard Feng Yu’s explanation, he just reminded him to take care of himself. Since this child have his own ideas and goals, Teacher Sun is willing to let him try. Furthermore, he also felt that Feng Yu and Li Na are just studying together and nothing else.

The results for their monthly test is out. Feng Yu for full marks for Russian, language and mathematics. His political studies’ scores are not low too. He had also passed his biology, physics and chemistry.

“Feng Yu, with your results you enter the district and county high schools. But if you can improve your sciences, you have the chance to be admitted to the high schools in the city!” Li Na looked at Feng Yu’s results and she seemes to be happier than Feng Yu.

“It’s thanks to you for tutoring me every day. But I still can’t compete with your grades.”

Li Na raise her head upwards and said proudly: “Do you think you can surpass me with just working hard for a few days? But starting today, you have to help me with Russian. We are friends.”

Feng Yu snapped his finger: “No problem!”

When the first month test results are sent to the parents, Feng Xingtai is over the moon. The teacher said that his son has the chance to enter high school in the city.

But Feng Yu have a bad habit. He is spending too much money. Every week when he come back, he would ask for money. The amount he spends in a week is more than what he used to spend in a month.

But Feng Yu told his father that Li Shiqiang had made tens of thousands RMB with Treasury Bonds this month alone. Compared to these, the money his son spends is peanuts!

For many nights, Feng Xingtai sighed emotionally. It was the right choice to send his son to school. Not only is he so good with his foreign languages, he still knows how to make money. His son is a genius! The Feng family have a genius!


“Brother Li, is there any news yet?” Feng Yu asked.

Since the beginning of April, Feng Yu had been calling Li Shiqiang every day. Did he remember wrongly? It is not this April?

What Feng Yu fear most is that, his rebirth might have caused a butterfly effect and a lot of things might change. If the Treasury bonds are not allowed to trade, then he really doesn’t know how to make money so fast and safe.

Feng Yu also does not know how to make those future inventions. In his past life, he only like to play with mobile phones. But one does not need to know how to manufacture mobile phones to play with mobile phones.

If the butterfly effect really happens, then he can only follow Li Shiqiang’s method to go door-to-door to collect some Treasury bonds and earn those errand moneys. How long will it take to make millions when can he start his big get rich plans?

“I haven’t read today’s newspaper yet as I had been busy all day. You wait a while and I will call you back in 10 minutes.” Li Shiqiang replied.

Teacher Xiong had already gotten used to Feng Yu making calls every week. Someone from this kid’s family is doing business in the city and making big money. But for the past three days, it is a bit unusual. Feng Yu is making calls every day.

“Feng Yu. Come and drink a glass of water. These few days you have been making calls everyday. Did something happen at home?” Teacher Xiong asked.

“Thank you, Teacher Xiong. Nothing happened. It’s only my brother-in-law’s business.” Feng Yu didn’t want to explain much. It will be troublesome to explain and also, what they are doing is not illegal.

“Oh, it is normal for couples to quarrel. Even your parents can do nothing. Why are you worrying?” Teacher Xiong said.

Feng Yu: “……”

This Teacher Xiong’s imagination is too vivid. It is hard to explain to him.

Ring, Ring, Ring ~ ~

Feng Yu grabbed the phone before Teacher Xiong.

“Is this Feng Yu?” Li Shiqiang asked.

“It’s me, Brother Li.” Feng Yu replied.

“There is news. Shen city will start trading next Monday followed. Bing city and other six cities will also start within the next 10 days. Treasury bonds can really be traded officially!” Li Shiqiang tried to speak softly but his excitement was too much to conceal.

“Brother Li, lower down your volume. I can hear you. Monday, you take a day off and go to Shen city to look at the price of the Treasury bonds. If the price is high, you can sell everything. But if it is at the face value, use all your money to buy everything.”

“Xiao Yu, if the price at Shen city remains at face value, then would Bing city price rise?” Li Shiqiang is still worried Now he employs seven or eight young men to help him collect treasury bonds and he can earn a few thousands a month.” Li Shiqiang asked

“Not necessarily. But there will surely be cities in the country where prices will rise. When that happen, we can just go to the city with the highest price to sell. What we need to do is just to ask around for the prices in every city.” Feng Yu said.

“Rest assured. I have friends working in the bank. I will go and apply leave from my supervisor and will change my weekend shifts with my colleagues.” Li Shiqiang told Feng Yu excitedly.

“Well, buy the tickets in advance and go on Sunday night. You can reach there on Monday morning. Once you reach, take taxi. Taxi are not too expensive, fast and safe.” Feng Yu reminded him.

“Xiao Yu, are you coming with me? I do not trust others and I am carrying a big bag of money. I’m afraid I will fall asleep and there are many pickpockets on the train!” Li Shiqiang said.

Li Shiqiang is scare. He will be carrying more than a hundred thousand RMB worth of cash and Treasury bonds. If it was stolen, he would surely commit suicide.

Feng Yu also knew that in this era, there are many pick pockets on the train. If the money and the Treasury bonds are lost, then Feng Yu’s dream of having an economic empire would be postponed for a number of years.

“OK, then you buy two train tickets. I will go with you!” Feng Yu said.

After hanging up the phone, Feng Yu paid and ran out to the field. At the field, he is shouting and screaming out in joy!

The opportunity has finally come! Feng Yu can make a few thousands a day by trading Treasury Bonds. He can easily make a few hundred thousand and even millions!

That weekend, Feng Yu did not go home. He let Wen Dongjun pass a message to his parents that he will be staying back at school to study and he will only come home next week. He also told Teacher Sun that he have to visit a critically ill relative in Bing city and he will be back before Tuesday.

It was a bumpy two hours ride on the bus early in morning before Feng Yu reached Bing city. Once alight, he saw Feng Danying waving at him.

“Sis, what are you doing here?” Feng Yu asked.

“If I don’t come, how can you find your way? Brother Li have to work today and he asked me to pick you up. You can really trouble people. Now your Brother Li is earning a few thousands a month with the Treasury bond business, yet you are still troubling him.” Feng Danying complained while helping Feng Yu carry his bag.

“Sister, you don’t understand. You wait and see. We will make more than that in the future!” Feng Yu retorted.

“More than that? Just keep bragging. I heard from mom and Dad that you got good results recently at school. So, this time I will not tell our parents. Go and play in Shen city for a day and go back to school after that. If you can’t make the grade for high school, I will not help you when mom and dad beat you to death!”

“Sister, let’s have a bet. Next month, we can earn more than 50,000 RMB. You believe?” Feng Yu asked.

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