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Chapter 187 – Alarmist Part 2

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“What did you say? My father? Promote?” Kirilenko’s voice had changed.

He was famous in the 2nd generation circle because he was rich and had connections in China. He was about to get China’s products. But compared to that 2nd generation from Kiev, there was still a wide gap. Kirilenko could only be considered second rate.

Why? Because his father was still a Major General. If his father were a Lieutenant General, Colonel General or even Army General or the Marshal, his status in the 2nd generation circle would be at the top.

But his father was not cored personnel in the army. He was only in-charge of logistics. He could only wish to be promoted, but he knew it would not happen.

But now Feng Yu told him that this was an opportunity for his father’s promotion. Does that mean that something big will be happening?

“That’s right. Brother Ki. Don’t get too excited. Lithuania will announce its independence from the Soviet Union within the next 2 months. I can guarantee you this. You can ask your father if what I said was true. There is another major event happening soon too. Germany will be unified!”

“What? Are you kidding me? That’s 2 different countries. How can they be unified?” Kirilenko felt that Feng Yu was getting more exaggerated.

First, it is Lithuania leaving the Soviet Union, and now he is claiming East and West Germany will be merged. This is impossible! The Soviet Union is the world’s leading power and will can they allow Lithuania to be independent and let East Germany return to West Germany?

“Brother Ki, you are getting too excited.” Feng Yu said calmly. “You think carefully. East Germany’s economy was too bad. The people were at the stage where they had nothing to eat or keep warm. West Germany had been assisting East Germany economically. Both East and West were originally a country. The people are the same. Do you think that the people from East Germany do not want to have the living standards of East Germany?”

In Feng Yu’s heart, he felt that the Soviet Union was too ruthless. They had been exploiting East Germany. The Soviet Union took all the industries and talents from East Germany and then did not give any assistance to the country. It was almost like East Germany was colonized.

If East Germany had somebody like the Kim family in North Korea, they could brainwash their people into worshipping him and get assistance from the neighboring countries. This way, there was no chance for both Germany merging again.

But East Germany did not have someone like the Kims. The Soviet Union also did not care about them. Should the Germans lead 2 different types of living standards? Especially when the living standards between both countries are widening? Most of the East Germans were starving as there were not enough resources for them!

Kirilenko was quiet. He was thinking about what Feng Yu had said. It seems that Feng Yu was right. They were all Germans from the same country in the past. If Germany could split in the past, it was also possible for both Germany to unify in the future.

“Brother Ki, you think about last year’s April and May. Lots of East Germans escaped to West Germany. Last September and October, there were many demonstrations in cities around East Germany. Their president even stepped down! Last year, the Berlin Wall was also opened up. I believed that within a few months, the Berlin Wall would be demolished and both Germany would be unified!” Feng Yu Continued.

Kirilenko was speechless. He knew what Feng Yu had said. Some scientists in the Soviet Union wanted to go back to East Germany. At first, he was also laughing at those scientists. The economic conditions in East Germany were much worse than the Soviet Union, and only idiots would want to return to East Germany. But what if these people went back to East Germany was because they wanted to go to West Germany or they wanted to join a unified Germany?

Although Kirilenko was not into politics, his family was deeply involved in politics. He also knew about what was happening, and the opening up of the Berlin Wall was a signal. A signal that both Germany will be unifying!

But what has his family got to do with Germany Unifying? His father was based in Moscow, and it was very far from East Germany. How can his father make use of this opportunity to get promoted?

“Feng, I had had the things you just told me. Even if you are right and both Germany will merge, but what has it got to do with my family and father?”

Kirilenko had a scary thought. Could it be the Soviet Union will use its military forces on East Germany to stop them? Feng Yu was asking his father to go to the frontlines and get promoted?

This was too crazy. The Soviet Union had not stopped East Germany from opening up the Berlin Wall, that means the Soviet Union had given up on East Germany. How could they possibly declare war on them? Furthermore, even if a war breaks out, his father was a logistics officer and what can he do? But if his father did not go to the frontlines, how can he get credits and promotions?

But it was too dangerous for his father to go to the front lines even though he felt that the Soviet Union would easily win the war. The military power of the Soviet Union was much higher than East Germany.

Anything could happen in a war. What if his father got hurt or killed, then his family would be finished. His brother’s rank was still not high enough to protect his family and if that happens, can he still be enjoying his current lifestyle?

“Brother Ki, I am not asking your father to stop East Germany from going back to the West. I am just proving to you that I am able to predict what will happen to Germany and what will be happening to the Soviet Union!”

“Something is going to happen in the Soviet Union? You are talking about Lithuania leaving the Soviet Union? It is not a big deal. The Soviet Union could get back that small piece of land anything they want!” Kirilenko said proudly.

Lithuania had only a few hundred thousand populations, and they had little soldiers. Any army from the Soviet Union could easily crash them. Furthermore, the Soviet Union was not an alliance where countries could freely join and leave as they like. Maybe, there was even no need for war. The other countries in the Soviet Union just need to pressure Lithuania and Lithuania would go back to the Soviet Union.

Feng Yu sighed. Kirilenko was too proud and arrogant. The Soviet Union could not use its military against their allied countries. Even if they could, which country would start the war? The Soviet Union economy was already in bad condition, and the President was still in a political struggle with the military. The military was also divided into many fractions. Who would be willing to start a war?

“Brother Ki, do you feel that the Soviet Union’s economy is on a decline?”

Kirilenko was quiet again. Even if he did not want to admit, but it was a fact. The income of the Soviet Union at that time was much lesser than Japan!

“What can this prove?” Kirilenko asked.

“This can prove what I am going to say next. The Soviet Union’s economy is declining. Your President is responsible for that. Now, he did not have the support of the people. Many local governments, allied countries and even the military no longer support him.”

“It’s no big deal. When that happens, we will just change a new President!”

“Brother Ki, you think your people can wait until that happens? The allied countries can wait until that happens? All those military bigwigs can wait?”

“What do you want to say?” Kirilenko suddenly had a bad premonition. He felt that Feng Yu will be telling him something shocking!

“Brother Ki, the Soviet Union is going to be dissolved!”

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