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Chapter 185 - Annual Meeting

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1990 was coming to an end, and Tai Hua Trading was having their last meeting.

The nature of this meeting was like the Annual Meeting in the future years. The agenda was to summarize the year’s overall performance, reward the best performers and to give out the year-end bonuses and rewards.

Wu Zhigang and the rest had decorated the meeting room with colored flags and balloons. There were even red paper cuttings on the windows. Every one of them was excited and were eagerly waiting for Feng Yu to announce the promised “Year-end reward.”

Only the 2 finance staffs were nervous. They had joined the company in the middle of the year and would Manager Feng give them the same rewards? If the bikes were similar to Jialing bikes, costing 5,000 to 6,000 RMB each, they might get one each. But Songjiang Motorcycles retail prices were almost 20,000 RMB!

But Wu Zhigang had told them that even if they were not getting the same rewards as them, the reward would not be small. With Tai Hua Trading’s earnings this year and Manager Feng’s generosity, these two finance staffs should be getting not less than 5,000 RMB!

What’s the value of 5,000 RMB? Although the average wages of Bing City rose last year, but it still did not reach 1,500 RMB. It’s not monthly, it’s the annual income!

5,000 RMB was more than 3 years salaries of their former workplace!

Both of them were assured after hearing from Wu Zhigang and were looking forward to the year-end meeting.

The meeting started, and Feng Yu entered the room empty-handed.

Everybody was stunned. Empty handed, how can he be empty-handed? Where’s the promised year-end reward? Where’s the motorcycle keys? Manager Feng changed his mind?

“Eh? How come everybody doesn’t seem to be excited? This is the year-end meeting, and from tomorrow onwards, everybody will be on vacation. All of you are not happy?” Feng Yu deliberately asked.

Other than teachers, which unit had more extended annual leave than Tai Hua Trading? From the Lunar New Year eve until the 15th day of the Lunar New Year. Also, Tau Hua Trading was different from other places. They had 5 days’ work week. While other workers have only 1 off day per week, Tai Hu Trading staffs have 2 days!

If they had to work overtime, they would be paid double. Which company can match these benefits? At the factories, when the leaders asked you to work overtime, that means that he thinks you are capable and you would not be paid for overtime and cannot have any complaints.

When Wu Zhigang and the rest told others at the Motor Factory hosing estate, everyone envied them and even looked for the Motor Factory Workers union to request for double overtime pay. The factories cannot exploit the workers. This created a big headache for Li Shiyou.

The Motor Factory had paid their worker's overtime pay, and it is counted by hours. They were already the first factory in the whole city, province and even the country. Double pay for overtime? Li Shiyou had never heard of this before!

The furious Li Shiyou went to look for Feng Yu. He thought that it was Feng Yu that created all these problems for him. Feng Yu did not expect the benefits and welfare he gave to his staffs would let Li Shiyou faced these problems.

In the end, Feng Yu thought of an idea for Li Shiyou. The Motor Factory wages were already the highest in the city and province. The benefits were not bad too. But compared to the Motor Factory’s profits, it was nothing. Why not proposed to the City Government to give an additional 1-month salary to the workers as the yearend bonus?

After Li Shiyou's pestering, the City Government finally agreed to Li Shiyou’s proposal. The workers at the Motor Factory were also pleased. The workers were grateful to Li Shiyou and his reputation rise. This was something he unexpected.

But after today, Li Shiyou would be getting another headache. Feng Yu decided that he would go into hiding after today’s meeting and not answer Li Shiyou’s call!

After Feng Yu finished asking, everybody was quiet. It was only Wu Zhigang broke the silence: “Manager Feng, we are happy with the upcoming vacation. We had worked to the bones these few days.”

There was nothing wrong complaining about their tiredness. They were busy with the motorcycle sales, humidifiers and the Soviet Union trades. Now Feng Yu took back the East Europe humidifiers distribution rights, they had more work.

They were still able to cope on regular days. But they will be going on a vacation for a period of time now, and they had to complete their work in advance. Before Lunar New Year, there were more things to do such as sending goods to the Soviet Union, contacting the suppliers, checking the products, collecting payments, etc……

Everybody at the company was very busy these few days, and they don’t even have time to take a break. However, there were no complaints from the staffs. It was because the salaries at Tai Hua Trading were high and Feng Yu’s promised year-end reward.

“These few days were indeed tiring for all of you, but I will never mistreat all of you. I had said before that our staffs will be getting an increment every year and your salaries will be higher than the national average. This year is the same. From next month onwards, all of you will be getting a 10% increment, and among you, there will be 3 people that will be getting a 15% raise. These 3-people had the highest sales for the Soviet Union’s machinery and technology……”

After Feng Yu finish speaking, everyone clapped. Having pay increments was worth cheering.

After the applause stopped, Feng Yu continues: “last year, our company did well. The profits from the Soviet Union exports reached 3.67 million Rubles and the profits from the imports were even higher. It reached 14 million Rubles. It was mainly the machines and technologies. Most of these profits were used to invest in the Machinery Company. The Wind and Rain electric fans had a drastic drop in sales, but it was still higher than our fridges. It was also because that the year before was the start of our company and the electric fans were launched. However, there is no need to worry. The new model of the electric fans is still in development, and there is some progress. It is estimated that it would be completed within the next 3 months. This fan will increase our profits further. The humidifiers profits for both domestic and overseas is closed to 10 million USD. This is another of our company’s main revenue stream. All of you must start to develop the market at those second and third rated cities……”

Feng Yu gave them a summary of the company’s performance and the crowd applause. They suddenly realized that last year, the company made so many profits! Of course, they knew that this was because of Feng Yu. If it were not for Feng Yu’s creativity and innovative mind, his connections with the Soviet Union and the Hong Kong businessman, the company would not achieve such results.

“This will conclude this year’s performance updates and the direction for the coming year. Is there anything else you all want to voice out?” Feng Yu asked with a smile.

Wu Zhigang and the rest were in a daze. What? This is the end? Should it be the time to announce the yearend reward and bonus? Could it be the motorcycle’s retail price is too high, and Feng Yu regretted?

“Hahaha. Okay, I will not joke with all of you. All of you had worked very hard last year, and I promised every one of you that if the company performed well, this year’s reward would be a motorcycle for each of you. I believed that all of you are anxious, right? The motorcycles are all in our company’s warehouse. One for each of you.”

“Manager Feng, the both of us will also be getting one each?”

“Of course. Even though both of you had joined in the middle of the year, but both of you are still part of the company. Both of you will be getting the motorcycles too! The soybean oil, rice, flour and the rest of the usual benefits are also at the warehouse. All of you can make your way there now and get your rewards!” Feng Yu shouted while waving his arms.

“Long-lived Manager Feng!”

Everybody cheered and walked out of the meeting room orderly. But once out of the meeting room, they started running. They did not even care that it was minus 20 degrees outside. They can’t wait to go for a ride on their motorcycles!

Where did they choose to ride their bikes? There’s no need to ask. Of course, they were going to the Motor Factory housing estate to show off their bikes to the other young lads……

Translator note: While translating, I had read the raws carefully, but I did not notice Feng Yu had earned so much. Damn, I wish I could work for him too. Finally, it’s the end of 1990 and 2 years had passed since Feng Yu was reborn. Upcoming, I think it should be the dissolution of the Soviet Union part.

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