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Chapter 160 – Light Industrial equipment wholesales

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It was mid-August. After the turmoil of buying shares, the light industries machinery and technologies had arrived in Bing City from the Soviet Union. The factories that had paid the deposits had already sent their men over with the remaining payments. They were waiting in Tai Hua Trading’s office every day since they arrived. They were afraid of things not going as planned.

Although the deposits were paid, and it was not the first time Tai Hua Trading sold Soviet machines to them, they could not rest assured until the machines were in their hands. What if someone comes with a better offer for the machines?

Everyone in the meeting was restless. Other than the Feng Yu told them that the machines were arriving today, it was also because Feng Yu had banned smoking there.

These people were all smokers. Even though they were no chain smokers, they still could not stand waiting for hours without smoking!

It was not only at Tai Hua Trading, but even Wind and Rain Logistics was also the same. Whoever dares to smoke in the offices or lighted any flames will be fined 100 RMB the first time. If the person were caught for the 2nd time, he would be sacked!

Feng Yu had no choice but to be strict. There were more than 100 million RMB worth of shares in the storeroom! He had used 100 million RMB shares as collaterals for a 120 million loan from Citibank and HSBC. He used this money to purchased stocks from the northern to the southern provinces. Their footprints even reached Shenzhen.

Feng Yu even convinced Li Shiqiang to mortgage his shares to get more stocks! All the shares were kept together in the “safe” in the office.

Feng Yu made his men remembered about moist proof, pest control, fire prevention and anti-theft and they must set an example. Wu Zhigang and the staffs’ shares were also kept together there, and they readily agreed. If a fire broke out in the office, all of them would be broke!

At first, some rep from the factories did not obey the rules. They felt that it was a joke. He knew that every staff there smoked.

But when he lighted up one cigarette, Wu Zhigang immediately asked him to stub it out and pay the fine or get out of the office with his check. As for the deposit, he will refund the factory at the end of the month.

Wu Zhigang’s firm attitude shocked all these people from the factories. They had heard that Tai Hua Trading’s staff had a terrible temper, but after getting in touch with them, they felt that they were still quite nice. Today, they finally experienced the bad-tempered staffs.

“Pujiang textile mills, is there anyone from Pujiang textile mills?”

“Here, here.” A man with glasses jumped from his chair.

“You follow me to the cargo terminal to inspect your goods and do the handover documentation.”

5 minutes later, another representative from the factories was called away. There were lesser and lesser people in the room. The remaining people start to get more restless.

Although they were told that the equipment had arrived but why were they still in the room? Some had already been called out and why were they still waiting in the room? Could there be some problems with the machines they ordered?

Their machines were “obsoleted” machines from the Soviet Union, but they were still in good conditions. Tai Hua Trading had also priced these machines very low. They were instructed by their factories management that nothing must go wrong with this deal, especially those that had ordered machineries and technologies together. Some of the representatives were the factories’ chief engineers or workshop directors. This showed that the factories had placed high importance in this transaction.

Feng Yu was sitting in the finance room. Every once in a while, there will be someone accompanied by a Tai Hua Trading’s staff entering the room to hand over a check and sign on some documents.

Feng Yu also warned those people that they will be accompanied by his staff to the bank to cash in the checks. This was to prevent if any of them played any tricks. If they dare to give him bounced checks to delay payments, he will not hesitate to tear up the contract and confiscate the deposit!

Although it would be troublesome for him to look for new buyers, he could find buyers easily within 1 to 2 weeks. His machines were cheap, in excellent condition and very advanced. Why would he be worried about getting no buyers?

“Textile mills machinery sold and the money was deposited.”

“The refrigerator production line has been sold and the money deposited.”

“The cigarette equipment has been sold and the money deposited.”


Someone was reporting to Feng Yu every half an hour and the contracts in from of Feng Yu were getting lesser.

“Manager Feng, the first set of technology was verified and can be traded.” A Russian came in and told Feng Yu.

“Feng Yu nodded, and someone took a contract and left the room. Kirilenko had sent someone with all the technologies documents. When Feng Yu returned from the Soviet Union, he did not want to bring all those documents with him.

If he were caught with those documents, it would be hard for him to explain. It would be better for Kirilenko to send his men with the documents over.

Furthermore, these documents need to be verified by an expert. Feng Yu does not understand the contents of the papers. There were lots of numbers in these documents and to Feng Yu, these are just numbers, and there was nothing special about it.

There were lots of machineries being unloaded from the trains and transferred to trucks. Some simply latched the whole carriage onto the back of another train.

The people at the railway station knew that these must be Tai Hua Trading’s goods. Tai Hua Trading was really something. They could import so many machines from the Soviet Union!

Just happened there were a few workers from the Motor Factory at the railway station loading some goods on a southbound train, and they saw the situation there. They immediately inform their Factory Director that Tai Hua Trading’s machineries had arrived from the Soviet Union. They were not sure if these machines were of use to them.

Li Shiyou rushed down to the Tai Hua Trading and saw many people waiting in the meeting room. Could it be some advanced machinery?

“Manager Feng, why didn’t you inform me that you have machinery arriving from the Soviet Union today? Have the machines I ordered arrived? I bought the checks.”   

“Director Li, have a seat. The machines the Motor Factory ordered was not purchased yet. This batch of machines and technologies were for light industries. The machines and technologies you ordered were for heavy industries, and currently, there are a bit of problem getting them. But I promised you that I will get it next year!”

“Cannot be. There is so many equipments at the train station, and none of them are suitable for my factory?” Li Shiyou does not want to give up.

Feng Yu passed a list on his desk to Li Shiyou: “Look, these are machinery for textile, home appliances, cigarettes, oil, food processing, sugar, wine. Which one do you need? You let me know I will break the contract and sell it to you!”

These machines were not suitable for the Motor Factory, and Feng Yu does not believe that Li Shiyou really wants them.

Li Shiyou frowned: “This is a light industry equipment wholesales. You have almost everything here, but the Motor Factory does not have any uses for these. This production line is used to produce refrigerators? Never mind. I don’t need.”

The last batch of the refrigerators was not selling well, and the compressors were still bought at a discount. Li Shiyou knew that Tai Hua Trading did not make much from this business.

If he were to get the production line for the refrigerators and produce refrigerators themselves, they would not earn any money, The northern province market was too small, and if he were to ship those fridges to the south, the transport cost would be high. Refrigerators were not like the electric fans or humidifiers. They were bulky and costs more to transport.

Light industries equipment wholesaler? Feng Yu laughed. He likes the sound of it, but he loves the name of heavy industries wholesaler next year.

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