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Chapter 155 – Sweeping the Stock Markets

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“Sir. What did you just say?” The staff asked again to confirm, with his eyes opened widen in shocked.

“I said I want everything! Can ICBC funds be transferred over?”

The CCB leader came over to the securities counter. Eh, isn’t that Manager Feng who had bought Treasury Bonds last year?

“Manager Feng, you had not visited us for quite some time. Are you buying Treasury Bonds again?”

“Nope. I am buying shares this time. I think shares will be doing better.”


A stack of shares certificates was placed on the table, and the staff turned towards the safe again.

“Xiao Zhao, where are you going?”

“Manager, I am taking the shares certificates for the customers.”

The branch manager looked at the certificates on the desk. There was at least a few thousand pieces, and the denomination of each piece was 100 yuan. It's worth at least a few hundred thousand. It's not enough?

When he saw Feng Yu keeping all the certificates into 2 large suitcases, he was dumbfounded. After Feng Yu left, he asked his staff, how many shares did Feng Yu buy?

What? Everything? 2 million RMB worth of shares? 

Hiss ~ ~ ~

The onlookers heard the conversation, and some smart people immediately discover that the shares might be the same as the Treasury Bonds. The value of it might increase. They quickly went back to understand more about stocks. If it was true, then they will come back to buy some.

Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun loaded the shares onto the vehicle and returned to the company. At the same time, Li Shiqiang, Wu Zhigang and the rest were also in pairs at different banks’ branches, sweeping up all the available shares.

Tai Hua Trading was withdrawing a significant amount of cash, and it alerted Bank Manager Zhu. What happened? This Tai Hua Trading had withdrawn over tens of million RMB in the morning. Tai Hua Trading was one of the bigger clients of ICBC. They were on par with some of the state-owned enterprises. He must now let this client go.

Manager Zhu immediately tried to call Feng Yu, but no one was picking up his calls at Tai Hua Trading. Manager Zhu was anxious. Could there be some accidents?

Of course, there were no accidents. All the money was converted to shares and transported back to Tai Hua Trading.

After returning from ICBC, Feng Yu stayed at the company to count the shares personally. The 2 financial staffs helped him, and the 3 of them worked till night.

A small storeroom in the company was converted to a safe. There were no windows, and Feng Yu installed 2 big metal doors. Unless it was blown up, there was no way to get in!

The shares certificates were sorted according to the companies and denominations and wrapped in layers of plastics and oil paper. On top, of the packages, Feng Yu scattered chili powder to prevent rats from chewing on them. If rats start chewing on the certificates, then it would really be eating his money away!

Feng Yu was the only person to hold the key to this room. Feng Yu intends to hold for a short period of time. He will keep these shares for 2 years, after 1992, he will sell all these shares in the stock exchange.

From morning till night, Feng Yu only ate a few buns in the afternoon. He finally finishes sorting and tallying all the certificates they bought that day/ Feng Yu stretches himself and massaged his aching shoulders.

There was a total of 34 types of shares, and there was 1,483,050 RMB worth of 50 yuan certificates, 7,692,400 RMB worth of 100 yuan certificates, 3,669,800 RMB worth of 200 yuan certificates. The total amounted to 12,845,250 RMB.

In one day, they had swept all the shares in Bing City clean. This shocked the banks and the stocks issuing companies.

They had thought that there will not be many people who would buy their shares and they also felt that Bing City was too rural. Those shares should not be sold out until next year. What happened today? Why were all the shares sold out?

Feng Yu was still not satisfied despite spending over 10 million RMB. Tai Hua Trading still have lots of money. Since there were no more shares in Bing City, then he should go to the neighboring cities like Ji City and Shen City. If it was still not enough, he could always go to Beijing or even Shenzhen!

Business trip. Only a few staff were stationed in the company, and everyone else went outstation. Feng Yu was leading the team, and he had bought his cash checkbook along with him. They will buy all the shares they saw. The first stop was to buy up all the shares in Shen City.

The next morning, Feng Yu and his men drove 4 cars to Shen City. Feng Yu dismissed the idea of using the train. He felt it was not safe.

They arrived at Shen City in the afternoon, and they only managed to buy up all the shares from 4 banks. That night, they stayed at a hotel, and they will continue the next morning.

At one of the securities counter of a bank, 2 men were queuing up behind Feng Yu. They were discussing which shares to buy. They were thinking if they should get the 2,000 RMB share or the 1,800 RMB share when they heard the kid in front of them shouted: “I am buying all the available shares in your branch!”

Feng Yu could not remember which share would rise the most or which share would not perform well. But he knew that when the stock exchange was set up, all the shares rose in value at the start!

Feng Yu does not care what type of shares. He just buys everything since he could afford it!

Feng Yu loaded the two big briefcases onto the car and drove towards the next bank.

The two men who were queuing up behind Feng Yu were speechless. Earlier they were still discussing which shares to buy. Now, there was not a single share left for them to buy!

They had never seen anyone who bought shares in this manner. This kid was not afraid of losing money?

The two men discussed among themselves. Was that kid a fool? That kid had spent over a million RMB on shares! If they had the money, they would not be buying stocks. They would be leaving the money in the bank and collect interest.

Every year, the interest would be at least tens of thousands RMB. They could spend on whatever they wanted and still can’t finish spending everything!

But at the same time, both of them also envied that kid. Maybe that kid was so rich because he dares to take the risk. Since that kid dares to buy shares in this manner, then they should not hesitate too. The two men decided to go to another bank to buy stocks.

Some of the bank staffs still remembered Li Shiqiang and greeted him. They heard that this man made his fortune by trading in Treasury Bonds. This was someone who had traveled from Bing City to buy Treasury Bonds here. This showed how profitable Treasury Bonds were.

But this time, the staffs were wrong. Li Shiqiang was not there to buy Treasury Bonds. Although there was still money to be made from Treasury Bonds, when compared to shares, there was a vast difference in the returns.

Li Shiqiang placed his checkbook on the counter and asked the staff to bring out all the shares certificates.

There were more banks in Shen City than Bing City, and there were more shares too. Feng Yu had spent all the money they brought with them and almost buy up all the available shares in Shen City.

When everyone returned to Bing City, they started to tally the shares certificates and wrapped them up carefully. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief. The was the first time they spent money like this.

Feng Yu was satisfied with the performance of Wu Zhigang and the staffs. Not one of them took the checks or shares and ran off. Perhaps they were in pairs and were mutually supervising each other, or maybe they had not thought of doing that at all. Or perhaps they did not want to create trouble for their families.

Feng Yu was right to trust them. This was only the first step!

But did they think this was the end? Feng Yu only bought less than 50 million RMB worth of shares and was still not satisfied. There was no more money in Tai Hua Trading account? Feng Yu have a solution!

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