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Chapter 152 – Returning Home

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Upon reaching Bing City, the students left for their respective homes and the 3 professors rushed back to Technology University. The other professors were there waiting for them to fill in the blanks of the missing data.

Feng Yu drove his friends back to the district. When Zhang Muhua saw her son, she gave him a hug and patted his head. Its been a while since she saw Feng Yu and it seems that Feng Yu had grown taller.

“Xiao Yu, I heard from your brother-in-law that you represented China to attend a Summer Camp?” Zhang Muhua’s eyes were sparkling. This was something to be proud of.

Feng Yu nodded: “Maybe it can be considered as such.”

“What do you mean by that? This must be it. You are representing the country. That’s great. You eat some cherries first. I will go over to the neighbors’ place first.” Zhang Muhua took a half-knitted sweater and left.

Feng Yu was speechless when he looked at his mother’s back view. He did not notice that his mother also like to flaunt before.

Feng Xingtai also returned home from the food processing factory after he received news that his son was back. The first words that came out from Feng Xingtai let Feng Yu felt a killing intent.

“I heard from your sister that you had chosen the useless Arts stream?”

“Dad, Chairman Mao also studied Arts. Arts subjects are for leaders and Science are for workers!” Feng Yu’s reply hit the bull’s eye.

“Really?” Feng Xingtai was suspicious, but he heard that the neighboring provincial country Mayor also studied Arts at Beijing University!

“Of course. Your son wants to be a great leader in future, that’s why I chose Arts. The worse, I will also be a great scholar!” Feng Yu continued to bluff his father.

“Stop bullshitting. What scholar? Never mind. You are grown up now, and you have your own way of thinking. You chose your own path carefully and don’t regret.” Feng Xingtai looked at Feng Yu lovingly and said. It’s rare for Feng Xingtai to say such things. 

“Dad, do you know that I just went to the Soviet Union for a Summer Camp?” Feng Yu was waiting for his father to praise him but why was his father so calm?

“I know. Your sister told us. I hope you did not bring shame to the country.”

Feng Yu was dumbfounded. Every parent always hopes for the best for their children, but why his father always felt that he will be a disgrace?

No choice. Feng Xingtai had always felt that Feng Yu’s thinking was too weird and always do things that shock people. He was afraid that his son would do something and got into trouble in the Soviet Union. He still remembers the last time they drank, and Feng Yu was shouting that the Soviet Union would disintegrate in two years’ time. There will no longer be any Soviet Union!

That time, Feng Xingtai was shocked. Feng Yu’s words were too shocking. How could the Soviet Union disintegrate? The Soviet Union was the world’s second-largest economy. Their industrial and military standards were one of the best in the world and were on par with the US. How can such a powerful nation be disintegrated?  

Feng Xingtai warned Feng Yu not to say these things outside. If others heard this, he might get into trouble! Feng Xingtai also thought that Feng Yu might be telling the truth as Feng Yu had been doing business with the Soviets and could have gotten some insider information from them.

But no matter what, these things should not be revealed to others. Whether if the Soviet Union disintegrate or not, it was the nation’s leaders’ problem, and it was not for commoners like them to discuss.

“Dad, I have made you proud all this while.”

“Ya, proud…… The whole district knew about the fool who went ice fishing and fell into the ice hole.” Feng Xingtai rolled his eyes.

Feng Yu: “……”

“Where’s your mum? She did not cook?”

“Mum went over to the neighbor’s place. I think she would not be back so soon. Why not we go to the factory to have lunch? Oh yes, dad. You mentioned that the factory needs more soybean oil machines. I had bought another soybean oil production line from the Soviet Union. It should arrive next month!”

Feng Xingtai was overjoyed. He had long wanted to increase the production of the soybean oil. Even though his oil was selling more expensive than others, the demand still exceeds supply. This was a lucrative business and how could he miss it? Every time he heard people talking about unable to buy Tai Hua Premium Cooking oil, he felt that his money had flowed into someone else pocket.

Feng Yu had bought this production line when he was shopping for the light industries facilities. He did not want his father to be working so hard. Later in the year, he wants to hire a few management staffs even if their salaries were higher. He wanted his parents to enjoy their retirement.

Their Tian Peng Pig farm had over 2,000 swine this year, and there was also some boars. The piglets produced every month was over 2,000 and this month, the first batch of pigs was ready to be sold. Feng Xingtai was going around looking for people to buy his pigs.

Feng Yu had told him before to not worry about the sales. There would be at least 1,000 pigs sold in Bing City alone. There were still about 10 million people staying in the outskirts. He was not worried about his pigs not selling.

Even if he could not sell it in his province, he could always sell it to Lin Province. Lin province was close to Bing City, and there were not much transportation costs. Tai Hua Food Processing Factory’s animal feed was already selling in Lin Province, and it was more than 30% of their production. The profits from the animal feeds were more than soybean oil.

Tai Hua Food Processing Factory was developing well, and those people that did not invest initially regretted. Many of them approached Feng Xingtai to purchase the shares but were all rejected.

Now Tai Hua Factory was not short of funds. The dividends paid out last year was the proof of it!

The ones that invested earlier were laughing. Just the dividends, it was equivalent to the profits from their farm. These people could retire comfortably.

Of course, there was some who had withdrawn their investment. Wen Dongjun’s father was one of them. He was promoted to the Deputy Farm Officer and was forced to withdraw. However, the Wen family had already gotten huge profits.

After lunch at Tai Hua Factory, Feng Yu went to Wen Dongjun’s house. When he entered Wen Dongjun’s house, he heard Wen Dongjun’s bragging.

“None of the students at the summer camp dared to stand up, and I was the one that took on the responsibility. I played a song on my harmonica and still sang a song. All the overseas students were in awe! You know, at that time……”

Cough~~~ Feng Yu cleared his throat. How come he did not know Wen Dongjun had done such things at the camp? Sang a song? Wen Dongjun even went out of tune when they were singing together with other students!

Even when he saw Feng Yu entering, he did not stop with his bragging. He pointed to Feng Yu: “You can ask Feng Yu if you do not believe me. He can prove what I said!” After saying this, he turned and squinted both his eyes at Feng Yu.

Damn, how shameless. I still have to help you with your bragging?

“That right. Luckily Wen Dongjun was there. If not, we would be a disgrace. Dongjun, didn’t you say that we are going to play Ping-Pong? Are we still going?”

Wen Dongjun was puzzled. When did he say he wanted to play ping pong? Can’t Feng Yu see that all the neighbors had gathered there to listen to his remarkable stories?

“I’m not going. You can go yourself. I still need to tell them about the farewell party!”

Feng Yu: “……”

Forget it. Feng Yu can look for his father to go fishing. His father also deserved a rest.

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