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Chapter 147 - Famous

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When Feng Yu finished talking with the Factory Director, it was already afternoon. Feng Yu suddenly remembered that today was the start of the Summer Camp and he had yet to report and did not call Principal Sun.

Feng Yu immediately looked for a phone to call the Moscow University hostel. However, someone from the hostel answered and told Feng Yu that everyone was outside and not at the hostel. There was no way to contact them.

Feng Yu was thunderstruck. He only knows the hostel’s telephone number and does not know about the Camp’s itinerary or any other contact numbers.  

Damn, why there were no mobile phones yet.

“Feng, what’s wrong? You looked like you are unhappy. The Mozgov Factory Director had already agreed to sell us that set of production line machinery to manufacture refrigerators. You think that it is too expensive?” Kirilenko was feeling puzzled. The price was already a bargain, and Feng Yu was a good negotiator, even better than him. If it were him doing the negotiation, the cost would not be so low.

“No, no, no. I am delighted with this deal. I will not forget the 30% commission I promised you. But I came to Moscow was to attend the Summer Camp and yesterday I was drunk and did not return to the university’s hostel. I also did not call my vice principal to inform him. I might be in trouble.”

This trip, Feng Yu wanted to do the negotiations himself, but he would still pay Kirilenko 30% commission. Feng Yu had calculated. The equipment Kirilenko sold to him should be marked up between 40 to 50%. Giving 30% commission to Kirilenko would still be cheaper.

The things Feng Yu wanted to buy during this trip was a lot, and Feng Yu also told Kirilenko that he will be making more follow up purchases after this trip. As such, Kirilenko happily agreed to the 30% commission.

Kirilenko still wanted to bring Feng Yu to the next factory. He wanted to bring Feng Yu to all the factories near to Moscow within these few days. He too, forgot that Feng Yu was in Moscow to attend the Moscow University Summer Camp and it was an international camp.

“Feng, don’t worry. I will find out for you where is the campsite and send you over. Then we will meet at night in future?”

“Ok. It’s fine to negotiate with the factories at night too. But I will not be drinking!” Feng Yu said worryingly. Stop saying that drinking is the Soviet Union’s tradition. I am here buying your machines, and you must bottom ups a glass of vodka with me twice? 

Kirilenko was very efficient. With a few phone calls, he got the reporting point of the Summer camp. The first day was an ice-breaking session among the students. So, they were going for a hike in the countryside.

When Feng Yu rushed to the campsite, there were already tents set up. There was also smoke from fires, and the students were cooking their lunches.

Vice Principal Sun saw a familiar vehicle driving toward them from afar. He immediately ran towards it and saw Feng Yu alighting from the car.

Oh my god, you are finally back. But the organizing committee had already reported to the police. Their school will be “famous” internationally!

“Feng Yu, who did you go? I asked you to call me, why didn’t you call?”

When they met, Feng Yu was faced with a barraged of questions from Vice Principal Sun. Feng Yu laughed embarrassedly: “Principal Sun, I got drunk yesterday, and I forgot.”

“You still went drinking? Did you forget the rules told to you before the trip? All students are not allowed to drink! The organizing committee had already reported to the Police about you missing. What are you going to do?”

What? Missing? Feng Yu also felt that this matter had been blown up. If this matter were to spread back China, he would be blacklisted by the Universities and even get recorded in his school’s testimony: No discipline, no teamwork, can’t follow instructions and brought disgrace to the nation!

Feng Yu immediately pulled Kirilenko over. This was all his fault for making him drink last night. He must settle this. Kirilenko looked at Feng Yu and thought that this was making a mountain out of a molehill. Feng Yu was only late for half a day and what’s the big problem? He can just settle it quickly.

Kirilenko looked for the people from the organizing committee and spoke to them for about 5 minutes and told Feng Yu that the problem was settled. He will be coming back at night to pick Feng Yu up.

The teams from other countries looked curiously towards the direction of Third High School. Why were there so many people crowding around? There were even people from the organizing committee, and it seems that there were arguing about something. Could it be Third High School got into some sort of trouble?

Actually, the other teams had already noticed that something was wrong with Third High School’s team. Every team that was participating in this camp were made up of 15 members, 10 students, and 5 teachers.

Every team’s teachers were responsible for different duties, such as logistics, liaising, leaders, translators, etc. But there was one thing in common, which was the teachers were quite young, and their average age was about 30 years old. Only this Third High School from China was different from them. Other than a female teacher that was young, the rest of the teachers were above 40 years old. Can’t they tell that this Summer Camp was an event for young people?

Furthermore, the Third High School was missing 1 student, and they even saw the organizing people arguing with their leader in the morning. They overheard something like reporting to the police.

Wow…. That’s a Policeman. He was walking over to the Third High School’s team. Someone in that team committed a crime? This was not good. They have to contact their embassy

China was indeed a backward country. They can’t even obey the laws of other nations!

That policeman was one of the officers that were investigating Feng Yu’s missing. He was attached to the Camp in case Feng Yu suddenly return.

“You are Feng Yu? Can you tell me where did you go and what did you do after you landed at the airport yesterday?” The Police Officer asked in a serious tone.

Feng Yu looked at Kirilenko. Come and settle this!

Kirilenko took out an Identity Card from his pocket and passed it to the Officer. The officer looked at the ID and returned it carefully to Kirilenko.

This was an officer from the army. Why was this person here?

“We have a batch of military supplies coming in from China, and Feng Yu is our contact person. That’s the reason we picked him up from the airport yesterday. I had already explained to the Moscow University. Feng Yu is not missing, and you can close this file.” Kirilenko said authoritatively.

The other teams were even more curious now. Why did the officer leave in a hurry? This China team did not commit any offense? If someone told them that China was strong enough to ignore the laws of the Soviet Union, they would not never believe it!

They were also curious about the kid who arrived at the Camp in a Soviet Military number plate vehicle. Huh? The kid was wearing a badge? That kid was a participant with China’s Third High School’s team!

Why did this Chinese student arrive in a Soviet Military vehicle? Even if they wrecked their brains, they could never figure it out. But it was apparent that they could not get the answer by asking the China team directly. They could only discuss among themselves. There were even guesses that this student was the son of some great leaders in China and was here for some secret mission.

Chinese had always emphasized on successors. This must be it! This Chinese team must have some political mission. Could those older teachers be bodyguards in disguise?

They soon noticed that the organizing committee treated the China Team different from before. The best camping spots were reserved for them, and they got the best food. This China team was not simple, and that student was even more special!

Vice Principal Sun now was feeling uncomfortable. There are already leaders from teams of 6 different countries approaching him, trying to make friends. But their eyes had never left Feng Yu. The China team was famous now, but Vice Principal Sun was not sure if this was a good thing or a bad thing.

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