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Chapter 142 – Fighting for the places

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“Today’s meeting is to announce good news. Our school had just received an invitation from the Moscow University, inviting our school’s students to attend a one-month Summer camp.” The Principal announced loudly.

“What? Principal, did I hear it correctly? Moscow University?” The school’s secretary asked, emphasizing the word University.

“That’s right. Moscow University!”

“How many places are there? They are inviting those two years 3 students?” The secretary’s thinking was the same as the Principal. The Moscow University must be targeting that two math genius.

“No, they are inviting year 1 students. There’s a total of 10 places for students and 5 for accompanying teachers. The University will be providing food and lodging. There’s another good news, Mr. Li, the one who donated the new basketball court, will be sponsoring the air tickets.”

This was what Feng Yu told the Vice Principal. He was the one who was sponsoring the air tickets, but he uses his brother-in-law’s name.

“First-year students? What’s the meaning of this? But never mind since this is a good thing for our school’s reputation!” The Deputy Secretary shouted.

Everyone said some unnecessary pleasantries, and it was the secretary who asked: “Principal, how are we going to allocate the places? Are we going to discuss it?”

The Principal did not say anything but exchange glances with the Vice Principal Sun. Vice Principal Sun immediately knew what to do and cleared his throat: “The other party wanted to let the students experience what it is like to be in a world-renowned university. I had studied in the Soviet Union before and is good in Russian. So, I will be leading the team. Teacher Su Xiuhua from the second year had performed well, and she should be attending as well. The Education Ministry will arrange for the remaining teachers.”

The Secretary and Deputy Secretary were still waiting for the Vice Principal to tell them that the school will be giving them the remaining teachers places, but instead, it was the Education Ministry who will decide. This made them very angry.

But there’s nothing they could do. Although they had connections, but they can’t go against the Ministry. This must be the work of the Principal. They believed that the Principal will still give them some compensations with regards to the student places. The Principal should be giving them at least 3 student places each.

Seeing the Secretary and the rest did not say anything, Vice Principal Sun continued: “We had confirmed 8 students who will be attending this camp. The 8 students are Feng Yu, Wen Dongjun…… Zhang Han……”

“Wait, Vice Principal Sun, who confirmed these 8 students? Why are they chosen? Based on their results or teachers’ recommendations? Or you are the one who makes the decision?” The Secretary interrupted the Vice Principal. He was pissed. He had only heard of Zhang Han out of the 7 names read out. Who had nominated the rest of the students?

The Deputy Secretary and said: “Vice Principal Sun, shouldn’t the student places be discussed with the teaching division first before confirming? I did not come across anyone who came to my division to ask about the students’ performance.” The Deputy Secretary oversees the teaching division which had a lot of authority in the school.

The Vice Principal looked at the Principal who was looking down at his teacup as if it was the eighth wonder of the world.

Vice Principal Sun knew that the Principal wanted him to take the heat. Who asked him to nominate 2 of the students.

“Secretary Zhao, Deputy Secretary Liu, we did not confirm these students. The Moscow University had specifically asked for 4 students who are Feng Yu, Li Na, Wen Dongjun and Liu Kun. Everyone here should know who Zhang Han’s father is, so I don’t need to say much.”

“The other party asked for 4 people? Where’s the invitation letter? Let me see.” The Secretary looked at Vice Principal Sun angrily. He wants to know what’s so special about these 4 students.

Vice Principal Sun passed the invitation letter to him. The whole summer camp was arranged by Li Shiqiang. If the secretary dares to change any of the 4 students stated in the invitation letter, most likely this camp will be canceled.

The Vice Principal can’t wait for the Secretary and Deputy Secretary to oppose these 4 students from attending and offend Li Shiqiang. This way, he could get the remaining 2 student places. He was the one who was closest to Li Shiqiang, and that’s the reason he dares to nominate 2 students, 1 more than the Principal.

Deputy Secretary went out for a while and returned with a result slip. Liu Kun, the top student in the mid-semester and year-end exams, had the qualifications to attend this camp.

Li Na’s results were also not bad. She was improving consistently and was in the first-year top 20. She can be considered one of the better female students. However, Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun were only average students. They were just slightly above average. Why were they invited?

“Old Sun, I will not say much about the rest, but this Feng Yu and Wen Dongjun must be changed. These 2 students’ results were only average and did not contribute anything to the school. This Feng Yu still talked back to the Discipline officer Li publicly. I still remember that it was Vice Principal Sun who had spoken up for him, right?” The Deputy Secretary looked at Vice Principal Sun with slanted eyes.

Vice Principal Sun calmly said: “This is the invitation and it specifically states that they are inviting these students. How can we change them? What’s the reason for changing them?”

“Because they are not good students! If we let them go, it will be a disgrace to our school! I had heard rumors that Feng Yu’s family background was also not reputable. I think that these 2 students are not qualified to attend this summer camp! They must be changed!” Deputy Secretary shouted firmly.

The accompanying teachers’ spots were already arranged by you all, and you still want to take all the students places? Then what about Secretary Zhao and me? We are also the leaders in this school!

“Deputy Secretary Liu, please watch your words. We are all teachers and should let our judgment be affected by rumors. Times have changed!” Vice Principal Sun said. In his heart, he wished that the deputy secretary would bang the table and insist on his way. It would be better if he were able to drag Secretary Zhao along to change Feng Yu. This way, the Principal and Vice Principal will get the remaining 2 student places.


“Old Sun, what are you saying? These 2 students must be changed!” Before the Deputy Secretary replied, the Secretary banged hard on the table. He was also from the previous generations.

The Principal was still looking at his teacup. Since Vice Principal wanted to be the leader of the team and even wanted the student places, then he should be the one to face the music.

Vice Principal Sun retorted: “Secretary Zhao, are you going to be responsible if anything goes wrong by changing the students specifically invited by Moscow University?”

The Secretary was now in an awkward position, but he must retort. This was a considerable achievement. The Principal might be transferred out at the end of the year, and he will be fighting with Vice Principal for the Principal position. How can he let Vice Principal overtake him?

“I will be responsible if anything goes wrong. What’s the problem? This is the results of those 2 students. I think that they are not qualified!”

At this time, the Principal coughed and said: “This is a meeting. Stop fighting. If the teachers heard us, what would they think? Remember, you all are teachers first and then leaders. You all must set a good example for others! It’s just the places for a summer camp, and you all are fighting over it. Everyone go back and think about it. We will carry on with the meeting tomorrow!”

The Secretary and Deputy Secretary left the room to discuss which student they were going to nominate. They want at least 2 student places each. If the Principal did not say anything, they would want 3 spots each!

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