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Chapter 139 – Bladeless fans

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Feng Yu shook his head when he looked at the sales figure for the Wind and Rain electric fans. As expected, the orders for his fans were getting lesser. Even if he lowered the price, he would not get back his market share.

Feng Yu had thought of continuing to advertise. The advertisements that were aired on CCTV would still help, but the market was still full of imitations. Even if the commercials were effective and the consumers bought the wind and Rain fans, it might be imitations.

Things that were easily manufactured were not good. The market changes were too fast. Furthermore, some established brands of fans manufacturers also start producing plastic fans. These brands were very popular in their provinces and Wind and Rain fans would not sell well in those provinces.

Although Wind and Rain fans were still making profits, the speed was too slow for Feng Yu. Last year, Feng Yu earned a few million in 2 to 3 months and this year, he made only a few hundred thousand in 2 to 3 months. The difference was too big.

Luckily Feng Yu had thought of a solution, which was to introduce a new type of electric fans. Bladeless fans.

He could apply for a patent for these fans and the technology required was considered high. Not to mention the small factories, even the bigger factories could not imitate this technology. Just happen the Aviation Factory had this air compressing technology, and Feng Yu wants them to minimize it, to create a miniature version of the air compressing equipment!


“Manager Feng, why did you call the both of us here? Is there any problems with the humidifiers?” Hou Haitao asked worryingly.

Now, the humidifier was like a cash cow to them. Basically, Tai Hua Trading could sell every humidifier produced by the Motor Factory.

The domestic sales figures were increasing, and the overseas demand had already outweighed the supply. The Aviation Factory and Motor Factory were even praised by their higher-ups for their performance. Hou Haitao paid particular attention to this humidifier project. If this continued for the next 10 years, no, even if it continued for the next 5 years, the Aviation Factory can earn a lot!

“Director Hou, Director Li, there’s no problem with the humidifier sales. There’s still lots of demand for it. However, the Motor Factory does not need to set up another production line to increase the production. There would be an oversupply, and it would be a waste of resources. Remaining status quo would be enough. Anyway, we have the patent, and we will still control the market. I asked the both of you here is to talk about another thing. I thought of a new idea yesterday.”

When Hou Haitao and Li Shiyou heard what Feng Yu said, they looked at each other excitedly. Feng Yu’s idea last time was the ultrasonic humidifier and brought lots of profits to their factories. Even if the concept this time was half as good as the humidifier, or even 30%, they would be delighted.

“Manager Feng wants to work with us again? We are to oversee the R&D and the Motor Factory to oversee the production?” Hou Haitao asked.

Li Shiyou was a bit unhappy: “Why can’t we be doing the R&D and your factory do the production?”

The Motor Factory also had lots of experts. R&D was much better than production. Production was too tiring as they need to modify the production lines. Why does doing R&D still gets to enjoy the profits for so many years?

“It was like this the previous time, isn’t it?” Hou Haitao wanted to do the R&D. The last time, his factory had only used a short period of time to develop the humidifier, and the Motor Factory needs to do the production for the next 10 years.

Feng Yu immediately waved his hands to stop both directors from fighting.

“Directors, please let me finish what I have to say. I heard that the Aviation Factory have an air compressing technology? Which is the turbocharging technology?”

Hou Haitao immediately had a proud look on his face, and he looked at Li Shiyou. Heard that? Our factory had this technology, what about your factory? Do you have it?

“Of course. We had this technology the year before. It is used to modify the aircraft engines, increase the efficiency and lower the fuel consumption. Why this time you need to use this technology?” Hou Haitao was puzzled. What could they do with this technology?

“Do you have jet technology?”

“Jet technology? Humph, we are an Aviation Factory, and we build aircraft. What do you think?” Hou Haitao replied proudly and at the same time he gave Li Shiyou a smug look.  

Li Shiyou was fuming, but the Motor Factory did not have these 2 technologies, and he could not compete with the Aviation Factory. He consoled himself by telling himself that each factory has its own specialization. The Motor Factory was superior in motor and electric generators!

But both the directors still did not understand what they were going to do with these 2 technologies. To develop a new type of jet engine? This was something the Aviation Factory had been doing.

Li Shiyou asked: “Manager Feng, what are you making with these 2 technologies?”

Feng Yu looked at the both of them and said smilingly: “We are making a new type of electric fan!”

What? Electric fans?

Li Shiyou and Hou Haitao leaned back into the sofa like a deflated balloon. Electric fans using air compressing technology? Electric fans utilizing the jet technology? Who can withstand a jet engine blowing air at them?

Furthermore, electric fans were not something new. How can it be compared to the humidifier?

Feng Yu saw the lack of interest in the both of them and said: “If this fan is developed, it will revolutionize the electric fan industry and there will be many related products that can be produced with this technology. I guarantee that the profits will not be lesser than the humidifiers!”

Hou Haitao laughed: “Stop joking. Xiao Feng, I know that last year you and the Motor Factory produced a plastic electric fan and my factory also bought a lot of those fans. You want to revive your electric fans business, but what has it got to do with the technologies?”

Feng Yu smiled confidently: “I will talk about the new product we are going to develop next. Bladeless fans. It is the same as the name. This fan will have no blades. Because it has no blades, there will not be dust on the covers, and it will be easy to clean, and you won’t injure your fingers. Even if children touch the fans, they will not suffer any injuries. This fan will be safer than any fans in the market.

We will use the motor to suck in air into the fan’s base and compress it using the turbocharging technology and then release it using the jet technology. The exterior will be using a 16 degrees annular fan head to blow out the cool air in a circular motion, and there would be no pauses in between the airflow. The airflow would also be smoother, and if we are able to develop it well, it will consume lesser electricity than regular fans……”

Feng Yu was explaining his idea and using a plastic basin to demonstrate, letting both the directors understand what was he talking about.

Li shiyou did not really understand, but Hou Haitao was frowning and deep in thoughts. He imagined what Feng Yu said in his head. It seems workable and could indeed produce constant wind using the 2 technologies. But the cost of this fans will not be low. The value would amount to at least 100 RMB or even higher. How much will they be selling?

Never mind. Anyway, Feng Yu will be paying for the R&D and the sales of the finished products. The Aviation Factory will only be in charge of the R&D, and the rest is not of their concern. After developing the product, they will just wait to split the profits and even if there were no profits, they will also not suffer many losses.

Regardless of what the Motor Factory thinks, the Aviation Factory will be part of this project!  

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