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Chapter 138 - Peaceful and Stable life

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“Tonight, we are going out for dinner and movies? That’s great. Your sister is on the night shift this week, and Brother Li’s cooking is terrible.” Wen Dongjun got very excited when he heard about food.

Feng Yu sneered: “Humph, I will tell my brother-in-law.”

Terrible? Then how did this idiot still be able to eat so much every meal? Feng Yu really suspect that in Wen Dongjun’s world, there were only 2 types of food. Excellent food and delicious food!

Sure enough, Wen Dongjun transformed into a hungry ghost that evening during dinner and kept stuffing his face with food. Feng Yu really don’t understand. How can one eat like this? And because of his influence, Feng Yu also start eating heartily. However, Li Na and Zhang Han do not eat much. All this while, Li Na had a small appetite, and Zhang Han was watching her diet.     

Previously, Zhang Han could eat better than Wen Dongjun and specialized in snacks. But after the winter break, Feng Yu did not see Zhang Han eating snacks again. Her self-control was scary.

During the movies, they were seated in a different place, but there were a lot of people at the cinema that day. Feng Yu wanted to cuddle with Li Na, but he knew that Li Na would not agree.

Leaving the cinema, Feng Yu looked at his watch. It was only 8 plus. He suddenly had an idea and drove towards the riverbank.

“Where are we going?” Li Na asked curiously.

“Today’s weather is good, let’s go to the riverbank to bask in the moonlight. I will send you back to the dormitory later.”

“Enjoy the moon? How can we admire the moon without food?” Wen Dongjun shouted.

Damn, this glutton. We had just finished dinner, and he was thinking of food again!

“No. There’s no food!” Feng Yu barked.

“You do not have food, but I have. I still have melon seeds. Do you want?” Like a magician, Wen Dongjun took out a packet of melon seeds from one of his pocket. Feng Yu really want to throw these melon seeds on his face!



The car was parked on a deserted road next to the riverbank, and the 4 of them alighted from the vehicle. The riverbank now was not as lively as the future years. The riverbank in the future years was crowded even when it was 10 at night.

The Riverside did not have the row of street lights yet, and there were no middle-aged women doing square dancing. A few teenage couples were sitting by the riverside whispering sweet nothings to each other. At an empty space, there was a large boombox and a group of teenagers wearing bellbottoms, doing break dancing.

Feng Yu held Li Na’s hands and walked to a side/ He placed newspapers on the floor and sat on it with Li Na. His right hand naturally held Li Na’s shoulders: “I’m afraid that you are cold.”

Li Na turned and look at Feng Yu but kept quiet. She knew this was a lie, but she did not want to expose him. She leans her head on his shoulders and quietly watch the flowing water.

The water was not very clear, but they could still make out the reflection of the moon. There were no clouds in the sky and was full of stars. The dim lights from the returning fishing boats illuminate Li Na’s pretty face.

“Yesterday, Xiao Yun from my dormitory wrote an excellent poem…….”

“The day before yesterday, Yingying from the next dormitory received a love letter from her class monitor. Her class monitor’s handwriting was horrible……”

“You make a guess what did I saw that afternoon. Butterfly. There are butterflies not. It was this big and very colorful. But it flew away before I could get a closer look……”

Feng Yu sat there quietly, listening to Li Na talks about the anecdotes of her life. These were all trivial things, but Feng Yu doesn’t mind. 

Listening to these trivial matters helped Feng Yu to forget about his worries and even made him forget about his goal of making a lot of money. He stretched himself and slowly closed his eyes.

Li Na picked up a short grass and lightly brushes Feng Yu’s face with it. Feng Yu opened his eyes and saw the smile on Li Na’s face. There were hanging willow branches in the background and dim lightings from the fishing boats by the riverside. Once again, Feng Yu felt that he walked into a beautiful painting.

“Look, that’s the weaver star and the cowherd star. You still remember the poem?” Li Na pointed to the stars and looked at Feng Yu eagerly.

“Of course, I remember. Far, far away, the Cowherd, Fair, fair, the Weaving Maid; Nimbly move her slender white fingers, Click-clack goes her weaving-loom.

All day she weaves, yet her web is still not done. And her tears fall like rain. Clear and shallow the Milky Way, they are not far apart! But the stream always brims between.

And, gazing at each other, they cannot speak.”

Feng Yu recited the poem, and with the ambiance, it made the poem more beautiful.

“You are so smart. You can even memorize this poem. Is there really a cowherd and weaver in the sky? The Heavenly Mother is so hard-hearted, allowing them to meet only once a year.” Li Na seems a bit sad.

“If there is really a cowherd and weaver in heavens, then the Heavenly Mother treats her daughter not bad.”

“Why? She only allows them to meet once a year!” Li Na replied angrily. She was annoyed by Feng Yu’s reply.

“Look, if the legends are true, then 1 day in heavens will be equivalent to 1 year on earth. The Cowherd gets to meet the Weaver once a year, but the Weaver gets to meet the Cowherd every day! So, the Heavenly Mother who doesn’t like her son-in-law, still treated her daughter well.”

Li Na was dumbfounded. She had not thought of looking at this legend from this perspective.

She mercilessly pinched Feng Yu hard. This guy was too annoying. Such a moving legend but hearing it from Feng Yu, became so different.

Feng Yu was very helpless, look, it was easy to offend people when telling the truth……

“No, you must tell me another poem, and you are not allowed to interpret it in your nonsensical logic!” After waiting for a while and she noticed Feng Yu was keeping quiet. Li Na asked: “What are you thinking? Don’t tell me you can’t remember any poems?”

“Can’t remember any poems? How can this be possible! I am thinking about those poets in ancient times. What sort of poems would they come up with in this type of ambiance? A genius like me would not lose to them.” Feng Yu bragged.

Li Na laughed: “You a genius? How genius are you? You only know how to memorize poems. Just recite some poems that you memorized for me. But you cannot recite .”

“Actually can even sing like a song but that song is not suitable to sing now. Let me think, it should not be a problem for me to write a poem for you now.”

When Li Na mentioned , the first thought that came to Feng Yu’s mind was a song . But that song was not suitable to sing as it was about breaking up and getting back together.

There was a lot of internet poems in the future years which Li Na had never heard before. Some of these poems will stick in the readers’ mind. Feng Yu just need to mix and match these poems together to “compose” a new poem that fits the atmosphere now.

“Sunrise sunset, flowers bloom flowers wilted; Spring breeze moving willows, shallow years; Changing of tides, same as before; Zither and harp in hand, peaceful and stable life forever.”

Li Na looked lovingly at Feng Yu. This poem had touched her deeply.

Feng Yu looked at Li Na and casually said another verse from an internet poem: “Beautiful eyes and brows, refine looks, talented and unforgettable.”

Li Na fell into a dazed and thought Feng Yu was so talented. Feng Yu looked at Li Na’s alluring lips and leaned forward slowly……

Suddenly a loud and irritating voice sounded beside them: “What are you two doing?”

Inside Feng Yu’s heart, he was roaring angrily. Wen Dongjun, you this idiot. You think it was easy to create this perfect mood? I had almost succeeded. I am going to kill you!

Translator notes: This chapter is too hard. The poems are so hard to understand. I tried my best to translate it. Do let me know if I mistranslate the poems. 

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