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Chapter 137 – I want to be a secretary

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After the construction of the pig farm was completed, Feng Yu was chased back to school by Feng Xingtai with his feather duster. A student’s responsibility was to study hard. Stop thinking about money every day.

Soon, it was June, and the weather becomes hot. Wind and Rain electric fans started its production and sales again. But the sales for this year was terrible. The order for the whole of China was estimated to be not more than 50,000 units. There was a massive drop in the profits.

This was still because of TV commercials. If not, the sales would not be more than 20,000 units. No choice. There were too many plastic fans in the market now. A small country factory or even a tiny private factory can manufacture these fans. Even though the market was big, but there were too many choices, and Wind and Rain Electric fans had nothing special. That’s why it loses its market share.

Feng Yu sighed. It seems like he got to bring forward his plan to launch the newer version of electric fans.

Feng Yu was not so busy with his business and school. It was still 1 month away from his exams, and he had sufficient time to prepare for it.

But soon, the students received a notification from their teachers that it was time for them to choose between the Arts and Science for their 2nd year. They were advised to discuss with their parents and then submit their choices.

Compared to his previous life, China now had more focus on Science than Arts. Almost 80% of the students chose Science, and only some female students chose Arts.

When Feng Yu’s form teacher received the class’ choices, he frowned.   

What’s going on? Feng Yu chose Arts? Also, Lina, who was good with her Science subjects, chose Arts too? “Learn math and science, and you can travel all over the world without fear” They should have heard of this statement.

The form teacher called Li Na and Feng Yu to his office for a discussion. These 2 were considered the better students in his class. He could not bear to see them “degenerate” in the Arts class!

“Li Na, Feng Yu, did you fill up your forms wrongly? Why did you choose arts?” The form teacher took out their forms and hinted to them that he could still change their choices.

Li Na shockingly looked at Feng Yu. Why did he choose Arts too?

Li Na’s ambition was to be a teacher, so learning Arts was a natural choice. But Feng Yu’s dream was to be a successful businessman and shouldn’t he be taking Science?

Li Na suddenly remembered on the day they were filling up their forms, Feng Yu had asked her if she was choosing Arts or Science. Could it be Feng Yu chose Arts t to be with her?

Feng Yu pushed the forms back to his teacher and said: “Teacher, there’s no mistake with our choices. What’s the difference between Arts and Science? In future, both can also contribute to the country.”

“But the future of Science students obviously has a better future. The both of you will be doing yourself an injustice!”

Feng Yu laughed: “Teacher, you also picked Arts in the past?”

The form teacher was dumb folded. He did choose Arts in the past, but that was because he was not good with Science subjects. He was only good at memorizing things and was too embarrassed to say it to Feng Yu.  

“How can it be the same? My ambition was to be a teacher! Taking Arts will let me be a better teacher, can help me pass my literature knowledge to you all!” The form teacher found himself the perfect excuse.

Li Na timidly said: “Teacher, my ambition is also to be a teacher.”

Feng Yu immediately interrupted: “That’s right. It’s an honor to be a great teacher, just like our form teacher.”

The form teacher does not know whether to cry or he should laugh. These two students were praising him now, but he wanted to ask them to choose Science for a better future and better job opportunities

“What about you, Feng Yu. You want to be a teacher too?” The form teacher would never believe that a student like Feng Yu would want to be a teacher.

“No. I want to be a secretary and Arts is more suitable for this job.” Feng Yu told his teacher a lie he prepared beforehand.

Be someone’s secretary? Nonsense. Feng Yu had still planned to hire 8 or 10 secretaries for himself. One would be just serving tea, one would be doing paperwork, one would be massaging his shoulders and legs, one would just be a pretty vase, one would be taking care of him in the day, some would be ……, he should stop thinking about this.

Feng Yu wanted to a big boss and learn business management. Studying Arts would be easier for him to switch to Business later. Furthermore, Feng Yu’s memory was better, and those subjects like biology, chemistry, etc. should be left for those students who had talents. He just wants to memorize some history, geography, etc.

With his strength in languages like Russian, his memory, and his other means, he would definitely be admitted into Beijing University Management course. Isn’t this enough? If he chose Science, where can he go?

Feng Yu’s ambition surprised his teacher. There was really someone whose dream was to be a secretary? But he thought Feng Yu’s ambition should be a leader with the government. Many great leaders started by being a secretary. It was the same as being an apprentice in a factory. Being a secretary would get close to the leaders and would have a strong backing!

The form teacher felt a bit helpless. He could not tell Feng Yu that his ambition was wrong. Nowadays, who doesn’t want to be a leader in the government service? In the universities, most undergrads were drafted into the government service directly. But isn’t it better for Feng Yu to use the usual method to enter the government service?

“The both of you really don’t want to reconsider your choices?” The form teacher tried one last time.

Feng Yu and Li Na shook their heads, and the teacher waved his hand, indicating them to leave. Forget it. Its only 2 students lesser.

Stepping out of the teacher’s office, Li Na kept looking at Feng Yu with misty-eyes.

“Feng Yu, you don’t need to do this. You want to be a businessman, should you be taking Science? There’s no need for you to be in the same class with me.” Li Na said.

Feng Yu paused for a moment. Li Na had thought that he chose Arts because of her? Only a fool would explain to her. Just let her misunderstood.

“I had asked someone to buy the poem book you wanted. It should arrive by mail in 2 days.” Feng Yu changed the topic.

“Ok. Let’s go back for revision. You had skipped 2 weeks of classes last month.”

Feng Yu smiled embarrassedly: “I will not skip classes again. There’s nothing much to do with the company this month. Oh yes, I need your help with my math. I did not understand the math question yesterday. Later this evening, we go out for dinner? There’s a new halal restaurant at Gan Sui street. I heard the food there is good.”

Feng Yu had been busy most of the time and always felt that he does not have enough time. But when he was with Li Na, he felt calm and relaxed. Even when they were not doing anything but just reading side by side, Feng Yu would be in a good mood.

“Fine. Let ask Wen Dongjun and Zhang Han along.”

When Li Na mentioned Wen Dongjun and Zhang Han, Feng Yu became unhappy. He wondered what medicine did Zhang Han ate for her to lose so much weight in such a short time. In this short span of time, she loses a lot of weight. She was about 55 kg now, and Wen Dongjun kept boasting to Feng Yu about how good his taste was, how good Zhang Han treated him, how pretty Zhang Han was, etc. Feng Yu was going crazy from his boasting.

This made Feng Yu to not want Wen Dongjun along when he goes for good food!

That idiot always stuffs himself with food and kept putting food into Zhang Han’s plate, without thinking if she can finish it. He also ignored the fact if Feng Yu gets to eat or not.

But if Zhang Han and Wen Dongjun do not go with them, then Li Na would not go. As such, Feng Yu could only reluctantly agree. However, Feng Yu was thinking of a way to send Wen Dongjun away and not follow him to the Cultural Palace for movies!

Author’s notes: Before 1995, all university graduates were assigned to jobs.

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